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What Real People Are Saying About The Jet 628900

Tracking Adjustment - READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!

Many people have complained about the tracking adjustment problem, its not a problem at all, you just have to loosen the two locking nuts in the back of the belt tracking wheel "Bar", they are under the inside left edge (from the back of the machine looking forward) where the wrench is attached to the adjustment nut, look inside where the shaft goes into the machine, you will see TWO LOCKING NUTS, They are set tight at shipping, loosen them AND LEAVE THEM LOOSE - DO NOT RE TIGHTEN THEM, you will now be able to adjust the tracking to center the belt.


A litte self help and this is 4 or 5 star tool, off the rack 1 star.

Okay this is a 1 star item unless the user does 3 mods or at least one mod and learn two procedures, then its a star item. Anyone that says otherwise simply doesn't use the machine very much. I have gone through 3 of these, combined with all the other reviews of the same issue proves this is not a QC issue but simply a design and part issue from the get go.

Do this at your own risk. These are just my experiences, nothing more.

1) The overload protection switch on the front that Jet uses is the wrong size. Everyone know this sander constantly turns off. If you ask for a repair they will send you more switch and they will still stop the motor without taking off a 1/32" . Simply bypass this overload protection switch. It's not needed. I have tested the current draw of the machine and the overload switch they use cut the machine out at less than 3 amps, this is a 7 amp motor! After taking the switch out of the loop I can never get the sander to pull 7 amps anyhow, but if I really push it(like forcing an 1/8" which no drum sander can ever do)the motor can stop. I thought oh crap I fried it, but the motor was not hot. I turned the machine off and on and it fired right back up so the motor itself must have some kind of protection! The last 4 months my house 15 amp circuit never blew(and I use a 12 foot cord!), the motor never gets hot and I never stalled the motor again becasue I simply dont need to take off that much at one time. I stick to a 1/4 turn at a time.. So after 4 months of use I can say its a safe mod FOR ME. Why in the world this doesn't have the sandmart system like the 16-32 and 22-44 (I won both) is beyond me.

2) Learn to use the curved pliers technique as described in another review to tight the sanding belts or they will never stay tight. Or go to Woodmaster and purchase their sandpaper Velcro system and make the machine hook and loop. I just use the pliers.

3) I have never had an issue with tracking of the conveyor AFTER loosening the bolts as another reviewer has stated, this MUST BE DONE. I know from my other Jet drum sanders that you must make super small adjustments and then run the machine for 5 minutes, then adjust again. Yes, it take that long for the tracking belt to adjust to the screw turns. After the conveyor was adjusted straight I have not had to pay with it since, for 4 months. Still if you do not loosen those bots you mist likely will never get this to track for very long. Right now mine has tracked for nearly 4 years straght AFTER loosening those bolts, read the other review.

4) The dust collection really should be on top like all the other drum sander, that in itself could warrant a star being taken off, I dint take one off for that only becasue I wanted people to understand that this is a good sander with user intervention and get their attention with the 4 stars. In other words if there were zero issues just the placement of the dust collection port could make this 4 stars.

If you do the 3 things I mentioned this is a 4 or 5 star sander in in it's category. Off the rack one star. Now I know many will say I shouldn't have to do this and I agree, BUT there is just nothing as good on the market in this size right now. I have tried the Grizzly and the clones and this is the best if you do the mods. So much so its worth doing the mods.

Jet add sandsmart and move the dust pot to the top and you would have a heck of a tool here!

Good value, decent results

This does an excellent job of producing a flat, smooth finish on 1' to 3' long boards of uniform width. However, you need to carefully support anything over a couple feet and especially when you get to 3' and longer and watch the feed rate if your piece is not a rectangle. The support belt is quite short and a longer board will begin to sag, producing a deeper cut on the ends--similar to snipe on a planer but over a longer distance and not as deep. I might have to add infeed and outfeed tables to address this problem. Irregular width boards can also have poorer results unless you take a very small cut and keep the speed down.
The picture is deceptive. The support on the outer edge is below the feed belt and does not interfere when finishing a board 10-20" wide. Also the feed belt and sanding belt have separate on/off controls, including speed of the feed belt, thus set up has a learning curve. Changing the paper is a bit of a pain, so moving through the grits is a big chunk of your work time unless you have a lot of wood all at once. I tend to stick with the coarser grits on the belt to get the surface flat and do the finish grit sequence with a random orbital sander. If you prepare the piece with a surface planer or jointer to near-final thickness, one grit around 100 will remove the planer marks.

Very highly recommended for luthier.

I'm starting a career as a luthier, and have made several counting guitars before getting this tool. I just thicknesses Rosewood back and side, and it's saved a ton of time. It took a minute to get the drum adjusted, but this tool is very well made, and well layer out. It just screams quality with the fit and finish. The range of adjustment on the drive belt is great. If you aren't doing huge stock, get this one. Or better, get 2, and have one with course paper for reducing thickness, and another for finish sanding. The only issue I had was my fault. In dimensioning the back sections, I didn't watch carefully, and I got some oily Rosewood build up on the belt. No biggie, and mea culpa.

Great sander

I research major purchases like this almost to a fault and this was no exception. I totally agree with many other reviews of this little gem. Used it for the first time today and sanded 1/8 inch juniper, lilac, russian olive, and Japanese maple for about 4 hours straight. Love the performance and this is my first drum sander so it is a total thrill to finally have one after hand sanding rough bandsawn thin lumber by hand for the past several years. I was able to do as much in those 4 hours that used to take days with my trusty Dewalt random orbital and lots of discs. So that about wore out the 80 grit roll that came with the machine. I bought 3 inch stock to save lots of $$ over the precut ones and cut a new roll using the 80 grit as a template. So far so good. BUT, replacing it was a major pain. Took about 45 minutes! The main thing I learned is that the tapered ends need to be cut back a couple times as you are installing. They interfere by being too long and curl up behind the clips and make it hard to insert them far enough to make the roll tight and get the clips to engage at the same time. Kind of hard to explain but once I cut the ends back a couple times I was able to get it done. Not a very good system. A better one would get the sander 5 stars easy. Solid, quality tool. My first Jet and I love it, except the dang clips.