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What Real People Are Saying About The PORTER-CABLE 362V

A Quality Tool at a Fair Price

Porter Cable still knows how to make quality tools. This is a beast, but can hog a lot of wood in a short time (esp with the 50 grit belts I bought). Of course you have to keep it moving on soft wood or you'll damage your project quickly. The Amazon description, the reviewers, and the instructions all said to let the sander do the work, you just need to guide it. That's absolutely correct. Follow those guidelines and you should be okay. With a bit of practice I found I could do some fairly intricate work, but the much smaller Armadillo Belt Sander (also made and sold by Porter Cable) is much better for light work. Decades ago I used my father's Craftsman belt sander and the belt was forever moving off track and I chewed up more than a couple, expensive belts. Either they are making much better belt tracking mechanisms these days or my adult wrists allow for much better control (probably some of both). In my first couple outings with this tool I had over 6 hours worth of sanding and the belts stayed on track perfectly. Buy the resin eraser if you buy this sander. Especially with softwood, you can restore a clogged belt to almost new and keep going. Flip the tool over and apply the eraser and in 30 seconds you've got a clean belt.

awesome. I shopped around for a long time looking ...

This is the big dog, awesome. I shopped around for a long time looking for a 4" sander. It is heavy and very powerful. I use it with the shopvac so no problems with dustbag. Had to make adapter for the hose as the discharge port is larger than my PC orbital sander or PC biscuit cutter. The dustbag is cheap, but everything else is high quality!

BAd to the Bone!
  • Eric - November 30, 2017

The powerhouse I needed. I was going to go with something slightly less powerful but this bad boy does the job. The adjustable speed is a great addition, however I mostly always floor it. It takes some time to get used to it due to its weight but after working with it for a few, I have become accustom to its ferocity. It is very heavy and you have to be strong to handle it but it is great because for light sanding horizontally, you don't have to apply much down pressure, you merely have to guide it and feel it. I bought all the different grit powertec belts so I was able to dial it in quickly to every scenario I was working in. This is a contemporary belt sander with the adjustable speed but it feels like the classic belt sander I grew up with. It will sand decks, wood floors, strip paint, level tables, clear stains and whatever else you need it for. It is expensive but worth every penny I paid for it. You can't go wrong with Porter Cable on this one!

Excellent, but....

Very good power sander. Really the only show in town if you want power and variable speed.
Tracking is very consistent once adjusted.
The only drawback is that the dust bag leaks badly at the junction with the sander, even with the clip solidly in place. It blows dust all over the shop. Somewhat improved after I put duct tape over part of the leaky area, but can't prevent all leakage. However, the sander does a great job.

Better than before!

I have a 4x24 Rockwell (pre Porter Cable days) and have used it for almost 25 years. After replacing a few switches, cords and drag pates it finally is time to retire it. I love this new version! Its balanced about the same as my old sander and with a 12 amps has plenty of power. This sander is simple and easy to use, and because of the large size can handle large projects with ease.