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What Real People Are Saying About The Jet 708598

Great sander with a great review for warehouse deals

I am an occasional user who likes quality and increased working size. I bought this because of the reviews. Unit has very good quality of construction and sets up easily. Deciding factor for me on purchase was taking a chance on Amazon warehouse deals offer of about a third off. I found the unit to be in perfect condition with maybe one or two small marks from a box that had seen some damage from handling. I feel I received a like you unit at a great price. Unit is sold used by warehouse deals because of box issues and price, but I would take their offers again and again. Unit is impressive in appearance, compact, and moves around easily on wheels that have a brake feature. I just think the 12 inch disc makes this worth about four of the 9 inch size by giving you a larger rest table and a broader sanding surface producing superior true line sanding results. I haven't used belt enough to comment on tracking mechanism, but is easy to use and is holding true so far with easy adjustment.
Also belt installs and removes easily.

Jet 12" Disc/ Belt Sander

Overrall I like this Unit, I would pay More for an Amercian Made Unit.. I have a Const. Business, I will sometimes Trip a 15 Amp Breaker on Start up, You really need a 20 Amp Circuit, The Unit is Really Quite with just the Disc Sand Paper on it.. Its alot Louder with the Belt Paper.. Its easy to Adjust the Belt Paper with the Screws.. The Cast Iron Tables are Nice, Had some Sharp Edges on them I had to File them Down.. Not a Big Deal, The Wheels are good but don't Swivel, they are just Straight Rolling.. They don't Lock in that Tight you can still push the Unit alittle but works Pretty well . The Miter Gauge isn't that Nice, I do wish the Miter Slot on the Table had the Notch in it so I can use my Better Miter Gauge with the Cast Iron Tables on the Unit.. I do like this Unit. I purchased it through Warehouse Deals and it was in Perfect Shape and I saved 33 % on the Unit as it was a Return or Damaged Box.. Very Happy Overall.

4 years with this and still great.

I bought one in 2004 to help with my metal fabrication shop. It has been great for shaping stainless steel tubing to create motorcycle turbo manifolds. It's heavy and heavy duty and has plenty of power for me. The closed cabinet helps keep the extra belts and discs clean and ready for use. I highly recommend it. David

An addition about the tracking. My unit did need some occasional adjustment on start up but what I noticed was it was mostly after shifting the machine on my uneven floor. I recently ordered some 3M resin bonded abrasive for stainless and once I adjusted the tracking, I have fired it up probably over 300 times without an adjustment as of(10-24-2008). The adjustment is very easy as well. Once adjusted for the first time you can turn the front knob in or out to fine tune it. It hasn't needed more than 1/16 turn either way.

I still give it a 5 star. Thanks, David

Requires a major duct collector.

You will need a serious duct collection unit for this... 2hp canister style with short duct run.

Five Stars

Works good.

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated 12 Inch Disc Sanders Available Today
Jet 708599K featured image

2. Jet 708599K Disc & Belt Sander

  • (20 Ratings)

The Jet 708598 was our preferred 12 Inch Disc Sanders. Even so, there were several other really high quality 12 Inch Disc Sanders we wanted to show you here that only just missed the mark.

Jet is another top maker of Sanders. They produce the tool next on our rundown. Jet's Disc & Belt Sanders are also top quality. It was fantastic to test the 708599K. I was very happy with this tool!

The Jet 708599K Disc & Belt Sander, at $1169.99 is a particularly great Sander for the money. The Jet 708599K is really a sound option. Of you are unsure about our number one choice, I'd advise to select this Sander.

Full Jet 708599K Review

Jet 708599K Features

1-1/2 hp, single-phase, 115/230-volt motor

Belt operates horizontally and vertically

12-1/2-by-7-inch belt table

16-1/2-inch-by-10-inch disc table

Two-year warranty

Two precision-ground cast iron tables have positive stops at 90° and 45° for sanding flat pieces or mitered angles; allows belt sander to be used vertically, horizontally or anywhere in-between

In addition to the tools we reviewed already, I would take a look at the 65812 by WEN and the W1712 by Shop Fox. Both tool brands are famous for their top quality Sanders. Both of these two options are rated highly as well. Users awarded the 65812 an score on average of 4.5/5 stars. Contrast that to the Shop Fox W1712 that boasts an average score of 3.0/5 stars.

The WEN 65812 has several features you wont find on competing Disc Sanders. For example Powerful 8-amp direct-drive motor creates up to 1725 disc rotations per minute. The Shop Fox W1712 however, is hard to beat offering Heavy-duty miter gauge and even Powder coated paint.

Both of these couple options make a great decision if you're shopping for 12 Inch Disc Sanders

Honorable Mentions

We found several more exceptional 12 Inch Disc Sanders on Amazon. Here are a few to go with if the selections rated above don't meet your needs. There really are a lot of excellent tools on the market to choose. The Sanders we ranked above are the best of the best. That doesn't mean there aren't several more terrific 12 Inch Disc Sanders.