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What Real People Are Saying About The TOPVORK TPK-PT011

Powerful little belt sander!
  • RBM - February 15, 2019

I am writing this review because of the sheer surprise to me that this product has!. My last belt sander was weak and began to slip even with new belts. After trying this out on a piece of rough board, I am amazed. The sander is strong and allows me to put quite a bit of pressure to "dig in" as I want to grab more off the board. It is lightweight just like the ad says and yet has great power. I love the attachments, especially the bag attachment, and like the fact that it came with plenty of belts. One other great thing that this sander does that my old one didn't is that I can use it as a sanding platform for shaping... Very handy!

Better than expected.
  • sK - February 20, 2019

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 The clips are amazing, they allow the sander to convert between a handheld belt sander and a benchtop sander.

The only issue I have with it is when clipped to a workbench you cannot see the speed dial, you can still change the speed but you won't know what setting it is on.

However, if you set the speed before clipping this won't be an issue, and you can always just change it and listen for how fast it is going.

So glad I brought this one rather than the more expensive "name" brand.

Used it on my deck...worked well

I bought this as I wanted to refinish my outside deck before I threw a new coat of stain on it. I had been using an orbit and hand sander before that, but it always took so long. I decided to get belt sander to make my life easier and did it ever work good.

I was able to sand my deck in less than half the time and I got a really good smooth surface going over the area once. This was a great buy as it came with the sandpaper already so I was able to just take everything out of the box and get to work. After I finished getting the deck sanded I got it painted and basically have a brand new deck. It's smooth to the touch and splinter free now, so glad I bought this and saved myself hours of extra work.

Goes fast

After using hand sanders for a recent project, and realizing it wasn’t going fast enough, I decided to start looking for a belt sander. I came across this one, which has met all of my needs. The projected consisted of sanding down splinters and old paint from multiple outdoor tables. Let me just say, belt sanders are so much better then hand sanders! If you want to get the job done in a faster, more effective way, then go with a belt sander. Which normally took an hour to finish per table, took 15-20 min with the belt sander. I will say though, that after using it for a little while, it started making a clicking noise... It could just be that some bolts are lose, but I’m not sure... I’ll update as I find out more.

Great sander at this price

This belt sander came with two grades of belts, a vacuum adapter and a detachable onboard filter.
The instruction manual is much better than usual for tools out of China. This is a well built tool. The belts are easy to change, vibration is minor, noise level is reasonable. It has a 6 foot cord. I have used it several times and changed belts going from coarse to finer paper with no tracking problems.
I have used locally purchased 36 and 50 grit belts as well as the 80 and 120 grit that came with the sander. It has accepted all of the 3”x18” belts I have installed with no tracking problems.
This is a good quality portable belt sander. The ability to clamp it to a work surface and use as a stationary sander is a delightful plus. The clamps are provided with the sander. 2 year warranty makes this a very good purchase.
I highly recommend for home craftsmen for occasional use. I give it four stars because I have only had it for four days. It may be a five star product but need to give it some time and extended use to evaluate.


People's Choice

These Are Some Of The Highest Rated 5 Amp Motor Sanders Available Today
SPTA 3X18BS featured image

2. SPTA 3X18BS Belt Sander

  • (18 Ratings)

The fact is that the TOPVORK TPK-PT011 was the 5 Amp Motor Sanders that we ranked the highest. With that said, there are several other superb alternatives when it comes down to 5 Amp Motor Sanders. We have the best of them in this article.

Next on our list is manufactured by SPTA known to be a very trusted tool manufacturer. SPTA's Belt Sanders are one of their leading tools. I was ready to try the model 3X18BS and I was not let down!

This Belt Sander is just $38.57. That is a fantastic deal for a high quality Sander like the 3X18BS by SPTA. If you not sure about our number one pick, I'd consider the SPTA 3X18BS next. It's a first class tool at a great price.

Full SPTA 3X18BS Review

SPTA 3X18BS Features

【Belt & Bench Sander】Equipped with two metal screw clamps, SPTA belt sander can be turned over and fixed to table, acting as a bench sander, lock-on button helps to free your hand, providing more convenience and flexibility.

【14 Belts & Easy To Replace】Come with 14pcs 80# 3x18 inch sanding belts suitable for high tension and wide area operation, saving your money, meeting the requirements for your different projects. Metal clamping lever for easy and quick sanding belt change.

【Variable-speed Control】Variable-speed knob with 6 dials enables you to match the best speed to the application from 0-560rpm. 5 Amp motor offers great power to the sanding surface, delivering efficient removal and high quality finish.

【Detachable Dust Box】The dust collecting box is detachable, can be easily installed and removed, easy to clean dust. Two vacuum dust adapters, 32mm and 35mm make it possible to connect your vacuum cleaner, reaching the perfect dust collection effect.

【What You Get】1pc Belt Sander, 14pcs 80# 3x18 inch sanding belt, 2pcs fixed screw clamps, 2pc vacuum adapters and our best service.