Top 1 Best 5 HP Motor Sanders

What Real People Are Saying About The Shop Fox W1678

Outstanding Sander

I replaced a Grizzly 16" 2 HP dual drum sander with this.

All I can say is OMG this thing is awesome. I think it takes 3 times as much per pass as my old unit did. A 3/4" mahogany board that I had planed cleaned up in one pass per side.

I ran a piece of white oak from the sawmill through without running it through the planer first and in 6 passes it was clean.

Good dust collection is a must. I have an 1800 CFM collector and it does very well.

This is going to save me a ton of time.

EDIT: I have now this machine for 14 months and still love it. It saves an amazing amount of time

... this baby tuned up and aligned it is a great machine. I've already put thousands of board feet ...

Once you get this baby tuned up and aligned it is a great machine. I've already put thousands of board feet thru it since I got it at the beginning of this year. I went from a Performax 22-44 sander which required multiple passes on each side of a board and constant change belts to this machine where a planed board goes thru in one pass on each side and its ready to be assembled. The key is to ALIGN IT CAREFULLY AND ACCURATELY ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS. It's not difficult, it just takes some time. If you don't, you will not be happy with the machine and don't blame the company for it not performing well.

This thing is exactly what I was hoping it would be...

Bought the 26 inch sander about a month ago.. Screwed on a few handles and unpacked the box (with help, it's very large and heavy) It sanded beautifully out of the box. It took a bit to learn how much you can take off without the piece getting stopped and sanding a rut in the board but the more I get to know it the less that happens. Getting the vacuum system set up was a lot of work. I have an old jet 3 hp vacuum and it does pretty well. I haven't gotten into fine adjustments yet but the tool is a horse and doesn't have a crazy learning curve to use it well. I'm used to a large 20 jet planer from the 70's that can take an eighth off of thick stock without complaints so it took a bit to realize that you are taking just a skin off with each pass. This tool will not act as a planer and I don't think I would use it to try to flatten rough stock but for getting the first heavy passes of rough sanding and fine flattening it is perfect.

Five Stars


Great Sander

First off I have had experience with wide belt sanders and I wasn't sure if a drum sander was going to be as good. I run a small one man cabinet shop with limited space so I was looking at getting a 15" open end wide belt. The price tag on the wide belt was a little more than I could afford at the time but I had a friend that was selling this machine for $800 so I took it with out complaint.

WOAH, it's a lot bigger in person than what I expected from the pictures and boy is it heavy but even after being used for two years in a cabinet shop it was in perfect condition, just a little dusty. I put new j-hook sandpaper on it and it works great.

There are a few differences between this and the wide belts I've used. A wide belt will leave a slightly smoother surface because the belt oscillates and the drums do not. Widebelts also have better dust collection and it takes less time to change out belts. YOU WILL NEED a 2hp canister dust collector AT LEAST or the dust will kill you! I'm using a 1-1/2 hp shop fox bag dust collector and I cough up junk every morning. It sucks, anyway...
This 5hp double drum sander can take off more material during a pass than a single drum 5 hp widebelt. I don't think the difference in finish matters much because you'll have to hit both with a random orbital sander to clean it up anyways.
If you are not in a constant production environment and you have good dust collection don't waste too much money on a widebelt, get this double drum sander instead.

If your still unsure about having enough power I use this sander on solid hickory panel doors constantly and it never has a problem. I love using it to clean up burl!

Dollar for dollar you get more from your drum sander than a widebelt if you ask me and if your doing solid side panels on your base cabinets the 26" capacity is perfect.