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Great tool despite packaging/ shipment issues

First, let me say that Jet's tech service was very helpful in finding what replacement part I needed. However, no one should need a replacement part for a new item. The problem I discovered? In combination of the packaging design and the weight of the tool, the aluminum disc (which the circular sand paper attaches to) was warped! All other parts of the sander were machined and within tolerance of square. Upon closer inspection when troubleshooting the disc, it had a stress crack near the center as you can see in the photo. This warped the disc and would not allow me to true up the cast iron table 90 degrees to the disc when sanding. It seemed very odd to me, perhaps the disc was overtightened at the factory when attaching to the motor shaft? I ordered a replacement sander through Amazon AND the replacement ALSO had a crack! After inspecting the packaging, I believe the careless handling of UPS and other package carriers (especially heavy packages) is what is causing the aluminum disc to crack. When the package is turned on its side (or dropped) the full weight of impact is on the disc and cracking it. Jet can do a better job of packaging by anticipating this issue or ship the sander without the disc installed. So at this point, I called Jet tech support and they sent a new disc replacement within 3 business days free of charge and explained how to make the repairs. There's a set screw behind the disc that attaches it to the motor shaft. There is limited access and the cutout port to access the set screw is very small. Of course, you need a long shaft hex key (standard hex key wrenches aren't long enough) to get in there which I didn't have. After a trip to the hardware store to buy the appropriately sized key, I was able to remove the aluminum disc. The new disc was perfectly machined on its surface and true. However, there were aluminum burrs obstructing the inside treads where the set screw goes into. A culprit of poor machining and quality control. After another trip to the hardware store, I found the appropriately sized metric drill tap to re-tap the inside treads of the aluminum disc. After this, the set screw screwed in easily and the world was perfect again. I've been happy with the sander so far despite my initial trouble. I thought about returning it, but any tool in this price point from Taiwan is expected to need some tuning, which I don't mind in order to have a reliable shop tool for years to come.

Another excellent JET product

Heavy duty and generally well designed. Plenty of power even for larger pieces. Assembly was fairly straightforward but not quite as easy as their 14" bandsaw--this statement based on the bandsaw's exceptionally clear owner's manual and instructions. Recommend JET use the bandsaw manual as the model for all its equipment documents.
Good design, fit, and finish on all the adjustments for the various accessories/tables. I found that nearly everything was square and within specs at initial installation. Motor is quiet but the belt does "whoosh" a lot.
Belt tracking adjustment is a mystery to me, however. After several trials, involving tiny movements to the adjusting wheel, the belt will run dead on center. Then I use it for a while, or wait until the next day, and the belt will run maybe a quarter inch off-center to one side or the other (haven't identified a pattern yet). Doesn't seem to get worse than this. After much thought I decided it's not a significant problem but it is a small irritant. I always loosen the belt tensioner when not using the machine, per the manufacturer's recommendation, and I don't yet know if this is a factor.
Other item: the sanding table for the belt seems to get out of square to the belt surface with fairly minor forces applied to the table. The brackets and tighteners that secure it aren't very large and are thus working at some mechanical disadvantage, so maybe I just need to tighten the bejasus out of them.
Overall this sander is an excellent piece of equipment and a delight to work with, when all is said and done. Would have given it 5 stars if not for the drawbacks mentioned here.

Update October 2018: 16 years later and absolutely trouble-free. Can’t live without it!

I Guess it had to happen sooner or later
  • FB - August 18, 2004

This is my 4th Jet power tool. I have a jointer, band saw,and air filtration system already. I have some delta power tools (planer & drill press)tools but after I bought my first Jet I have never looked back. So when I wanted a sander I decided on the jet 708596K Combination 9" Disc 6" x 48" Belt Sander with Stand. I ordered it from Amazon and it was shipped by truck. I was informed of it's movement by the trucking company on their web site and within a week they had called and set up a day and time that was good for me. They arrived on time and the really nice driver helped me carry the unit up my driveway to my garage. Good thing because this baby was strapped to a wood shipping crate and very heavy. I removed the box from the crate and some how got it to the basement. I am used to JET tool manuals (which are pretty good) and I followed the instructions carefully and all went together without a hitch. After the base was assembled I placed..grunt....the sander on top of it (not easy to do..heavy is good though in power tools remember that!) And secured it with the bolts I had everything set up and adjusted within about hour & 15 minutes hour or so. The last thing I had to do was install the aluminum disc on the motor shaft, that's when things went bad. The disc had a run out of .085 thou. That means not useable and not safe to use. I have never had a problem with a jet tool before so I guess this is to be expected once in a while. Jet has excellent customer service (thanks MaryAnn)problem is because I bought it from Amazon I had to go thru them 1st instead of Jet just sending a new part. They said that is the way Amazon wants it. They even emailed Amazons phone number to call. So I called Amazon then they emailed me for more info (S/N etc) And then they contacted Jet to have them ship out a new disc. (7 to 10 days) The bummer at this point is I have had the sander set up in my shop for a week and can't use it yet. I would have gone 5 stars because I have used one of these (not mine it's broken) and they are excellent tools, but with all considered I chose 4 stars. I just want to reitterate If you have any questions or problems with a Jet tool email them they have been just terrific in helping me with other questions before this happen. So if you are concerned with customer service after buying a new power tool The WMH Tool Group (JET/POWERMATIC) will be there for you I am a believer....I just wish my part would get here!!!

Latest update 8/27/04 I haven't heard anymore from Amazon and it's a pain trying to get in touch with them about it. BUT The WMH Tool Group (Jet) says my part is backordered until 9/21/04!!! I am not happy that's almost a month of waiting.

FINAL Update 9/14/04 The new disc came UPS from WMH today. I put it on and if you are interested.... now has a run out of only .002 That just fine for a sanding disc. Now I can finally use it, I'm happy.


I received this sander and started to assemble it, after making three mistakes on the stand assembley,I started reading the directions closer.
I think for the price it is made extremely well. Motor seems to have more than enough power and very quiet! Belt easy to ajust. I have a 4 inch central dust collector conneted to it and see very little dust escaping.
The only thing I see at present that might give me trouble later is the plastic shield on the disc sander. It looks kinda flimsy,but who knows time will tell.
Overall for the price I do not think you will beat this combination of quality and price!

Great sander and great value!

I recieved my Jet sander after waiting about a month! They must be popular. Having used it, I can see why, it is a terrific tool. It has great power, great dust collection (no dust). It is very accurate and the tables are large and solid. I had another model before this and there was no comparison. It has many good adjustments and is fun to use. It operates without creating visible dust! I have several Jet Tools and this one is a really great one and worth more than the sale price...the price of a nice cordless drill....a great value in a handy tool!


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2. Jet 708597K Disc & Belt Sander

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The Jet 708596K was our preferred 9 Inch Disc Sanders. That being said, there are a few other superb options when it comes to 9 Inch Disc Sanders. We have them for you here.

Jet is yet another leading maker of Sanders. They build the tool that is next on our rundown. Jet's Disc & Belt Sanders are among their leading products. I was ready to try the model 708597K and I was not let down!

The Jet 708597K Disc & Belt Sander, at $854.99 is an especially exceptional Sander for the price. The Jet 708597K is really a solid option. Of you are not sure about our top selection, I'd suggest you opt for this Sander.

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Jet 708597K Features

Combination 6-inch belt sander and 9-inch disc sander

Angle-capable work tables and miter-gauge slots

Convenient 4-inch dust port serves both belt and disc

Heavy duty one-piece steel stand

Two-year manufacturers warranty