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A godsend for walls, not ergonomic on ceilings

Came non-functional, the sanding head was not spinning. The seller refunded money and let me keep the unit. Quality control must not exist at the factory because it was a 49 cent fix and there was no way it would have passed a QC check. A keyway key was missing in the planetary gear of the motor output shaft. The local Ace Hardware had it, so I paid less than a dollar for this tool.

I've used this now for 4 weeks straight, almost every day, some days for 8+ hours, and this thing is a life saver. I can't imagine sanding by hand. It will sand a 20 foot wall to almost a glass flat finish in about 20 minutes. Using it on a ceiling however is both strenuous and slow due to where the center of gravity is on it from motor position, but it still does a reasonable job and my shoulders are getting swole. On ceilings and with larger grit paper, it's easy to turn the head too much and dig in, but if you are carefull, a large room ceiling might take 4 hours and it gives a good finish. I use 150-180 grit for initial sanding, fill imperfections, then switch to 240 which gives a almost polished finish to the drywall. If you are having to put a lot of pressure to remove material, Chang the disk. it might look fine and still work, but it's not worth trying to save a dollar for the extra effort. Use the Aleko 9 inch 10 hole sanding disks, NOT the WEN ones. The hole pattern is different. They are $6-7 for a 10 pack, I go through 2 per 20 foot wall total, and 3 - 4 for a ceiling. The scratches left with both 180 and 240 are shallow enough that thin sprayed paint fills them on the first coat. Dust control works extremely well when using a 12 gal 5 HP shop vac with fine particle bag and dust deputy. It has been the only combination that I have found that will keep the filter from clogging, which causes loss of suction and poor dust collection. Even at its worst, way less than pole sanding.

1 star deducted for ergonomics and poor QC

Picture is after priming a skim coated and sanded wall. Any
imperfections you see are areas where paint bubbled or texture wasn't covered well enough.


Ok so I own a Handyman Service and I do a lot of different kinds of things. We do about 5-6 major remodels a year. This particular job is pretty big and the thought of sanding it all by hand gave my soul a case of the sads. So I read the reviews and figured I'd give this guy a shot. We're not a huge company so I research our products pretty thoroughly to make sure I'm not wasting my money. So I got this thing yesterday and started using it this morning. I will never do another large drywall job without this tool this thing is amazing. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get used to speed and pressure required but once you finally get the hang of it this thing goes through drywall mud like a hot knife through butter. My one suggestion to anyone interested in buying this is to get an extra long hose for your shop vac and hook it to the exhaust. I would run the hose outside and pull the filter. My only problem is that this machine works so quickly it clogs my filter just as quickly

Same thing like others were already writing

Same thing like others were already writing. Package was already sent back by other customers, because motor mount was broken. Did sent it back too and got a replacement within one day. The screws for the motor mount are 1/4 of an inch to short and I replaced them with longer ones as the screws were lose in the metal, would not get tight. Other than this, machine works great, my Rigid Vakuum takes 90% of the dust. Do not push the machine to the ceiling, it makes the work itself.
Attached pictures from broken motor mount.

I recommend replacing the filter in your shop vac prior to ...

The Aleko drywall sander reduced my sanding time and dust issues dramatically. I used it to flatten my drywall mud on kitchen walls prior to backsplash tile installation. Contrary to other reviewers, I did not find the unit to be noticeably heavy. The sandpaper supplied with the sander does have the holes which allow dust collection. As long as the sanding disk stays on the wall there is virtually no dust disseminated in the air. I recommend replacing the filter in your shop vac prior to using to maximize the suction of dust particles. I did find that there was not a positive connection between the end of the Aleko dust collection hose and the hose of my Ridgid 16-Gal. Wet/Dry Vacuum. I solved this with a universal connector from Home Depot - part #648846002637 Universal Tool Adaptor for Rigid Vacs. Using this adaptor does require removing the plastic hose connector end piece from the Aleko dust collection hose. In my case, that wasn't a problem since the end piece broke off the Aleko dust collection hose the second time I used it. Other than the poor quality of the hose and it's lack of positive connection, this is a great tool.

Couldn't finish this project without this amazing tool

During a renovation project I had to use a lot of hot mud to fill in very large gaps in the drywall. Anyone who has worked with this stuff knows it is very hard to sand down compared to regular mud, and on the ceiling it was nearly impossible and I was running out of energy trying to get it smoothed out. The project was completely stalled for several months.

When I discovered this tool I realized this could be the answer, and quickly ordered it. And I was right - this tool saved the day! It chews through hot mud like it's butter using the P100 sandpaper and I was able to quickly build up a nice smooth regular mud layer on the ceiling which I could then sand down with P120/P150 and this tool.

I was also able to use it to feather edges using the lower speed setting - you can just go back and forth over the edge to feather it out, which I did on all the joins.

Finished the project with Rust-Oleum 2004 Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 White Water-Based Interior/Exterior Primer Sealer, 1-Quart and everything looks great and smooth. Thanks ALEKO!


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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated ALEKO Sanders Available Today
ALEKO DP-30002 featured image

2. ALEKO DP-30002 Drywall Sander

  • (7 Ratings)

The fact is that the ALEKO 690E was the ALEKO Sanders that we rated most highly. That being said, there are several other really great options when it comes down to ALEKO Sanders. We have the best of them in this article.

ALEKO is an additional major producer of Sanders. They make the tool that is next on our lineup. ALEKO's Drywall Sanders are among their leading offerings. I was excited to try out the model DP-30002 and I was not disappointed!

This Drywall Sander is just $166.98. That is an exceptional deal for a quality Sander like the DP-30002 by ALEKO. The ALEKO DP-30002 is truly a sound alternative. Of you are uncertain about our number one choice, I'd advise to select this Sander.

Full ALEKO DP-30002 Review

ALEKO DP-30002 Features

Foldable and lightweight design for easy carry and maneuverability

Includes (1) dust bag, (1) instruction manual, (1) carbon brush, (2) rubber washers, (2) iron washers, (1) hex key, (2) connectors, (1) 2M dust collecting pipe and (6) sanding discs

6 sanding discs sizes: 60 grit, 80 grit, 120 grit, 150 grit, 180 grit and 240 grit

Adjustable speed: 800 to 1700 rpm; Power: 800 W, Voltage: 110 V

Dimensions: 50 x 10.25 x 7 inches

Aside from the option we already included, I would definitely have a look at the DP-700A by ALEKO and the ALEKO DP-3000. Both ALEKO and ALEKO are regarded as some of the top manufacturers of superior Sanders. Both these tools are highly rated also. Users awarded the DP-700A an average rating of 3.3/5 stars. You can liken that to the DP-3000 that boasts an average rating of 3.5/5 stars.

The DP-700A by ALEKO offers some truly premium features like ALEKO’s drywall sander is strong and reliable; made to sand and polish walls, ceiling, and floors; remove residue and adhesive; etc. The ALEKO DP-3000 although, is very competitive with ALEKO’s drywall sander is strong and reliable; made to sand and polish walls, ceiling, and floors; remove residue and adhesive; etc plus 710 watt, 110V, 60Hz, ETL approved; adjustable speed: 800-1700 RPM.

I can easily endorse either of these ALEKO Sanders

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We found a few more great ALEKO Sanders for sale. Here are several to select from if the choices rated above don't be a good fit for you. It's true that there are a plenty of terrific options available to choose. With exhaustive analysis and testing, the tools mentioned above are our favorites. Read on though. We rated several additional great ALEKO Sanders.