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Nice for the price!

This is a good 6" sander for simple or fairly complex jobs. It's easy to use and has an adjustable flow rate for speed. I recommend scuffing the adhesive pad base with light sandpaper and some good cleaning product like brakeclean or alcohol to get the "slippery" surface to allow the adhesion of the sandpaper discs. Very easy to use and has good control with the palm type air valve. I have a 60gal IR compressor and it never runs out of air flow/volume when using the sander.

Through your palm sander away!

Significant upgrade from my Milwaukee palm sanders, which are terrible if I might add, I'm looking forward to leaving them a bad review. These sanders seem to be very high quality and we use them all the time for doors, tables, fireplace mantels and more. Haven't had any problems other than they do suck a lot of air. You'll want a 60 gallon or larger compressor if you are using this thing on a regular basis.

Perfect For The Price

Great sander! Speed settings are nice, and the build quality feels pretty good. Even came with a quick connect nozzle! My compressor can keep up with this sander (compressor is an oilless 1.5hp 150psi 21gal) except when I have this tool set on the highest two settings, but with my 20 gallon tank it keeps up long enough even on those settings to where I can get about 15 mins of straight sanding in before the psi drops below 90. So this works for what I need. I'd estimate that with this sander on it's highest setting, you would need a compressor capable of putting out 5.5 cfm @ 90psi to be able to run it continuously on that speed.

The only complaint is that I had to buy a hook and loop separately, as the adhesive ones are a pain because you're stuck with one grit until the paper wears out or you decide to scrap it regardless. Or I suppose you could buy multiple backing pads, And change them out, but that is time consuming as well. Anyways, I bought a 6" hook and loop pad from ATD as well for $10, which took about 45 seconds to replace, and then it was good to go.

Oh, and also, the instructions are pretty much worthless. I did find it amusing that it says to run the sander for 20 mins on a low setting before use...which must be a joke, as I'm sure no one has the time to sit there and hold the sander on for almost a half hour.

After a few months it is still working great. I use it to sand body panels with ...

I am 47 years old and use this almost every day at a high end collision shop. After a few months it is still working great. I use it to sand body panels with all different grits of dry sand paper 600 800 1500 grits and some wet 3000 grit. It is comfortable to use and runs smooth. It is worth every penny i paid for it.

I run it with a 60 gallon 13cfm compressor and it runs the compressor pretty hard. It works great and I haven't had ...

Uses a lot of air! I run it with a 60 gallon 13cfm compressor and it runs the compressor pretty hard. It works great and I haven't had a single problem with it but it seems to use more air than other DA's I have used.

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated ATD Tools Sanders Available Today
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2. ATD Tools 2181 Straight Line Sander

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The fact is that the ATD Tools 2088 was the ATD Tools Sanders that we graded at the top. Having said that, there were a handful of other truly premium ATD Tools Sanders we wanted to showcase here that barely missed first place.

ATD Tools is an additional major maker of Sanders. They produce the tool next on our lineup. ATD Tools's Straight Line Sanders are among their premier offerings. It was fantastic to try the 2181. I was very happy using this tool!

This Straight Line Sander is merely $81.35. That is a terrific deal for a premium Sander like the 2181 by ATD Tools. If you unsure about our number one choice, I'd look into the ATD Tools 2181 next. It's a top quality tool at a great price.

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ATD Tools 2181 Features

Perfect for feathering body filler on large flat areas

Two handle design for comfortable operation

Dual piston design provides efficient power and prevents stalling

Strokes per minute: 2,300