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To much dust

Didn't like that the vacuum didn't remove dust at all. But it did sand the ceiling inonly a few minutes still worth more than I paid better to buy than rent just a few dollars more good value and deal, then again maybe sanded so well it couldn't handle that much dust a fine product.

Not impressed, but it's good for the price.

Odered this for a construction company I work for doing remodels, got this pretty fast. The directions are not very detailed, but we figured out how it works. It doesnt work well for sanding a wall because it leaves little circle marks on places, just doesnt come out to be a good finished product. It does however sand fast and its not messy at all.



Five Stars

Worked great!

Good product I've used it to sand a whole house ...

Good product I've used it to sand a whole house down and machine works perfect hopefully it lasts me !