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What Real People Are Saying About The BLUEROCK BBS-40A + 25 belts (CN)

Larger than I thought.

I have never owned one so I was surprised how large it was. BUT IT WORKS GREAT. I am in Lawn Care and when the bearings go out on my Sulkies I change over to bearings that are sealed. (no lubing) Most of the time I need to reduce the axle diameter. I would use a grinding wheel and a lot of time. This Pipe Grinder from BLUEROCK Tools cuts my time and makes the axle a lot smoother. Very happy with the purchase.

Great tool for cleaning tube.

Works great for cleaning tube foe welding and painting.

Five Stars

Works great!

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2. BLUEROCK BBS-40A + 50 Belts (CN) Pipe Sander

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The BLUEROCK BBS-40A + 25 belts (CN) was definitely our number one BLUEROCK Sanders. That being said, there are a few other really great selections when it comes down to BLUEROCK Sanders. We have them for you here.

BLUEROCK is another leading manufacturer of Sanders. They build the tool next on our list. BLUEROCK's Pipe Sanders are among their premier offerings. I was ready to try the model BBS-40A + 50 Belts (CN) and I was not let down!

The BLUEROCK BBS-40A + 50 Belts (CN) Pipe Sander, at $199.00 is an especially great Sander for the price. If you uncertain about our number one choice, I'd consider the BLUEROCK BBS-40A + 50 Belts (CN) next. It's a first class tool at a terrific price.

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BLUEROCK BBS-40A + 50 Belts (CN) Features

BLUEROCK Tools BBS-40A + 50 Belts

Belts included: 10 of Each Grit - #60, #80, #180, #400 and #800

Specifications: Max Pipe Diameter: 7" (180mm)

110V Variable Speed 900-2800 Rpm

Roller wheel with a grooved channel allows for both 3/4" and 1.5" width belt sizes

In addition to the tools we covered already, I would have a look at the BBS-40A AZ by BLUEROCK and the 120D AZ by BLUEROCK. Both BLUEROCK and BLUEROCK are known for their high quality Sanders. Both these tools are top rated as well. The BBS-40A AZ boasts a score of 3.1/5 when compared to 4.7/5 star rating received by the BLUEROCK 120D AZ.

The BLUEROCK BBS-40A AZ gives several truly premium features such as 270 Degree Wrap Ability on Pipe!. The 120D AZ by BLUEROCK however, is very competitive featuring BLUEROCK Tools 120D Pipe Sander and even Disc Diameter: 4.75" (120mm).

I wouldn't hesitate to endorse either of these BLUEROCK Sanders