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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Bosch Sanders Available Today
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2. Bosch 1250DEVS Random Orbital Sander

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It held up and kept up with the Bosch. Granted, if you need the full power, it will consume air. I hope the pad on this one lasts as long. Works great and very portable and handy for little areas. 4 stars because it doesn't hook to my shop vac.

The truth is that the Bosch ROS20VSC was the Bosch Sanders that we rated at the top. Even so, there were a handful of other really premium Bosch Sanders we wanted to showcase here that only just missed first place.

Bosch is another top manufacturer of Sanders. They build the tool that is next on our list. Bosch's Random Orbital Sanders are among their premier offerings. I was eager to try out the model 1250DEVS and I was not disappointed!

This Random Orbital Sander is just $258.48. That is a terrific deal for a premium Sander like the 1250DEVS by Bosch. The Bosch 1250DEVS is truly a solid option. Of you are uncertain about our top selection, I'd advise to opt for this Sander.

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Bosch 1250DEVS Features

DUAL-MODE: Provides two sanding modes - random orbit mode for normal stock removal or fine finishing and "turbo" driven eccentric orbit mode for aggressive stock removal at five times the rate of the normal random orbit sanding mode

VARIABLE SPEED: The 1250DEVS comes with a powerful 6.5 amp variable speed motor (no-load speed: 270-600 RPM, no-load orbit speed: 3,100 – 6,500 OPM) provide power, flexibility for jobs

EASE OF USE: Get fast, smooth finishes on a variety of surfaces

PASSIVE DUST COLLECTION SYSTEM: Passive dust collection system that requires a vacuum cleaner and hoses. Accepts Bosch VAC001, VAC009 and VAC010 hoses (sold separately) or a Bosch VAC002 hose adapter (included)

ORBITAL SANDER PACKAGE INCLUDES: The 1250DEVS unit includes one (1) dust tube, one (1) RS6045 6" inch soft backing pad, one (1) ambidextrous auxiliary handle, one (1) sanding disc, one (1) pad wrench, 5mm (stored on tool), and one (1) dampening ring. Perfect for normal removal, most sanding jobs, wood floors, furniture finishing and polishing applications

The Bosch 3727DEVSN and the ROS65VC-6 by Bosch are worthy of looking into as well. Both tool brands are known for their premium Sanders. Both of these two options are rated highly also. The 3727DEVSN boasts a user rating of 4.0/5 as contrasted against the 4.4/5 star rating for the ROS65VC-6 by Bosch.

The 3727DEVSN by Bosch gives several really premium features such as Sander/polisher design – with pad that both orbits and rotates, delivering a smooth, well-blended surface finish. The Bosch ROS65VC-6 although, is tough to beat offering COMFORT: The Bosch ROS65VC-6 Random Orbit Sander and Polisher features Bosch’s exclusive Vibration Control – a suspension system to minimize vibration for superior handling and maximum comfort plus DUST COLLECTION: Features two dust collection systems including a micro-filter dust canister with integrated paper filter and screw-off cap and a vacuum hose connection with airflow control giving users a mess-free jobsite.

I would be eager to suggest either of these Bosch Sanders
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3. Bosch 3727DEVSN Random Orbital Sander

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I was surprised by the size of this sander. The price is right and the tool works great. Great super and great price Just what I needed. Great tool works and feels good to use. This Bosch Sander appears to be a quality tool.

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4. Bosch ROS65VC-6 Random Orbital Sander

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The larger buffers are good for boats and trucks. The price is right and the tool works great. If dust bothers you, wear a filter mask. I really don't know why it sands so poorly. I did make some low spots on the table with that sander.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few more excellent Bosch Sanders available. Here are a handful to choose from if the choices rated above don't meet your needs. We identified a number of great Sanders during the course of our review. Through thorough analysis and testing, the tools above were our preferred Sanders. Having said that, these Sanders listed below deliver a number of special characteristics on top of the fact that they are each premium Bosch Sanders.

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5. Bosch OS50VC Finishing Sander

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I don't have the strength to do the makeovers by hand. I have owned this sander for a little over 3 years. I wouldn't buy this again, but it works fine. Isn't too noise, and the dust collection works well. Such a daunting task to sand it down by hand.

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6. Bosch ROS10 Random Orbital Sander

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My wife uses it more on her crafts than I do. Female who is stripping and painting a large 136 yr. I hope the pad on this one lasts as long. Wonder if I could buff the mailbox with it. A little noisy, but that is to be expected.

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7. Bosch GSS20-40 Finishing Sander

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These sanders have a bag of various grit sanding pads. Great ergonomics leads to comfortable usage. I also love that I can get rubber pads cheaply. Sandpaper loading is very well designed. Bottom line this Bosch is a great buy.

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8. Bosch 3725DEVSN Random Orbital Sander

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I'm a DIYer so this is exactly what I needed. I've never felt it has been running too hot. My 40ft boat was finished in 2 half days. 5 years but we literally run this thing into the ground. After the second or third try, it might decide to stay on.

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9. Bosch ROS20VSC-RT Random Orbital Sander

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I think it is quiet compared to my professional buffers. I may just not be emptying it soon enough. The rpm range runs from 5,000-10,000 rpm. Wow, once the tool gets in it's rhythm it really sings. This device is nothing short of amazing.