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2. Chicago Pneumatic CP7268 Straight Line Sander

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Item came quickly and worked wonderfully! Work flawlessly Worth every penny. This will also run as low as ~40 PSI, which I do sometimes. I just flipped open the lid and it fell out. If you want a tool to last your lifetime, this is the one.

The truth is that the Chicago Pneumatic CP870 was the Chicago Pneumatic Sanders that we rated the highest. That doesn't mean there aren't a few other really great selections when it comes down to Chicago Pneumatic Sanders. We have a breakdown of them here.

Next on our list is built by Chicago Pneumatic which is a very trusted tool supplier. Chicago Pneumatic's Straight Line Sanders are great as well. It was great to try the CP7268. I was very pleased with this tool!

The model CP7268 Straight Line Sander by Chicago Pneumatic, at $110.99 is a particularly excellent Sander for the price. If you not sure about our top pick, I'd look into the Chicago Pneumatic CP7268 next. It's a premium quality tool at a terrific price.

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Chicago Pneumatic CP7268 Features

Comfortable and Powerful: The hand tool works with maximum power to avert stalling during heavy material removal. Pneumatic sander features a comfortable handle for maximum user comfort.

Safe Air Sander: Straight line sander is made using high-quality aluminum making it lightweight yet durable. Air sander features CP exclusive pinch-guard to protect from accidental injuries.

Easy-to-Use: The lightweight straight sander weighs 6.06 lbs. so that it is easy to transport to job sites. For convenient use, air tool is designed with powerful twin piston and abrasive clamps.

Power Sander Features: Dual-piston straight line sander offers high performance as required for sanding activities. Air sander is an ideal choice for fast material removal, body sanding and leveling panel work on cars or trucks.

Specifications: Power tool is featured with 2-3/4 in. x 17-1/2 in. cushioned pad, suitable for shaping and smoothing of body filler. Professional Hand tool with 1/4- in. air inlet thread is capable of delivering 3000 strokes per minute.

The CP9779 by Chicago Pneumatic and the CP7200 by Chicago Pneumatic are well worth looking into as well. Both Chicago Pneumatic and Chicago Pneumatic are thought to be some of the best manufacturers of high quality Sanders. Both of these two options are rated highly also. The Chicago Pneumatic advertises a score of 3.7/5 when compared to 4.7/5 star rating for the Chicago Pneumatic CP7200.

The Chicago Pneumatic CP9779 comes with several features you might not get on competing Finger Sanders. One example is Quick Change Belt Replacement. The CP7200 by Chicago Pneumatic however, is very competitive featuring Compact Sander: Ideal for small area repairs, this air sander features an adjustable power regulator to optimize sanding speed. Compactly designed, the orbital sander is easy to handle and weighs only 1.5 lbs. and even Easy-to-Use Air Sander: Palm tool features a two-finger progressive throttle for effective control. Pneumatic sander is also provided with a rubber molded pistol grip that delivers comfortable handling..

Either of these two choices make a superb decision if you're shopping for Chicago Pneumatic Sanders
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3. Chicago Pneumatic CP9779 Finger Sander

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Perhaps there is a backer plate material that can be used. Plenty of power but lacks in many regards. However being part of a system, there are other parts too. But if you are starting out and on a budget, it will work. I was holding a vacuum with my other hand.

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4. Chicago Pneumatic CP7200 Random Orbital Sander

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Spend the money and buy it - you will not regret it. At the top end, it has a rich, powerful voice. It is very helpful and I have to say it is good deal. Works great and very portable and handy for little areas. Vibration is very low so user fatigue will not be a issue.

Honorable Mentions

We found a few more terrific Chicago Pneumatic Sanders for sale. Listed here are several to pick from if the choices above might not be a good fit for you. We identified a number of terrific Sanders during the course of our analysis. Using exhaustive study and assessments, the choices mentioned above are our preferred Sanders. That doesn't mean there aren't several more fantastic Chicago Pneumatic Sanders.

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5. Chicago Pneumatic CP9780 Finger Sander

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My guess is they never bother to read reviews. These things are getting more difficult to find. I have also used it on a number of wood working projects. Otherwise it will hold up just fine for most usage. It will come with correct voltage and Chicago Pneumatic manual.

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6. Chicago Pneumatic B006 Finishing Sander

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It makes so much more sense that my old sanders. I didn't really feel like I needed ear protection. I like that it fits perfectly in my small hand. Isn't too noise, and the dust collection works well. This is enough to generally give one pause.