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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Corded Sanders Available Today
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2. Makita BO4556 Finishing Sander

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Thought I would give this 1/3rd sheet sander a try. This 3 amp sander is light but solid and powerful. I liked that it had the dust catcher attached. Isn't too noise, and the dust collection works well. Such a daunting task to sand it down by hand.

The BLACK+DECKER BDEMS600 was really our number one Corded Sanders. With that said, there are a few other really great options when it comes down to Corded Sanders. We have them for you here.

The next in our tool break down is built by Makita which is a very respectable tool manufacturer. Makita's Finishing Sanders are one of their top tools. I was ready to have a go at the model BO4556 and I was not let down!

The Makita BO4556 Finishing Sander, at $44.97 is an especially great Sander for the money. The Makita BO4556 is truly a solid alternative. Of you are not sure about our number one pick, I'd advise to pick this Sander.

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Makita BO4556 Features

Precision engineered all-ball-bearing construction for reduced vibration and noise

Contoured, rubberized palm grip design for improved operator comfort and control

Large and easy to use paper clamps for fast and efficient paper installation

Conveniently located on/off switch for easy one handed operation, rubber sealed switch prevents dust contamination for longer tool life

Efficient through-the-pad dust collection system for a cleaner work environment

Aside from the option we researched above, I would definitely check out the BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 and the BLACK+DECKER DS321. Both BLACK+DECKER and BLACK+DECKER are considered some of the top makers of superior Sanders. Both tools are highly rated also. Genuine customers gave the BDEQS300 an rating on average of 4.4/5 stars. You can compare that to the DS321 that holds an average score of 3.8/5 stars.

The BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 offers several very choice features like Provides 270 degree flush sanding clearance. The DS321 by BLACK+DECKER however, is very competitive with Included Components: (1) DS321 Sander, (1) Medium grit sanding belt, (1) Dust bag and even Innovative front roller allows you to reach even the tightest corners with ease.

Each of these two tools make an outstanding decision for someone whose shopping for Corded Sanders
BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 featured image

3. BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 Finishing Sander

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Rotating the bag so the zipper is on top, helps. It's a decent quality tool for a great price. I also love that I can get rubber pads cheaply. Cost less than local and had quick shipping. Best of all, I am glad I came across the BLACK+DECKER line.

BLACK+DECKER DS321 featured image

4. BLACK+DECKER DS321 Belt Sander

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Turn it upside down and put it in between two 2 by 4's. The belts track well with minor adjustments to the knob. I am a finish carpenter and use my sanders constantly. Make sure the belts moves the same directions as the wood grain. I don't need to plug into my garage and work upstairs.

Honorable Mentions

We found a handful more exceptional Corded Sanders on Amazon. Here are several to select from if the choices rated above probably won't be a good fit for you. We identified quite a few superb Sanders throughout our review. With meticulous research and assessments, the tools we reviewed earlier are our favorites. That doesn't mean there aren't several additional great Corded Sanders.

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5. WEN 6369 Drywall Sander

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Also I could make huge back and forth patterns. With this setup the process is NEARLY DUSTLESS! Total time saver & the finish is absolutely amazing! Sanding my ceilings and walls is too easy with this sander. Start on slow and increase speed gradually.

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6. Makita BO3710 Finishing Sander

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The sander is light and saved us hours of time. This almost immediately became a go-to tool. Covers a large area fast, dust collection pretty good. Isn't too noise, and the dust collection works well. Pretty much same sander so I'm happy with it.

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7. TACKLIFE PSFS1A Belt Sander

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TACKLIFE tools are price effective and they get the job done. the handles are well-positioned and ergonomically designed. I was greatly impressed with how heavy duty this item is. Otherwise, the nose wants to rise up off the work piece. And that was with the 80 grit sanding belt that comes with it.

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8. ALEKO 690E Drywall Sander

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Virtually dust free if you manage your shop vac filters. The mesh sand paper worked the best 80grit. It arrived very well packaged in an easy to open box. Did the whole job and only replaced the sandpaper once. The finish is beautiful totally professional look!

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9. Genesis GPS080 Detail Sander

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It does remarkably well for the size price model. The did a partial refund to make up the difference. The best thing was it was super affordable. Bought this to help me in rebuilding a deck. Doesn't say that in the description anywhere.

Genesis GPS2303 featured image

10. Genesis GPS2303 Finishing Sander

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It makes so much more sense that my old sanders. I am sure it would be fine for the average man. Note, it does not fit central vac hoses. I also liked the extra sandpaper that was included. Fell off saw horse and would not come back on.