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What a great sander! Buy it you won't be disappointed!

I absolutely love woodworking, but I also absolutely hate sanding. Standing there what seems to be hours of tedious sanding through the various grits with a dusk mask on, a fan to blow away the dust particles or a dust collector octopus hose attachment can be annoying, especially if you have an uncomfortable sander in your hands.

I currently have a Porter Cable 6" sander. It is a beast to handle. The cylindrical main body grip is uncomfortable and the ninety degree side handle is an aid to sanding large surfaces, but at times you have you have to take off the side handle to sand in tight spots, it simply gets in the way. The dust collector hood is inefficient and again you have an hose attachment hooked up to a dust collector that you have to drag around the shop. If you don't have the dust collector hooked up, be prepared to sand in dust cloud and get covered with fine dust particles. To make matters worst, this sander is heavy, sanding for long periods of time can be tedious.

I was looking at something that was compact, had a good center of gravity (unlike the 6" Porter Cable where the center of gravity is off set to the side along the main body), is powerful, and provide a good dust collection bag that actually works (and we all know that some sanders come with dust collection bags but are an after thought and really collect nothing but air). Most of my power tools are Dewalt (love the 20V hammer drill and driver set) so the credible factor goes way up with me looking at Dewalt tools to use. They are affordable, are good quality, and last a long time.

After reading through the Amazon reviews of the DWE6421K I decided to order one. When the sander arrived, I plugged it in and turned it on and the first thing I noticed was that there a lot of air coming out of the dust port. I own a Dewalt DW735 planer (love this tool also) and the dust port on the DW735 is so strong that all you have to do is hook it up to a dust collector and turn on the planer, there is no need to turn on the dust collector because of the force of the planer blows dust and chip particles right into the dust collector bag. The DWE6421K sander on the start up reminded me of the DW735 planer, there was a lot of air coming out of the dust port.

I hooked up a dust bag and went to sand down an old furniture piece with a old varnish on it, I thought for sure this would plug up and bog down the sander, I was pleasantly wrong. The sander did not slow down, I didn't have to push down so hard because the center of gravity was right over the main body. Even when I pushed down on the sander it hardly bogged down. With an 80 grit it took of the varnish with no problem. The thing that I noticed that there was very little or no dust coming out from under or the sides of the sander. I opened up the dust bag and noticed that the dust had been efficiently placed in the dust bag. I continued to sand my project from 80, 120, 150, and 220 grits and I noticed that the pig tail swirl marks were barely noticeable. I hand finished with 220 and 400 grit. When I sprayed the finish on, the project came out beautiful, and the Dewalt sander was a significant contributing factor to the great finish.

All I can say is Wow! what a great feeling, a powerful sander, that has a dust collection bag that actually works, is light, maneuverable, and is not fighting me along the way to sanding down a project. Throw in the fact that the sander is only $59.00 what a great deal. Take my word for it, I have been building fine furniture for thirty years (any Sam Maloof fans out there!) and any time I can find a tool that is efficient, affordable, easy on the body, and be subjected to the rigors of daily use, would be in my arsenal of tools on tackling those woodworking projects.

I give this sander my highest recommendation! I might actually enjoy sanding.....well, not really lol!

I love it!

I love it. Had my round sand paper ready when it arrived and went to work. Great sander, doesn't dig down since it orbits really well. Got a picnic table done so fast I couldn't believe it!

Great product, high quality and very POWERFUL

I purchased this product as a luxury of ease for the Hook-and-Loop replacement of the sanding pads. The sander is very powerful and robust. Remember to allow the sander to reach max speed before starting to sand. Starting this sander with the abrasive on your project (If sanding wood) will produce/cause scratch marks on the item and you more work….nuff said. Purchase with confidence

The DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbit 5" Sander worked really great for me

The DEWALT DWE6421K Random Orbit 5" Sander worked really great for me. I had a problem with a sticking door; the frame had warped out. I tried shaving it back with an unpowered hand planer, but it was not up to the task, because a planer leaves about 1 cm (a half inch) of door frame it could not get to (where the frame meets the stops), but this also caused sticking. Also, the hand planer caused a few nasty kinks in the wood, where its knife bit into the wood.

The DWE6421K easily took care of everything. It went much closer to the stop than the planer could, and also quickly smoothed the kinks the planer had made. In retrospect, I never should have even bought the planer - I just should have gotten the Dewalt.

I was amazed to find that realistically, I did not need mask, goggles, floor covering, or even vacuuming later. The little vacuum bag on the sander got every little bit, even though we're talking about very fine wood and paint that was sanded off.

I love this little guy!

I had considered getting the $80 dual-power-level Dewalt, instead of this single-speed one. But in retrospect, this one is more than enough. Just switch up your sandpaper grit if you have different kinds of jobs.


This was my first project with this sander and it is amazing as you can tell by the photos. I had no issues with it whatsoever. The only thing (that all Sanders tend to have an issue with) is the dust catcher. It detaches easily, so easily that it tends to fall off, and the power cord is rather short. But the sander itself does the job flawlessly. I did have to let it sit every now and then after extensive use just because it started to get really warm; but I did not have any issues with it. I definitely recommend this.


Loose Dust catcher
Short power cord


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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated DEWALT Sanders Available Today
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2. DEWALT DWE6411K Finishing Sander

  • (243 Ratings)

It's true that the DEWALT DWE6421K was the DEWALT Sanders that we ranked at the top. However, there were a range of other very high quality DEWALT Sanders we wanted to show you here that just barely missed the mark.

Next on our list is built by DEWALT which is a very respectable tool manufacturer. DEWALT's Finishing Sanders are among their top offerings. It was fantastic to try out the DWE6411K. I was very satisfied using this tool!

The DEWALT DWE6411K Finishing Sander, at $49.00 is an especially excellent Sander for the price. The DEWALT DWE6411K is really a solid option. Of you are not sure about our number one pick, I'd suggest you select this Sander.

Full DEWALT DWE6411K Review

DEWALT DWE6411K Features

2.3 AMP motor sands at 14,000 OPM

Locking dust-port system that allows the user to lock vacuum hose up with the sander

Reduced overall height of the sander to get the user closer to their work

Separate counterweight for reduced vibration

Rubber dust boot over the switch to protect against dust ingestion

Aside from the option we already included, I would definitely have a look at the DCW210B by DEWALT and the DWE6423K by DEWALT. Both tool manufacturers are famous for their premium Sanders. Each of these distinct tools earned terrific end user ratings as well. Users gave the DEWALT an score on average of 4.6/5 stars. You can liken that to the DWE6423K that holds an average rating of 4.7/5 stars.

The DEWALT DCW210B provides several really premium features like Variable speed to match the speed to the application. The DEWALT DWE6423K by comparison, is very competitive featuring 3.0 Amp motor spins the pad at 8,000 - 12,000 OPM plus Shorter height minimizes the distance between user and work piece.

Both of these two options make an outstanding decision if you're shopping for DEWALT Sanders

Honorable Mentions

If the DEWALT Sanders above fail to meet your needs, we rated a handful of alternative options that might offer a better match. We found quite a few superb Sanders during the course of our analysis. Through in depth analysis and assessments, the selections we reviewed earlier are our favorites. However, the Sanders listed below offer a number of unique characteristics on top of the fact that they are each premium DEWALT Sanders.