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2. Eastwood 13747 Straight Line Sander

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A must have for people wanting to do body work! Can pinch a finger tip Husband loves it. But judging by the out of box quality this will be a long lasting tool. 3 months on a sailboat restoration and still running strong. Parts to repair were going to take two or three weeks to get here.

It's true that the Eastwood 21535 was the Eastwood Sanders that we ranked at the top. With that said, there are a few other superb options when it comes to Eastwood Sanders. We have a breakdown of them here.

Eastwood is an additional leading maker of Sanders. They build the tool next up on our rundown. Eastwood's Straight Line Sanders are also top quality. It was fantastic to test the 13747. I was very pleased with this tool!

The model 13747 Straight Line Sander by Eastwood, at $93.99 is an especially excellent Sander for the price. The Eastwood 13747 is really a solid alternative. Of you are uncertain about our top pick, I would opt for this Sander.

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Eastwood 13747 Features

Pneumatic Straight-Line Sander'S Dual-Piston Design Has Extra Power For Demanding Sanding Jobs

Dual Pistons Generate Up To 2100

Power-Generating Dual-Piston Design

2-3/4 in. X 15-1/2 in. Sanding Pad

Uses Just 5 Cfm At 90 Psi, So Runs On Diy Compressors