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Nice Tool To Have For The Price

I was happy to find this tool as I do some laminated type woodworking and this allows me to shape and sand the edges keeping a nice 90 degree corner. As far as that goes, this worked really well and saved me a lot of time sanding. I used it in the hand held position and not mounted to any work surface. I worked the first sander I got pretty hard sanding a laminated edge 2-3/4" thick. That is about the max you can get out of this sander. It was going well for about 20 minutes and then the sander stopped oscillating. It still turned and sanded. I also noticed the handhold next to the spindle was getting hot. I let the sander cool a bit and tried it again. The oscillation came back but only for about 2 minutes. I sent that sander back to Amazon and purchased another one. So far this one is working well. The sander comes with a variety of spindle sizes as shown. The only problem with that is the smallest spindle is smaller than the shouldered nut that keeps the spindle on and that limits the thickness of what you can work on without hitting the nut during the oscillations. The other issue is with the largest spindle. The supplied washer that goes on the spindle first to keep the sanding drum from going in to far is not quite large enough in diameter to catch the sanding sleeve which allows the sand paper to slip on the drum. I tightened the nut as much as I dared by hand and could not get the drum to grab the sleeve well enough to keep the sleeve from slipping off. I didn't want to put a tool on the nut as it is plastic. It works but you have to stop and reposition the sleeve a lot. I wrote to Ejwox about this thinking they might start putting a little bit larger washer on the sander but they never responded.
Other than those two issues, the sander works quite well. I noticed when doing a search for handheld oscillating spindle sanders online that several companies offer this same sander, each coloring it in their trademark color. Obviously someone makes this and markets it to other companies and this may be why Ejwox didn't write me back since apparently they don't actually manufacture the sander. For what I paid for it, it is a good tool to have in my shop and I would recommend giving it a try especially if you do any type of shaping with wood.

Does the job!

Took off one star since I did need to have the item replaced. The oscillation did not work on the first unit. Once I received the working sander it really did the trick. I work with very hard wood for building guitars. I don't have space for a regular oscillating spindle sander. This portable unit took the end grain of very hard wood up to my shape with ease. I used it both as hand held and as bench top setup and found it effective in both arrangements. If I had to remove the material to shape this wood with my hand tools, it would take hours of manual labor. I need the extra help at this point. Glad I purchased this sander.

So far I have only used it for around 30 minutes or less. I will see how well it holds up over time. At least I have confidence in the customer service. The representative was very responsive and accommodating. It is always a relief to know that you can get help with items that are purchased online. I found the customer service with EJWOX to be top notch.


Portability is Awesome, especially if space is limited. Mounting to work bench was easy and greatly appreciated.
Sand here, sand there, sand everywhere.
Does what I bought it for, Spindle Sander.
Faster sanding in confined hard to reach areas than a Dremal type tool.
In addition, when using a Dremal (I know the spelling), those little drum sleeves kept popping off after tightening the drum holder. Don't get me wrong, a Dremel is the best tool I own and use.
Need more companies to make 3 inch long sanding spindle sleeves, A must, to get 5 stars.
Loud, who cares?
No reviews, No problem, that's why I have "Prime", which is also awesome!

holy crap this thing is awesome.

A portable oscillating spindle sander? I had no idea that existed. Now I have one that can be stored in a drawer instead of an entire shelf or dedicated corner of a workbench. Awesome! Got it today and gave it a test drive. It's great a small tool for the price and perfect for the hobbyist woodworker like myself.

This does the job.
  • Ewox - January 19, 2019

This little sander seems to operate very well. Does the job. It is does not have the power of a table version oscillating sander but it will perform just fie on the edge sanding needs in my shop. This is a handy addition to my tools and will be well used while making large curved table tops which are too heavy to manipulate any other way.


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2. EJWOX DS1200 Drywall Sander

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It's true that the EJWOX B079M was the EJWOX Sanders that we ranked the highest. With that said, there are several other fantastic options when it comes to EJWOX Sanders. We have a breakdown of them here.

Next on our list is made by EJWOX known to be a very credible tool brand. EJWOX's Drywall Sanders are one of their premier offerings. It was fantastic to try out the DS1200. I was very satisfied using this tool!

The EJWOX DS1200 Drywall Sander, at $140.00 is a particularly exceptional Sander for the price. The EJWOX DS1200 is definitely a solid alternative. Of you are uncertain about our number one selection, I'd suggest you opt for this Sander.

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EJWOX DS1200 Features

Attention: For use on ceilings, the sander's weight (12lbs) will be off the wall, so the machine will feel doubly heavy. Sanders are best used with leverage.

DUAL-HEAD DESIGN - Features both triangular and circular hook-and loop sanding heads with tool-free installation. Removable bottom is for sanding up to edge or perpendicular place.

ADJUSTABLE SPEED - Variable speed adjustment operates from 1200-2500rpm for different application.Ideal for grinding drywall, ceilings, interior walls, exterior walls, clearing floor residue, paint coatings, adhesives and loose plaster.

AUTOMATIC VACUUM SYSTEM - Designed with an automatic vacuum system eligible for 98% dust absorption.Self-cleaning function, no need to connect vacuum cleaner.

EFFICIENT AND DYNAMIC POWER - 6.5a head-mounted motor provides maximum torque to sanding disk.Handle extension section will allow for a wider range of use.

WHAT YOU GET - 2*head(triangular and circular ),1* drywall sander,1*3.5ft dust hose, 12 * sanding discs,1*carbon brush,1*screwdriver, 1* hex wrench,1*user manual, 24* months warranty,and us base customer service.Don't hesitate, click "add to cart" now!