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What Real People Are Saying About The Gedu GAOA124-1-US

Way better than expected.

I have used the same industrial orbital sander for the past 15 years. It was a 3m that can’t be bought now, all metal and designed for non stop use. Well over $300 back then. Well, all good things come to an end, it finally gave out and I don’t do as much work as I once did. Plus I’m on a fixed income and can’t swing that kind of money now.

So I bought this with a little hesitation worried of the quality. It did cone in packaging that certainly indicates it is not made in the USA. I don’t care for hook and loop, so I got a sticky pad for it.

I have already put about 15 hours of hard use on it and I have to say, I’m impressed. Low vibration, doesn’t suck my compressor dry. I do have a large commercial air compressor, 80 gallon 7 HP, but it kicks off and on while continuous use of the sander. It runs very similar to my previous very expensive 3m.

It fits the palm of the hand nicely, it will stay running while placing heavy pressure on it and it just performs, way better than expected. It is used for sanding paint, bondo and fiberglass, basic body repair.

I do not use on wood so could not rate it for that. However, I believe this sander is well worth the cost and I recommend it for being a good quality, durable sander.

A really nice, smooth and quiet sander.

Have to say I've used a H.F. DA sander for at least 3-4 years. Yes, it lasted much longer than a $29 sander should. I felt like I was due for an upgrade. I read all the reviews and bought this one.

All I can say is why didn't I make this switch sooner? This sander is sooo much smoother, sooo much less vibration and so much quieter than the H.F. model. It is truly like night and day. This feels and runs like a precision tool. In the 20-30 hours I've run this sander so far it has not missed a beat. The reduced vibration and lower noise level is alone worth the price. Cannot recommend this tool enough. I don't write recommendations often so this is the real deal.

Can't beat the product for the price

Works very well for it's intended purpose. Stays flat when sanding doesn't vibrate much on hand and sands well couldn't ask for anything more especially for the price. I use this in a wood shop and let others borrow it constantly I push it's limits and it still works perfectly.

It Feels Gooooooood

Ive had other air operated DA sanders & hate using them so i was skeptical about this one. Although much to my surprise this one feels great in the palm of my hand i sanded a whole bumper cover on the big nose of my Trans Am effortlessly and effectively. The DA actions of the sander are not extreme which makes it a much smoother experience. I love the little thing. Really changed my opinion on Pneumatic sanders. Definitely worth the money

Works very well for the price
  • Sacco - December 1, 2018

The sander is good I probably would have went with a 6 inch pad instead of the 5 in I ended up purchasing a 6-inch pad at the local auto parts store because the 6-inch paper is cheaper. Also the air adjustment button is very touchy otherwise it seems like a very decent da sander.