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What Real People Are Saying About The Gino Development 01-0950

It's a very good tool. Run cold

It's a very good tool. Run cold, don't heat the polishing pads, have a lot of torque and it will not stop spining in the speed 4, 5 or 6, even with a good amount of downward pressure. There is no reason to pay more if you looking for a good polisher with very good value. With good polishing pads, good polisher or compound and good technique, you can achieve flawless finish. This is my black car.

Nice polisher for beginners at a lower price

At first I was hesitant to buy this because of its cheap price. For me, most of the times having a cheaper price equals to low quality materials for the product.

Since I'm buying my first polisher, I decided to try what everybody else recommended for beginners, which is the Harbor Freight polisher. I had mixed feelings of using a known brand polisher like TORQ, Porter-Cable or Griot's because I'm afraid I might break it, since I am new at this, and would regret so because it's a bit expensive.

After watching lots of Harbor Freight polisher videos, I noticed that it looks the same as the TruePower polisher. Then I chose this polisher because it's cheaper than Harbor Freight by a few bucks and thinking since they looked the same, why not take the gamble. I will be using this to learn how to use a polisher and could later upgrade to a better quality polisher once I'm good at it.

I was surprised that the polisher is in very good condition when it arrived. I ordered a 'Used - Like New' item and the quality of the materials used on this product is of good quality, which is a bit unexpected. I am very happy with the polisher because I got it at such a cheap price and it really looks like the Harbor Freight polisher. I'm guessing that they are built by the same manufacturer.

It works great but I haven't actually used it yet to polish my car. I also replaced the factory grease to Valvoline's synthetic grease and it feels much better in my hand. It's a bit noisy at full speed, sound intensity is a bit like a corded drill, but it's expected since this is a power tool.

I recommend this to any beginner wanting to learn how to use a polisher with good quality and lower price.

Makes a big difference. Like Night and Day.

Outstanding Value compared to the Porter Cable 6in DA. Plenty of power and speed selections. I use my TruePower 6in mainly for restoring heavly oxidised headlights on former CHP P71s. I use a 3in backing pad with orange 3in heavy foam velcro pad and both Meguiar Ultimate compound and Ultimate polish. Works fantastic with Great results. And I get it all rite here on Amazon, so simple.

Looked like a seasoned rookie on my first attempt

Bought it to buff and polish my 2003 Ford Escape. Like any vehicle this age it had hard water spots and swirls. Bought some cheap foam 6" pads with the Meguiar's detail kit and it looked awesome. I had no prior experience and was afraid I'd scratch or ruin the coat. After watching some youtube videos I put it to action and it came out great. Now my wife forces me to do her car also. I used the higher speed with the wool pad and lowered it with the polishing pad and just kept it in constant motion.

I actually also used this to clean leather seats with a soft pad with good results. It takes some getting used to

I don't have much to compare it to, but it works well. It's a bit loud, and it's important to hold it lightly aganst the surface to allow the disk to spin as it vibrates, but it has powered through a variety of compounding, polishing, buffing without issue and still going strong. It comes with the velcro hook and loop backing 6" so the pads just pop right on in a solid manner.

One bonus is using this to shampoo carpets and floor mats in the car. I used a wool pad with some resolve rug cleaner, but I will look into getting a upholstery brush if it will go onto this machine. I actually also used this to clean leather seats with a soft pad with good results.

It takes some getting used to, having never used a dual action polisher before, but after the first complete project the next ones are simple.