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2. Goplus 11AA Drywall Sander

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Also I could make huge back and forth patterns. You need a good vacuum and will have to clean the filter OFTEN. Total time saver & the finish is absolutely amazing! The sanding disks don't clog easily because of the vacuum system. Start on slow and increase speed gradually.

The Goplus orbital sander was definitely our number one Goplus Sanders. That doesn't mean there aren't several other superb options when it comes to Goplus Sanders. We have a breakdown of them here.

The next in our tool break down is made by Goplus which is a very credible tool brand. Goplus's Drywall Sanders are one of their premier products. I was eager to try out the model 11AA and I was not disappointed!

This Drywall Sander is only $115.99. That is a terrific deal for a premium Sander like the 11AA by Goplus. If you not sure about our number one choice, I'd look into the Goplus 11AA next. It's a first class tool at a good price.

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Goplus 11AA Features

【Heavy Duty and Durable】Made of heavy duty aluminum frame with polyamides handles and shells, special treated metal surface, resist rust and corrosion. Compact construction with sealing elements in all joints, lengthen the service life of the engine. All makes our drywall sander strong and durable enough to withstand heavy and long term use.

【Variable Speed Control】High quality cooper motor, provide strong power with lower electricity consumption. 6 speeds adjustments, max revolving speed ups to 2000 revolution per minute.

【Build-In Dust Collection Hose】It features a build-in brush and comes with an extra connection hose, which can be attached to the vacuum cleaner. Well minimized the clean-up time and no worry about the dust, saves effort and greatly improved the working environment.

【Double Free Adjustable Telescope Handle】Our light weight wall polishing machine comes also with an extension tube and a portable grip handle for easy movement. You can adjust the handle length just as you need. With its swivels head you can easily reach almost any corner and angle. Very convenient to be used both in high and low spots.

【Easy to Use with All the Necessary Attachments】Our drywall sander comes fully assembled with all attachments, includes a screwdriver, a hexagon wrench, 2 internal hexagon wrenches, 6 spare sander pads(9"), 2 carton brushes, 2 connection sockets and all necessary bolts. Professional grade, provide a superior finish and is faster than conventional finishing methods.

The DS710 by Goplus and the SU-1226-110V-TE by Goplus are worth considering as well. Both Goplus and Goplus are popular for their top quality Sanders. Both tools are rated highly also. Users awarded the Goplus an score on average of 3.9/5 stars. You can compare that to the Goplus SU-1226-110V-TE which boasts an average score of 3.9/5 stars.

The DS710 by Goplus has a few features you wont experience on other similar Drywall Sanders. One example is 【800rpm to 2,400rpm Speed】The speed of this Goplus drywall sander can be set from 800rpm to 2,400rpm, it is ideal for different surfaces like drywall construction, ceilings and walls, including those hard to reach parts, exterior wall, corridor, adhesive and loose plaster.. The SU-1226-110V-TE by Goplus although, is very competitive with 【Stable and Durable】Powerful motor with heat-treated precision-cut gears further ensure long-term durability and smooth operation. plus 【Speed Display】Equipped with clear speed display and 6 variable speeds from 2000 to 4800RPM, the appropriate speed can be selected according to the specific requirements. Throw: 21mm..

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of these Goplus Sanders
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3. Goplus DS710 Drywall Sander

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Do not push the machine to the ceiling, it makes the work itself. It was easy to control and move over the walls. Only con I could see was heavy on the front end. Half speed or slower and the motor bogs down and stalls. Start on slow and increase speed gradually.

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4. Goplus SU-1226-110V-TE Random Orbital Sander

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And make sure you snap it back on front and back of lid. I may just not be emptying it soon enough. My 40ft boat was finished in 2 half days. It has done everything I have needed it to do. Go Goplus for making another great product!

Honorable Mentions

We found a few more fantastic Goplus Sanders available. Here are a handful to choose from if the choices above probably won't meet your needs. We identified a number of terrific Sanders throughout our review. Using thorough study and testing, the tools we reviewed earlier were our favorites. However, the Sanders below offer a few unique features on top of the fact that they are each highly rated Goplus Sanders.

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5. Goplus DS800 Drywall Sander

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Virtually dust free if you manage your shop vac filters. This is the only reason why I have rated it 4 out of 5. You got to get use to the weight, and position of your arms. The dust capture is way better than I expected. Way cheaper than buying a drywall vacuum.

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6. Goplus GP1X30BS Disc & Belt Sander

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Removed milk paint from filling of an old door. One interesting observation is the disc spins clockwise. And have removed the unnecessary right side belt guard. While the product was what I expected for the price. sander is doing fine, lot power sands well on metal and wood.

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7. Goplus SU-4579-TANEW Random Orbital Sander

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It held up and kept up with the Goplus. My son tell me it's the nature of a palm sander. The cord is 6ft, strong and very flexible. Works great and very portable and handy for little areas. I would say they have paid for themselves many times over.

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8. Goplus SU-1316-TE Random Orbital Sander

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Great sander This little sander has a lot of power. Just be sure you have an air compressor handy! Well made and can go for as long as you need. Great tool works and feels good to use. This Goplus Sander appears to be a quality tool.

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9. Goplus G900DS Drywall Sander

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I recommend this for anyone who is doing drywall work. You can't ask a distributor to do more than this. Has a relatively short learning curve to use properly. Did the whole job and only replaced the sandpaper once. I've been using it hours at a time and absolutely no issues.