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Great sander when used correctly

For the purpose that it is intended, it is a great little finishing sander. I own one with a 3" head and got tired of changing pads so just bought another. I use it a lot for finish sanding on various large wood art pieces I create on a lathe. I have bought a couple of them and given them as gifts they work that well. This is a tool with a specific use and if used for other than its intended purpose, you will not be satisfied with the results or the tool.

It does require a fairly high air volume for long term use so figure on that before you purchase it. Do not blame the sander if the air supply is inadequate.

This is a RO sander designed for finish work. If you need to aggressively remove large or rough sanding areas, you have the wrong tool. You need an non RO sander to do this job. Do not blame the tool when you use it for a purpose it was not designed or intended for.


I am really not sure what the other reviewers are using for air to this sander, I am using a 40 gal craftsman compressor so nothing huge. I can not stop it!! It works absolutely perfect!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool!!!!

FYI it is an orbital sander with a very small orbit 1/32" I believe it said in the manual. This means it will just be vibrating under pressure, it is not designed to spin, that is what a die grinder is for. This tool has an orbital motion for sanding the pad will rotate slowly (spin) under working pressure.

small orbital sander

In the Canadian Woodworking magazine (Aug/Sep 08) it states this sander "is one of the few air sanders that can be operated on a portable air compressor" this is NOT true. This sander works less than one minute with a portable air compressor. I discovered later in the Woodcraft October Catalog that they note the sander requires a minimum of a 60 gallon capacity compressor or equiivalent to operate. I am sorry I bought this sander.

2 inch grex orbital sander

great tool, this fits my small hand. The question of air power is not a problem for me as I am set up for lots of air. This came with a 2" disc. 3" is available and the discs readily screw on and off with the wrench that comes with the kit. Also 2 different length extensions are available for deep bowel sanding. As an aside comment, there are intermediate pads that can be placed between the H/L surface that allow different degrees of float for different curves etc. These pads are helpful to keep the original pad on the machine from getting worn down. These pads are available at a number of places that sell the sand paper.

Great product at reasonable price on Amazon
  • leo j - November 12, 2014

Great product at reasonable price on Amazon. Does what you expect it to better than most others and with little maintenance.