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This Orbital is Under Rated !!

First off some background: I have been detailing cars since the 1970's when we used Blue Coral and Simoniz wax and black shoe polish and silicone spray on tires.My first rotary polisher was from Sears and could burn the paint in seconds.I now own a Cyclo dual head and a Porter Cable 7424 DA.That being said I think I know a well built polisher when I see one and boy have I seen one with this Griot's 3" Orbital.

Out of the box it has a solid quality feel,made well .Now the real test.I used a 4" Cyclo pad on the Griot's and started polishing on speed 5,I don't know why anyone would give this orbital negative reviews.Maybe I received a different/updated unit? Not sure but the polisher I received was another quality Griot's product ! Someone mentioned in one review it was hard to hold and heavy .Maybe if your a six year ! Some also said the pad would not spin.I used some Griot's polsh and I pressed down on this thing ,on speed 5 ,an could not stop it ! I'm 6'3" and 285lbs !! You might be using too much product or you have a defective unit.


Quality built,solid feel
Strong motor
Great for tight spaces
Use it on furniture also


None that I can see !

Wish I Bought this Sooner!!!

After reading many negative reviews, I shied away from this purchase for way to long. The not so great reviews, had me buffer shy. I have waited several months and many shiny vehicles before writing my review.
Am I lucky, who knows. Am I satisfied, absolutely. Has it met my expectations, definitely.
There is no lack of power for me with this unit. I use it between 4 & 5 for cutting. You need to make sure you are using the proper pad and compound.
Unless you have a faulty unit, this machine shouldn't bog down if you're using it properly. Just like a chainsaw, you let the bar and chain do the work.
Of note, this is not a 5" or 6" polisher buffer. To compare it to the larger ones for buffing comparisons you need to go up a pad and maybe up a compound.
I've never felt it has been running to hot. If you keep your hand over the air vents you will feel some heat. I've been using it in 90 to 100 degree direct sunlight.
Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and if the day comes that I wear it out, I will purchase it again.
I'm hoping to attach a photo of a 5 year old, full body paint RV, shined up with Griot's products.


Quality tool

I was not sure if this would work reading some of the negative reviews here on Amazon. I am polishing a 38 foot motor home with chalking on the gel coat. I did most of it with a Porter Cable 6 inch RO sander with a Chemical guys backing plate and hex logic pads. There were some areas that I could not get to with the PC.and tore up a pad trying to sneak it in where it should not go. The Griots Garage 3" is quite powerful and appears to be very well made. The controls are almost the same as the PC, slide on off switch and rotary speed on the end by the cord. I used it with Maguiars Ultimate Compound for the oxidised gel coat and it did a great job.I was able to get around the awning braces and behind the ladder. and there are some small panels about the entry door that the PC would not fit into. The front facia has many contours and the 3" will be better suited than my 6". I experienced no overheating. I could not stop the roatation at higher speeds but could at lower. If you are stopping the rotation you are pressing to hard. I was doing the inside of a top hinged storage door that was paint on aluminum and appreciated the compactness of the 3" as I was holding it overhead. It was a challenge to apply the right pressure but I had made a magic marker stripe on the backing plate and could tell when I was pressing to hard or not enough. Later I polished the headlight lenses with Maguires Plastic Polish and a Griots finishing pad. I think you could use the Griot cutting pad for normal discoloring but these had been polished recently. and one came out perfect just as new but the other needs a little more work. So the plastic polish is kind of thin and I had some water on the lenses which should have been dry but I spread the polish using light pressure at speed 1-2 and then went to speed 4 which seems to be a nice balance where your doing some work but not tearing things up. My tool sounded kind of rough and the vibration was kind of harsh and then it broke in and runs pretty smooth about like my Porter Cable.This tool even sounds like my Porter Cable! Those that had over heating problems might be covering the motor vents with their hands, I found that the black rubber thing on top vibrated less than the body so I hold that and then just lightly touch the body more like cradling it in my loose fingers made a big difference in the vibration transmitted to my hands. At first I had a death-grip on the tool but that was not effective. I am doing all vertical surfaces so I have to push the tool on to what I am polishing. It is heavy compared to my 6" Bosch or Dewalt RO sanders it does have the feel of an industrial quality tool. Amazon said the tool was sold by Amazon but it was dropshipped by Griot's that took more time than if it was in Amazon's warehouses.So I am happy with this little polisher and it has lots of work to do on my other vehicles.

Good orbital, bad backing plate

I love the machine, but the hook and loop backing plate head fell apart on the first use (see pic). Unfortunately, I was working a custom order and had to stop for the day. I had to create my own shank and backing plate, which is working out great. I use the 3 inch orbital for light sanding and buffing on custom motorcycle paint jobs and it is pretty effective. It heats up a little and I let the weight of the machine to provide downward pressure. It is not too heavy to manipulate or lift to decrease the pressure on the pads. I would buy it again and plan on the supplied hook and loop backing plate coming apart and have my own ready.

Quality Tool

I already owned a Griot's Garage 6" DA polisher, but in my application I run into many small partially obstructed areas. I used a 3" pad on the 6" polisher, but it has a counter weight for the larger pad, which creates higher levels of vibration and doesn't help controlling the thing.
I finally decided to pick up this 3" polisher. I'm very happy with it. It's lighter, has much less vibration and is very easy to control. I also like the long 25' cord. It gives more freedom of motion and you may not need an extension cord at all. It's a nice product. I highly recommend it.