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2. Hitachi SV12SG Finishing Sander

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These sanders have a bag of various grit sanding pads. It's paper clamping mechanisms have worked ok so far. Note, it does not fit central vac hoses. Red oak and teak are what I sanded today. This is enough to generally give one pause.

The Hitachi SV13YST was definitely our preferred Hitachi Sanders. That being said, there are several other superb options when it comes down to Hitachi Sanders. We have them for you here.

Next up is built by Hitachi which is a very credible tool brand. Hitachi's Finishing Sanders are among their top offerings. I was eager to try out the model SV12SG and I was not let down!

The Hitachi SV12SG Finishing Sander, at $45.00 is an especially excellent Sander for the price. The Hitachi SV12SG is really a solid alternative. Of you are uncertain about our number one choice, I'd suggest you opt for this Sander.

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Hitachi SV12SG Features

1.7 Amp (200W) motor provides 14,000 opm to achieve super smooth finishes

Soft Elastomer covered grip reduces vibration

4-3/8" x 4" pad size, optimal for fine finish sanding applications

Complete ball bearing construction for smooth, precise operation

Dust collection system, most efficient in its class to reduce airborne particles