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2. Milwaukee 6034-21 Random Orbital Sander

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Replaced brushes, pads in regular intervals, as expected. Works great, easy to use and comes with sand paper. It does have a slight orbital notion to it. It came with two kinds level of sanding papers. Beyond that, I like the tool and does the job.

The Milwaukee Electric Tools 2648-20 was really our number one Milwaukee Sanders. That doesn't mean there aren't a handful of other fantastic options when it comes to Milwaukee Sanders. We have a breakdown of them here.

Next up is made by Milwaukee which is a very highly regarded tool brand. Milwaukee's Random Orbital Sanders are one of their leading products. I was excited to have a go at the model 6034-21 and I was not let down!

This Random Orbital Sander is only $96.99. That is a terrific deal for a premium Sander like the 6034-21 by Milwaukee. The Milwaukee 6034-21 is definitely a sound alternative. Of you are not sure about our top selection, I'd advise to choose this Sander.

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Milwaukee 6034-21 Features



5" Random orbit palm sander

The product is easy to use and easy to handle

The product is highly durable

The Milwaukee 6033-21 and the 2648-20 by Milwaukee are worth taking a look at as well. Both Milwaukee and Milwaukee are regarded as some of the premier makers of high quality Sanders. Each of these distinct options earned exceptional customer reviews as well. The Milwaukee advertises a rating of 3.3/5 as compared to 4.3/5 star rating given to the 2648-20 by Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee 6033-21 has a couple of features you might not get on competing Finishing Sanders. For example COMPACT SIZE allows you to keep a firm grip on the tool with one hand while you steady your furniture with the other. Perfect for putting the finishing touches on cabinets, tables, chairs, and other relatively small pieces. The 2648-20 by Milwaukee however, is hard to beat offering 5 in. sanding pad. 7,000-12,000 OPM variable speed and even 3/32 in. orbit diameter. Universal hose adapter included.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both of these Milwaukee Sanders
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3. Milwaukee 6033-21 Finishing Sander

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I've had no problem with the sandpaper staying put. This almost immediately became a go-to tool. I was surprised at the Milwaukee's ease of use. Amazing how powerful the motor is and ergonomic it is. Fell off saw horse and would not come back on.

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4. Milwaukee 2648-20 Random Orbital Sander

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I was surprised by the size of this sander. But, unless you're sanding drywall, DC is adequate. That helps to minimize the muscle tiredness factor. The motor is strong and gets the job done. I did make some low spots on the table with that sander.