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What Real People Are Saying About The Norse BDSG2x6

Good for the money

Just bought this , just started making knives no problems so far . Update had to make a few changes , it won’t take ceramic belts because of the tolerances on the drive wheel and the guard , easy fix with the band saw and trimed couple inches off the work rest for easier belt changing so I didn’t have to spend extra time re squaring the workrest every time

Good buy for the money.

There are a lot of different sanders on the market. I bought this for the purpose of making knives. There are a couple things that are more complicated, but overall it is does what I need it to do. I would like to see a simpler way to switch out belts.

Good entry level belt grinder

Needs some tweaks but great overall value.

Had to modify to run coarse grit belts and do some other fixes for my use.

Great for knives


Review for the Knifemaker

Note my review is of the Dayton Model. Dayton, Norse, Craftsman, and Norse are all making the same grinder with different badges on it...

I purchased this grinder for knife making. My full thoughts are in my YouTube review, but I'll hit the highlights here.

Pros: Cheap, good belt availability, way faster than hand filing
Cons: Belt speed is very fast (easy to mess up / more heat), takes major modification to make useful for knife-making

I think this is a great grinder for the new knife maker. You'll need patience and good belt selection (ceramics, gator, etc) to turn out consistent quality knives without adding to your scrap bin.

For an around the shop grinder for a hobbyist metal worker... this will perform very well. Buy some ceramic belts and be happy!