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What Real People Are Saying About The WEN 6510T

Amazing value on a great tool!

This is the least expensive example of a batch of virtually identical sanders that vary by paint and ring color only. The working internals are all the same. So if you don't care about what color your sander is, this one is the best choice. And it isn't bad looking! Although my plastic rings are yellow instead of orange. ;)

In operation, the oscillating action is smooth and the table is flat and square to the shaft. Dust collection works great. Some have commented that the dust port doesn't fit their hose end. For them I would recommend the unsung hero of dust collection connections: The adjustable rubber pipe connector. They come in many sizes and the stainless band clamps on each end enable you to tweak the final inside diameter to obtain a perfect fit. Here is the one I used to obtain a well sealed, solid connection to my Festool 27mm hose end: Fernco P1056-125 1-1/4-Inch Stock Coupling These are also readily available in any big box home improvement center. Just get one end 1-1/4 and the other end the appropriate size to provide a secure friction fit on you hose. The 1-1/4 end slides over the outside of the plastic sander dust port with minimal gap and tightening the band clamp makes it a semi permanent part of your sander.

Well worth it!

Got this from Amazon for a great price. Works as good as one twice the price. Did not receive instructions in the box but WEN customer service promptly emailed me a complete set. Machine itself is reasonably quiet, well built and does what it is suppose to do. If your woodworking requires inside curves, you'll wonder how you ever did without one. After buying the supposed "best" tools for the most money, I'm finding that WEN power tools do just as good a job for less than half the price.

Great for the money

This is built well, does what you need. Plenty of power. I specifically bought this to help with replacement wooden parts for a bench that had deteriorated. I've included an image of how my rough cut ended up after sanding to shape with this sander. Very excited to use on future projects.

I didn't care for the storage options for the small pieces, but a cheap sandwich bag fixed that. Some reviews say there are issues tightening the nut for the spindels and the sandpaper sleeves moving. I didn't have any trouble, but made sure the sleeve wasn't slipping before working with the sander and the 3" roller. It wasn't very loud, my vacuum for dust collection is louder. The dust collection was super, just used a little duct tape to connect my Ridgid vacuum hose. After sanding this cedar 4 foot board I can't tell the 80 grit sandpaper sleeve was worn at all, still has plenty of life.

Pleasantly Surprised

I can't recall the last time I was this satisfied with a last-in-class power tool.

I was extremely leery of buying this tool. As I've progressed in my woodworking hobby, I've found myself frustrated and disappointed by cheap, low-end consumer grade power tools. Often they'll look like the "real thing" in the store. But then you get them home, put them to work, and realize all the crappy compromises made to reach that low price point.

This WEN might be the exception that proves the rule for me. The fit and finish are acceptable, it works very well, and the compromises are obvious and fine for my work.

The table is cast iron (or some steel), not melamine like another model I considered. The finish is a little rough - it's not milled glass smooth. Just roughly sanded with a high grit. I expect that at this price point - you're not paying enough for extra finishing steps. The table seems flat and generous enough in size for my work. With a coat of paste wax, it's smooth.

The illustrations don't depict this, but my copy included a wrench for the spindle nut. That's a nice touch.

Actual sanding operation is effective. It has enough power for my application (sanding hardwood band saw boxes). I have not made it stall or bog down, although I let the tool do the work for me.

Dust collection is very effective. I have a crummy dust collector, but it still eats 99% of the dust output from this machine. I am extremely pleased on that front. Dust collection is often an ineffective afterthought on cheap sanders.

It runs smoothly enough and doesn't vibrate around.

With the right grit of sandpaper, I can effectively vary from rapid stock removal to final-finish sanding.

The compromises seem to be mainly on the noise front. This sander howls. Wear earplugs.

It would also be nice if they had a place to store the extra washers. I suppose you can put them back on the spindle when you're done, but it would have been nice to have a cubby in the base for them - everything else has one, including the wrench.

Bottom line: from what I've seen, you'd have to pay four times as much to get more. For hobby or light professional use, I can't see this disappointing.

I can't believe it took me so long to buy this!
  • MC - August 7, 2016

My wife and I recently started making small boxes in our spare time, and found ourselves in need of a spindle sander. After doing some research we decided this was the way to go, and we are quite happy we did.

Upon receiving our Wen Oscillating Spindle Sander, the first thing I noticed was that it is STURDY. It has excellent weight to it, and can sand without needing to be screwed to a surface to keep it steady. Also I noticed that it has a good set of spindles, more then enough sizes to get into most small corners I might make. So I went ahead, put a spindle on it, attached my vacuum to the back and fired it up, and here is what I noticed:

The vacuum attachment actually works quite well. So far my wife has not yet told me to leave the dining room when I am using it. The spindle is nice and square with the platform, and has good oscillating motion. The base has spaces to hold all of the spindles and parts securely so you shouldn't ever have to worry about losing them. On the whole, this machine is well put together, and works well.

Now the Cons (yes, I know I'm being picky)
1.) The work surface is somewhat rough. Not so rough that it keeps you from working smoothly on it, but rough enough to be a mild annoyance. 2.) This machine is LOUD, like REALLY LOUD. In fact it may rival my table saw. 3.) The spindle is in a slightly off center location, which could be very inconvenient if you want to sand a larger item, as the larger work surface is on the same side as the vacuum outlet. 4.) (this is the reason it lost a star) The largest size spindle had issues with the sandpaper sleeve walking up the spindle as you sand. I found a way to hold it in place (by using the smallest spindle base) but still this is something that is a design flaw, and inconvenient.

With this review is an image of the box we made: sides smoothed and squared thanks to this tool!
My wife's and my conclusion: Considering cost and function, why would you buy any other spindle sander than this?


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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Oscillating Sanders Available Today
Triton TSPS450 featured image

2. Triton TSPS450 Spindle Sander

  • (27 Ratings)

The fact is that the WEN 6510T was the Oscillating Sanders that we rated at the top. Even so, there were several other really premium quality Oscillating Sanders we wanted to showcase here that barely missed the mark.

Next up is built by Triton known to be a very highly regarded tool supplier. Triton's Spindle Sanders are among their top tools. It was terrific to try out the TSPS450. I was very pleased using this tool!

The model TSPS450 Spindle Sander by Triton, at $152.99 is an especially great Sander for the price. The Triton TSPS450 is really a sound option. Of you are uncertain about our top selection, I'd suggest you pick this Sander.

Full Triton TSPS450 Review

Triton TSPS450 Features

Ideal for sanding contours, arcs, curves & other irregular shapes

Rotating & oscillating action for increased speed, efficiency and a precision finish

Powerful 3.5A (450W) motor No Load Speed - 2000 RPM Oscillation Speed - 58 OPM

Includes 6 sanding sleeves with matching rubber drums & table inserts

On-board storage for all accessories

The WEN 6524 and the EJWOX B079M are worthy of looking into as well. Both WEN and EJWOX are considered two of the leading suppliers of superior Sanders. Both tools are highly rated as well. The 6524 boasts a score of 4.1/5 when compared to 4.5/5 star rating given to the EJWOX B079M.

The WEN 6524 comes with a couple of features you wont experience on other similar Spindle Sanders. One example is Features 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch sanding drum sizes and one 4 x 24 inch belt. The EJWOX B079M however, is very competitive with 120V, 5A motor; Weighs: 5 lb; 1-1/2" dust port and even 1800–3200 RPM and 50–90 SPM high speed rotating and oscillating action for burn-free sanding.

I wouldn't hesitate to endorse either of these Oscillating Sanders

Honorable Mentions

If the Oscillating Sanders mentioned above fail to meet your needs, we have a variety of other options that might better match your needs. It's a fact that there are a plenty of great choices available to pick from. The Sanders we rated above are the best we could find. Read on though. We rated several additional great Oscillating Sanders.