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What Real People Are Saying About The Palmgren 81061 (AmazonUs/ERCT9)

This grinder will turn out a pretty decent knife.

I've been using this grinder for almost a year know. I bought it to make blades, mostly doing stock removal type knives. It will function just fine for the beginning knife maker. It will do a decent job on your grinds and shaping your scales, bolsters, guards etc. Like others I pretty much took off all the guards and stripped it down to make changing belts easier. I change them a lot during the process of making a knife blade and handle. The deck on the wheel fell off rather early on so it could have better quality fasteners built in. All in all if you can't drop 3 or 4 grand for a Bader right now. This grinder will turn out a pretty decent knife.

Eat, Sleep, Grind. ;-)

Great Starter Grinder

Bought to help me with knife making. Had to do some modifications. First, the space between the drive wheel and the frame/guard is not open enough to load either a 60 grit or a 40 grit belt. I had to remove the drive wheel and grind out the guard so to widen the gap between the guard and the wheel. Works great now. Also, cut off the right side of the rap around guide plate to provide quick removal of the grinding belt. And have removed the unnecessary right side belt guard. Now the machine is setup for work. I’ve already ground 2 knives, and am pleased with the results. This machine does not compare with a pro 2” x 27” grinder, but makes a great hobby or starter machine.

A review of Palmgren 2" x 42" Belt, 6" Disc bench finishing machine

Quite frankly 3 years of bladesmithing and about 5 budget grinders I have bought this is frankly speaking the best grinder I have used so far. Word of warning you will need to be careful well working the spine of your blades or it will just eat your blades if you’re not careful. It also uses direct drive instead of needing a secondary drive belt to power the belts rotation.

A very handy feature is you can orient the arm in the horizontal position and use it the bottom wheel to hog off a good deal of material then with a twist of a Allen wrench switch it to a vertical and you can use the its platen. All and all a great machine if your looking to upgrade your grinder or just starting out.

However, there was one downside with the one I bought and that was the bottom of the housing was assembled as to be to tight to the lower wheel. So, it would not work with anything other than the included 80 grit belts provided and I had to use a small detail sander to thing down the housing. I did inform the manufacture of this issue and I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and say it slipped through the quality control department.

Great grinder for the money

This grinder was an upgrade from a 1x30 which I had been using for years. In my opinion, it has plenty of power and is a decently made machine. It absolutely needs some modification as it will not run lower grit belts as it is, but a few minutes with an angle grinder and it will take any grit belt now. The work table is a bit flimsy, and makes belt changes difficult. I would recommend fabricating a new one. Buy good quality abrasives and this grinder will be a fine addition to your shop.

Good value and power

I liked the price and sturdiness of this product. The work table went around the belt on both sides not allowing a quick belt change. I am using this for knife making and numerous belt changes are needed to get to the final product. I modified the work table by removing the right side of it enough to allow a quick belt change. The motor didn't start up the first time but after hand turning the belt by hand to get it running and left it running for 10 minutes it then started up after that. A good product just needs a little modification to get it to where I wanted it. Power of the motor was sufficient to shape knives. Also the belt can be adjusted to hang off on both sides. A good value for the price.