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So on the initial outlook everything looked good. Sturdy power connections and controls and no wobble ...

First, let me just state that I have been doing commercial and residential drywall finishing for 15 years. I have had years of experience with the PorterCable power sanders. I have even purchased my share of cheaper knock-offs. None of which ever outlasted or out performed the PorterCable sanding systems.

A lot of the knock-offs were cheaply made and some had major defects. But I am here to report that the PowerPro 2100 I purchased, arrived safely packaged with no defects and is not cheaply built. So on the initial outlook everything looked good. Sturdy power connections and controls and no wobble in the sanding head when turned on. The RPM control is responsive as well as the on-off switch; which by the way is protected from dust by a clear rubber dust guard.

Now as for longevity I can't respond. I am writing this review with only one days use. But let me tell you, I put this thing through Hell on day 1 and it handled it with no issues. It came out of the box last night and today it ran for roughly 9 hours straight and sanded over 4000 sqft of Epoxy treated concrete ceilings that had been skim-coated with all-purpose joint compound. This machine literally paid for itself in one day of use and it is ready to get at it again tomorrow.

So if you are thinking of buying one to do your home, in my opinion feel assured that you will get a quality product with a one year warranty just in case. However if you are buying one like I did for commercial drywall work be aware that simply using it on a commercial job voids the 1 year warranty. But for $228 I didn't care about the warranty and like I said it already made me more than the initial cost so I'm cool with it.

1 other thing... If you have ever used the PorterCable or knock-offs you are probably aware that the weight of the engine is in the back end of the power-pole but the 2100 has it's engine near the sanding head and because of this you will have to learn a new method of balancing the pole's weight while applying the sanding pressure with the same hand. In fact this is the only thing I could say might be a reason to take a star away but because the pole performed so well and it was just an adjustment I needed to make, I went ahead and kept the 5th star.

Feel good about making this purchase and know you saved a lot of money.

Bad experience that was ultimately handled well by the distributor of the tool.

I have been using power equipment professionally for over forty years and this is on the short list of the worst I have ever purchased. I set the machine up and tried to use it on a practice area of drywall joints. When I set the speed and switched it on everything was fine as I figured the pressure to keep it flat on the surface. All of a sudden the motor started racing and the pad was increasingly difficult to control. Then I smelled a burning odor coming from the motor. I reset the tool from 3 down to 1 and turned it on again. The same thing happened. I believe that it is defective so the company said that I could send it back. Between the shipping charges and the "restocking fee" it cost me about 40% of the original price. I just have two questions. How do you "restock" a defective product and as a distributor how can you not address this kind of product performance.
Update - Cornerstone Trading has agreed that the sander that I received was defective. Because of this they have refunded the cost of the sander and my shipping charges. You can't ask a distributor to do more than this. Evidently, their return process created the misunderstanding not a company policy. I appreciate their looking into the situation and then correcting it.

This sander is amazing I was so tired because it is heavy but ...
  • ivan - February 21, 2017

This sander is amazing I was so tired because it is heavy but happy with it performance
I used this sander to remove 350 Sqf of stipple ceiling using a 80 grade sanding pad that turned out beautifull.
The sander works great, well made , the cord is long and heavy duty, the hose attachment is long and flexible, it keeps the dust as minimum using a strong vac.
The seller include all what you going to need for this sander including, clamps, screw driver and a extra pair of carbon brushes which is really nice !

I have not a real complaint about it other than is F*** heavy but the rest is just great !

Fantastic tool - Highly Recommend

We've owned this for about three years now and it is a FANTASTIC tool. I can't imagine going back to hand sanding everything! We've done about a dozen walls and a couple ceilings, and this thing has worked like a champ.

The first time my husband used it we made the mistake of using the D caring handle to apply pressure rather than holding the pole and/or body. This significantly weakened the D handle, but customer service shipped us a new one with no problems.

Hook this up to a good shop vac and the level of mess is dramatically reduced. Use a bag inside the vacuum though, or the drywall dust will clog the filter after about 20 minutes. We usually also set up a powerful fan in an open window to try to get good airflow through the room we're remodeling.

In summary, this is a very good tool with solid customer service that has lasted us a long time with no maintenance needed. We just put it back in the included bag and store it between projects!

Nice product

I've used the porta cable for years so I thought I would give this a shot because of price. It's definitely a good unit that works well. Only con I could see was heavy on the front end. If the motor would be farther back it would have received 5 stars but I still would recommend this
I've been a contractor for 35 years so this unit fits in well with me!