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2. Powermatic PM2244 Drum Sander

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I sanded a 14 inch wide board and the results were amazing. The motor adjusts from 0 to 10 fpm. It took maybe 15-20 minutes to have the sander up and running. But light cuts worked fine, no problems. I have found it to be excellent in every regard.

It's true that the Powermatic 1791291K was the Powermatic Sanders that we rated at the top. With that said, there are several other superb alternatives when it comes to Powermatic Sanders. We have them for you here.

Next up is built by Powermatic known to be a very respectable tool brand. Powermatic's Drum Sanders are also top quality. I was excited to try the model PM2244 and I was not disappointed!

This Drum Sander is just $2699.99. That is an exceptional deal for a quality Sander like the PM2244 by Powermatic. If you not sure about our top pick, I'd check out the Powermatic PM2244 next. It's a top quality tool at a great price.

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Powermatic PM2244 Features

Integrated LED Control Panel shows power, belt speed, and DRO

Equipped with Feed Logic to produce exceptional finish while preventing machine overload

Secondary, absolute depth scale provides an additional height reading

Drum carriage is cast iron to provide greater strength and consistent performance

Steel hood with a 4 dust port provide excellent dust collection"

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3. Powermatic 1791292K Disc & Belt Sander

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The motor is slightly overkill, but I like that. The disc sander housing was very rough and chipped. But the sander is cheap, so I didn't expect much. The disc has no visible run out on my unit and sands smoothly. Not as heavily made as my old one, but is worth the money.