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What Real People Are Saying About The Ryobi P440

it is highly possible that Ryobi tools are such a great value is because their batteries fail prematurely and replacements ...

This is the 4th Ryobi One tool I've ordered, all through Amazon. Be careful it is extremely aggressive. Caused partly because it is heavy, caused partly by the 3.0 ah battery I use and because it really vibrates big time. Battery life is not so hot with the little 1ah hour batteries. I bought two Flylinktech 18v, 3ah batteries useable with the Ryobi P108, 104 etc tools. Plenty of battery life and with the factory quick charger you can sand continuously. The batteries are really appreciated when using my Ryobi saw. I'm not crazy about the Flykinktech's being made in China but can't argue with the success I've had. By the way, it is highly possible that Ryobi tools are such a great value is because their batteries fail prematurely and replacements are expensive.

Fortunately nearly all Ryobi tools can be purchased from Amazon without batteries.

A nice sander that economically uses 1/4 sandpaper sheets.

Every worthwhile project deserves the privilege of purchasing a new tool to accomplish the task at hand. In this case, I have an old desk chair that needed repair and refinishing. The sander works great, the 1/4 sandpaper sheets are easy to clamp on to the base, and a "hole punch" tool is included with a few starter sheets of sandpaper. The punch allows one to use ordinary un-punched self-cut 1/4 -sheet sandpaper with the attached collection bag to suck up some of the dust.
The tools is compact, well-balanced and easy to control. The on-off switch is a little stiff to use, but it's not a show-stopper. I would recommend that you regularly remove the steel-backed rubber base plate to keep the dust suction ports patent. You'll need a tiny star bit to remove the 8 screws holding it in place. It's a 5-minute task, tops.

Great value product!!!

Sander is working just fine and it is very convenient to use custom sheets. It is a bit more noisy than expected. One 4Ah battery is enough for many-many square feet.

I liked it however the person I purchased it for is ...

I liked it however the person I purchased it for is handicapped and his hands don't work well sometimes. The off on button and the clips to put on the sandpaper were a bit hard to operate for a non handicapped person so they were extremely difficult for a person with disabilities. I am sure it would be fine for the average man. I only gave it 4 stars because the buttons were hard to push. Small, light weight, came with a dust bag too!

Little Hard To Get Use To It At The First.
  • Stan - July 10, 2018

Great for small job without cord getting in your way. It little hard to get use to. For size of motor, recommend use 18 volt from 4 amp to 6 amp batter as if you use small 18 volt 2 amp battery will run out too quickly plus you will over stress the 2 amp battery. I'm shock, through Amazon, Ryobi didn't come in Ryobi box, it just wrapped up in sturdy plastic.


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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Ryobi Sanders Available Today
Ryobi P411 featured image

2. Ryobi P411 Random Orbital Sander

  • (67 Ratings)

It's true that the Ryobi P440 was the Ryobi Sanders that we rated the highest. Even so, there were a few other very premium Ryobi Sanders we wanted to showcase here that just barely missed the mark.

Ryobi is yet another top producer of Sanders. They produce the tool next on our rundown. Ryobi's Random Orbital Sanders are one of their top tools. It was fantastic to test the P411. I was very pleased with this tool!

This Random Orbital Sander is merely $46.37. That is a great deal for a premium Sander like the P411 by Ryobi. The Ryobi P411 is truly a sound alternative. Of you are uncertain about our top pick, I'd suggest you opt for this Sander.

Full Ryobi P411 Review

Ryobi P411 Features

CORDLESS: compatible with the Ryobi One+ battery system. Work anywhere without cords and extensions getting in the way of your work

INCLUDED SANDING PADS attached using a hook and loop connecting system for optimal user convenience

RUBBER OVERGRIP with notches makes it easy to handle despite intense vibrations from the powerful motor

DUST BAG attached to the tool to collect any shavings from your work and reduce the need for post-job cleaning

10,000 ORBITS PER MINUTE make this perfect for any sanding and polishing job if you apply the proper pressure

Apart from the tools we researched above, I would definitely check out the ZRRS290G by Ryobi and the P450 by Ryobi. Both these tool manufactures are considered two of the top producers of high quality Sanders. Each of these unique options earned great customer ratings as well. The Ryobi advertises a user rating of 4.3/5 as contrasted against the 3.9/5 star rating for the Ryobi P450.

The Ryobi ZRRS290G comes with a couple of features you wont find on competing Random Orbital Sanders. One example is DUST BAG: Keep your workspace neat with the onboard, removable dust bag that helps protect you from blowback while keeping your target visible. The P450 by Ryobi however, is very competitive offering BRUSHLESS MOTOR: This tool has greater runtime and lifetime than its brushed counterparts plus INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: A reusable dust bag and 80-grit sanding belt are included to make an all-in-one package.

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest either of these Ryobi Sanders

Honorable Mentions

There are a handful more fantastic Ryobi Sanders available. Below are a number to select from if the choices above might not be a good fit for you. We identified quite a few fantastic Sanders throughout our investigation. The Sanders we graded above are the best we could find. Having said that, these Sanders listed below deliver some special features on top of the fact that they are each top ranked Ryobi Sanders.