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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Skil Sanders Available Today
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2. Skil GID-289734 Finishing Sander

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It makes so much more sense that my old sanders. I just used the included bag and no vacuum attached. It arrived on time and was packaged well. Sandpaper loading is very well designed. That means fewer scratches and a smoother finish.

The truth is that the Skil 7510-01 was the Skil Sanders that we ranked at the top. That doesn't mean there aren't a few other fantastic selections when it comes to Skil Sanders. We have them for you here.

Skil is another top producer of Sanders. They build the tool that is next on our lineup. Skil's Finishing Sanders are one of their premier products. I was excited to try the model GID-289734 and I was not let down!

This Finishing Sander is just $24.97. That is a great deal for a quality Sander like the GID-289734 by Skil. If you not sure about our top pick, I'd check out the Skil GID-289734 next. It's a high quality tool at a good price.

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Skil GID-289734 Features

The product is 2A 1/4Sheet palm Sander

Easy to use

The product is manufactured in China

Pressure Control Technology warns user when excessive pressure is applied

Micro-filtration captures and contains fine dust particles

Clear view dust canister removes guess work of when to empty canister

Built-in vacuum adapter for maximum dust collection

Soft-Grip design for added comfort and control

In addition to the selections we researched above, I would definitely take a look at the Skil 7492 and the SK7302-02 by Skil. Both tool brands are well known for their high quality Sanders. Both of these two options are rated highly as well. The Skil boasts a rating of 4.4/5 as contrasted against the 3.9/5 star rating given to the SK7302-02 by Skil.

The 7492 by Skil provides a few really choice features including The product is 5", Orbit Sander, Pressure Control Technology, 2.8A, 12,500 OPM. The SK7302-02 by Skil although, is tough to beat featuring Pressure Control Technology - Monitors sanding pad pressure applied for optimal finish plus 8 Detail Sanding Attachments - Finish hard-to-reach surfaces with various contours.

Each of these couple selections make an exceptional option for someone whose in the market for Skil Sanders
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3. Skil 7492 Random Orbital Sander

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This orbital has power and is adjustable for the speed. Just be sure you have an air compressor handy! It was meh, and made my job pretty difficult. This GREATLY reduces the amount of dust created. Vibration is very low so user fatigue will not be a issue.

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4. Skil SK7302-02 Detail Sander

  • (98 Points)

Sander also doesn't get hot after long use like my old one did. I'm female with small hands and it's easy to grasp and hold. Will be giving GMC another look when I need some more tools. Bought this to help me in rebuilding a deck. I may purchase another Extremely satisfied with this sander.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Skil Sanders above fail to do it for you, we have a handful of other options that might fit you better. We found quite a few great Sanders during the course of our research. Using thorough study and testing, the options we reviewed earlier were our preferred Sanders. However, the Sanders below offer a few distinct characteristics and are each highly rated Skil Sanders.

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5. Skil SR211601 Random Orbital Sander

  • (73 Points)

Great durable machine with power and variable speed. This feels and runs like a precision tool. I am starting to sense a pattern with my Skil 18v tools. It will get away from you, though, so be careful. 4 stars because it doesn't hook to my shop vac.

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6. Skil 3376-01 Disc & Belt Sander

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It arrived in 3 days, well packed and in perfect condition. It fits perfect since the machines are identical. Overall, Im very pleased with the purchase. This is a much needed and very nice addition to my workshop. Belts are easy to come by, plenty of power.

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7. Skil SR232301 Detail Sander

  • (41 Points)

It will sand right down into the corners. We have an arbor that needed to be sanded, primed and painted. Works good My son loved this Need more replacement sandpaper. Skil makes a great product at a good price point. This Skil sander is very aggressive and extremely powerful.

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8. Skil 7500 Belt Sander

  • (37 Points)

This sander cranked on like smooth and worked wonderful. The delivery is fast as always if you have a prime account. It appears to be identical; excepting its shorter belt. I have sanded approx 600 sq feet of hardwood floors with this. All minor issues for an overall fantastic belt sander.

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9. Skil SR250801 Detail Sander

  • (34 Points)

I only wish the paper was more reasonable. Difficult to find replacement sand paper. The flush/finish base is very good as well. It's more powerful and solid feeling than I'd expected. The hose does not perfectly fit, but that doesn't matter.

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10. Skil SR660302 Random Orbital Sander

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It held up and kept up with the Skil. Wow this bad boy eats bondo This is an exellent 8 inch da. So i guess i'd be back on Amazon real soon! I will use this sander until it stop working. I did find the battery a little difficult to remove.