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What Real People Are Saying About The TCP Global TCP SA7310

Works like a champ!

Bought this to help sand some rust/flaking paint off an old truck before I primed it. Worked like a dream and with little to no tiredness in the hand/arm. Fit perfectly as a palm sander and I'll continue to use it with both auto work and on my furniture refinishing.

no complaints.
  • bobx - January 25, 2018

i rolled the dice on this. my old craftsman DA finally gave it up and i needed a new one asap. i found this on amazon..and it was cheap. the reviews read well i ordered it to give it a shot. so far all is good, i use it often and its given me zero problems. I've used it on metal and wood and a decent sander.

I have used it a fair amount and it works just like new. It uses alot less air than my ...
  • Nick - December 29, 2016

Solid palm da for the price, I have used it a fair amount and it works just like new. It uses alot less air than my full size craftsman da sander, letting my run longer without having to let the compressor catch up.

Great Value

This little sander kicks butt. I've been using this to sand my entire crew cab long box F350. I've had zero problems. It holds the sanding discs perfectly, it sands quickly, and it's relatively comfortable to use. Only con is how much air it uses. More than I expected for such a small sander. My compressor is a Speedaire, 20 gallon tank, 5.7 SCFM @90psi 2HP motor. It takes about 20 seconds to kick the fan on and less than a minute before the sander can barely sand anymore. I just alternate, hit a panel with this and then block sand it while the compressor fills.

Works great.

Been using this for several months now and it is going strong. I like the adjustment of speed and is an easy to hold and use design. Painted and polished several cars using this tool to prep.