Top 1 Best top-tool Sanders

What Real People Are Saying About The top-tool B07JB5

Good machine. Bad motor brushes.

The machine arrived and was as advertised. I did have a problem with it to be fine with but when I swapped out the motor brushes it has performed properly a at since. The only down side is I no longer have spare brushes. Hopefully I can find more when the time comes.

Why did I wait.

This thing is awesome. I use it For burnishing leather, as well as sharpening my beveling tools. The variable speed is great!

Burnisher does the job!

Puts a nice glossy edge on the leather work, saves me some elbow grease

Very impressed
  • James - December 20, 2018

It seems to be made by the same manufacturer as the major leather brand equivalent at a fraction of the price. Very pleased with it.

Saved my arm versus hand burnishing

No real instructions but was easy to figure out anyway