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Woodtek 25 inch drum sander review

I have had this drum sander for about 7 years. I have a cabinet shop and I use the drum sander for drawer fronts and panels mainly. The conveyor belt does well and runs smoothly. The dust pickup works good which I have connected to my vac system. The paper is held in place by spring clips instead of having to tape it in place. What works best is to put on a piece of paper, run a piece of wood through it and re-tighten the paper again which keeps the paper from slipping loose. I just take off a little bit with each pass through the sander and it works fine. Trying to take off too much will bog down the sander but that's the case with any piece of equipment. Overall I think it's a good tool. I don't use the second drum often because it takes a little bit to get it set just right. The idea is to use a finer grit on the second drum so that you get two sanding grits in one pass, but when you have to run lots of wood through it, one drum does the job.Everything I operate is single phase 220, so this tool works great in my shop! Thanks, R.S.