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It works and came with 4 drums

You're getting a basic Asian clone of a tool that originally sold for $300 and up. There are NO instructions in the booklet that comes with it although there is a parts diagram. It doesn't match the model I received. The top handle attaches to the shield, there is no other bracket for it. The booklet is very ESL and mostly contains warnings about not killing yourself with the tool. Most buyers will have no trouble assembling it just by looking at the parts. Nice long cord. The roller wheel to protect the work from the shield can be installed on front or back. This can use drums with 2 slots or keyways or 4. It comes with 4 drums that have 4 slots. They are not labeled. It has a soft start control, meaning it ramps up to the set speed rather than all at once when you pull the trigger. There is a trigger lock. It also has a spindle lock. You get 2 square keys to install in the shaft to hold the drum. They fall out when you change drums. I plan to dimple the shaft with a punch so they stay put. All the screws were tight and I tested it removing paint from a car fender. Works OK so it should last until the bearings or gears wear out. That can be months or years with imports like this. I've had great luck for the most part so I will recommend this over the expensive alternatives. It would strip paint better with an interleaved flap wheel drum. If you plan to use this for auto work, buy some flap drums at the same time.

Great product (Heavy)

This beast is all there! Feels very solid. It’s variable speed drive! Will test it on my 71’ C10 Chevrolet restore!!! I’m anxious to try it. Comes with an extra set of brushes so I’m hoping they just did that so you’ll have the extra and not because they’re eating up the brushes!! So far so good

If it stands up to significant use it will prove to be an excellent purchase. Watch out for proper installation of the ...

After only moderate use this polisher provides strong grinding /polishing power and controlability (Speed Control). The Ability to get a significant number of polishing and grinding drum grits makes it a very versatile product. If it stands up to significant use it will prove to be an excellent purchase. Watch out for proper installation of the flap wheel/scotchbrite drums you can install them in the wrong direction.

  • Hoyt - December 11, 2018


works well, the only thing

works well, the only thing is that some of the wheels are not marked to what grit they are

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated ZFE Sanders Available Today
ZFE B07M featured image

2. ZFE B07M Random Orbital Sander

  • (20 Ratings)

The truth is that the ZFE A0866-110V was the ZFE Sanders that we ranked at the top. Having said that, there were a range of other really premium ZFE Sanders we wanted to showcase here that only just fell short.

ZFE is an additional top maker of Sanders. They build the tool next on our list. ZFE's Random Orbital Sanders are no exception. It was fantastic to try the B07M. I was very satisfied using this tool!

This Random Orbital Sander is only $59.99. That is a fantastic deal for a top quality Sander like the B07M by ZFE. The ZFE B07M is definitely a sound alternative. Of you are uncertain about our top selection, I would opt for this Sander.

Full ZFE B07M Review

ZFE B07M Features

▲ High quality professional air random orbital sander with 15 pcs buffing pads, 18 pcs sandpapers, 3 pcs backing plates, 1 pc screw and 1 pc screwdriver.

▲ Various size and type polishing pads can be installed with different type of discs. You could choose a suitable pad to polish something according to your demand.

▲ High stability, low vibration rate and low energy consumption, 15000 Rpm. And it is easy to operate mini air sander. See more details in the product description or user manual.

▲ High efficiency, High technology. ZFE air polisher adopts eccentric double-rotation polishing method to make the polishing effect more uniform and smooth.

▲ Ideal for spot sanding focus areas, removing solder joints and rust spots on metal products, deburring furniture and woodwork, mold manufacturing, polishing automotive and detailing work, etc.

Besides the tools we researched above, I would definitely evaluate the ZFE FMA0000375 and the Mini Air by ZFE. Both ZFE and ZFE are popular for their premium quality Sanders. Both of these two options are top rated as well. Users gave the FMA0000375 an average score of 3.9/5 stars. You can compare that to the Mini Air which boasts an average rating of 4.1/5 stars.

The FMA0000375 by ZFE provides some truly premium features such as ▲Professional Sander: New version, 6" Air Random Orbital Sander is easy to handle in palm; wear resistant, high strength, long service life. The ZFE Mini Air although, is very competitive offering ▲Applied for: Excellent multi-purpose tool for grinding sharp metal edges, rusted bolts, welds, etc. Great for spot weld removal. Effective for blending, scuffing grooves and contours. plus ▲Ergonomic Design: Compact design for sanding in close quarters.Simple belt tension lever. Increased pulley space for specialty padded belts, protection gaurd and ruberized handle..

I would be eager to suggest both of these ZFE Sanders

Honorable Mentions

We found a few more fantastic ZFE Sanders for sale. Listed here are a handful to choose from if the options you already looked at don't be a good fit for you. There really are a plenty of excellent tools available to choose. The Sanders we ranked above are the best of the best. However, these Sanders listed below offer a few distinct features on top of the fact that they are each top rated ZFE Sanders.