Top 1 Best Amazon Renewed Saws

What Real People Are Saying About The Amazon Renewed 967166103


My saw came in good shape, was satisfied with it. I suspect it was returned because whoever used it tried to take the clutch plate off without disengaging the brake. The manufacturer recommends having a dealer fix this problem, although its really just pushing the plate in at the release, and engaging and disengaging the clutch. 2 minute fix (although it took 60 on Google to figure out). So, while I am happy with my purchase, I would suggest the "renewing service" is at best superficial.

Wow Saw!!

I got my saw followed the directions with a little help from YouTube. It worked like butter. Sawed a whole limb that fell from our Cottonwood tree in an hour. Would have take much longer with the poulan I had. Says refurbished but looks and works like new.

Great saw

Great value for the money, cuts like a beast


Love love love it!!!

Extremely happy with product.

I was pleasantly surprised with the condition of this refurbished product. Looked brand new. Started on first pull and has plenty of power when used to cut down a few large trees. Easy to handle. Extremely happy with this product.