Top 1 Best ARKSEN Saws

What Real People Are Saying About The ARKSEN 45cc 22"

Great saw for the money

Took a chance after seeing some video on this unit, ordered and it sat in the box for some time before I could set it up to use, but so far have no complaints on this unit. Easy assembly, started with a few pulls and has the power to rip through large logs so far. Cut 26 - 18" plugs easily so far up to 30" diameter with no difficulty and still need to cut several more with larger diameters. Engine is strong so am looking to get a larger bar and chain as my max diameter to come is around 50" and think this can handle it with the larger setup.

good saw n will buy another soon

Bought this saw being it was fairly cheap n i cut wood for spare $ in the winter time...i see ALOT of ppl asking how to get it started..i buy premixed gas 40'1 n regular w30 motor oil for use in bar oil,,,..Cheap at dollar tree..yes oil n auto section..
To start the saw put the chain break ON..pull the choke out squeeze the throttle lock a few times to get air from fuel line..turn the on switch on ground use your right foot to place in handle n pull the cord n it should start,,,if still no luck,,place the file that came with the saw in the hole on the right side of the throttle to help hold it open..after 3 pulls mine started right up..i let it run on idle for 10 minutes before putting it to work.. now i have cut 22 trees with it so far n just re-sharpened my chain for the first will also use the little screwdriver to open the screw for the oil to lube the bar n chain this is on the bottom of the saw where the chips come out i keep mine at the half way fully open position ..n shut this screw off when storing the saw....there is no need to send the saw back..just follow everything mentioned above n you will have no issues....good saw for the money n i am happy with the purchase n plan on getting a few more for backups// Today 9/20/19 I am giving an update..The Arksen Saw is still purring away. As seen in the photos I removed a Tree That fell on our country Road..And now I own 2 of These saws..Great for The Farm use n for My Wood Business..


Just want to clarify that I never write reviews but I buy everything based off reviews. This was my first time purchasing and using a chainsaw. This thing kicks ass. A huge bang for your buck. I was hesitant to buy it because of the mixed reviews but I’m glad I did. It was easy to assemble/clean/work on. Started for the first time in 5 pulls and restarted in 1-3 pulls depending on how long it was sitting.
2 cons. 1. Probably needs a little bit bigger motor but it worked just fine for what I need it for. 2. It is pretty heavy
I’ll deal with the weight for $300 cheaper than a big name brand.

Always carry chain oil, gas mix, tools, and check the lubrication and tension of the chain regularly while you are cutting!

Such a wonderful item for the value, I easily cut down 2 20 feet plum trees with it and it did not give me any issues whatsoever once I got it started. Looking forward to tackle my next trees!

Giant Bargain at a Miniature Price!

Great buy.
Does what it is supposed to do at a fraction of the price of similar size chainsaws. No fancy packaging. Would buy another one in a heartbeat.