Top 10 Best Battery Powered Saws

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Battery Powered Saws Available Today
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2. Bosch 06015A5101 Jigsaw

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Buy this Jigsaw, I swear you will like it alot. The price and quality of this Jigsaw impress me. I was astonished on my first use. I am so happy with the Bosch 06015A5101 I gave it 5 stars. Freeform jig cuts were simple to do.

The Bosch JSH180B Jigsaw B004XPD3GQ was really our number one Battery Powered Saws. With that said, there are a number of other fantastic selections when it comes down to Battery Powered Saws. We have them for you here.

Bosch is an additional top maker of Saws. They produce the tool next on our rundown. Bosch's Jigsaws are great as well. I was ready to have a go at the model 06015A5101 and I was not disappointed!

This Jigsaw is only $. That is a terrific deal for a top quality Saw like the 06015A5101 by Bosch. If you uncertain about our top choice, I'd look into the Bosch 06015A5101 next. It's a first class tool at a great price.

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Bosch 06015A5101 Features

No load stroke rate 550spm to 2700spm

One handed SDS blade changing

Pendulum stroke adjustment

SDS saw blade changes with only one hand

Compact, lightweight design with small grip circumference enables optimum control when sawing

The Makita XVJ02Z and the XDS01Z by Makita are worth a look also. Both these tool manufactures are considered a couple of the leading makers of premium Saws. Both these tools are top rated as well. Users awarded the Makita an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. You can liken that to the Makita XDS01Z which boasts an average score of 4.9/5 stars.

The Makita XVJ02Z provides several very choice features such as Makita-built brushless motor and 3 orbital settings plus straight cutting deliver faster and more accurate cuts in a variety of materials. The XDS01Z by Makita however, is very competitive featuring Makita-built variable speed motor delivers 0-6,000 strokes per minute for faster and more efficient cutting and even Designed to cut openings in installed board with an adjustable blade depth up to 1-3/16" (9/16" in wood).

I can easily endorse both of these Battery Powered Saws
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3. Makita XVJ02Z Jigsaw

  • (138 Points)

I made some cuts and blade never vibrated. Makita's Jigsaw is easy to hold. Built like a tank but agile like a sports car. I really like the Jigsaw and will keep it. I upgraded from an old Ryobi and what a difference.

Makita XDS01Z featured image

4. Makita XDS01Z Jigsaw

  • (136 Points)

I made some cuts and blade never vibrated. It's very smooth and has great performance! This is another great Makita product. One of my favorite tools in the shop. The Jigsaw cuts amazingly square and smooth.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Battery Powered Saws we rated above fail to meet your needs, here are a few alternative options that might better meet your needs. It's true that there are a number of great options available to pick from. With detailed analysis and assessments, the selections we reviewed earlier are our favorites. Read on though. We rated several more terrific Battery Powered Saws.

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5. Makita BJV180Z Jigsaw

  • (125 Points)

Works great, powerful and easy to use. The item is just as described. This is a solid, strong unit that impressed me. I have used it about 10 times so far, and loved it every single time. My initial impression is very positive.

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6. Makita Jigsaw

  • (60 Points)

The feel of it is so great as well. It's also a fantastic Jigsaw for normal use. The Jigsaw feels well balanced. You will not be disappointed if you buy this tool from Makita. I've used it several times and it works great.

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7. Bosch Professional 06016A2200 Circular Saw

  • (47 Points)

As far as its usefulness, the Bosch Professional 06016A2200 is great. It's unbelievable how much power the Circular Saw has. So far, it is meeting my expectations. This is my first Circular Saw purchase, and I'm happy. Overall I'm happy with the Bosch Professional Bosch Professional 06016A2200.

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8. POPOMAN Jigsaw

  • (41 Points)

Until I used the POPOMAN , I hated Jigsaws. For each [brand] tool I see, I want to buy 2. All in all, a well made and durable Jigsaw! I absolutely love this Jigsaw. Consider this one for your next purchase.

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9. Skil JS820202 Jigsaw

  • (39 Points)

This Jigsaw is easy to use and feels reliable. Skil is a very well-known name in Jigsaws. This feature has helped improve my cuts. So far, I'm pleased with its performance. This is the fifth Skil product I've purchased.

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10. Prostormer Jigsaw

  • (35 Points)

This feature has helped improve my cuts. Light weight, and easy to grasp. The feel of it is so great as well. The quality is definitely there. I bought this Jigsaw and I absolutely love it.