Top 10 Best Cordless Saws

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Cordless Saws Available Today
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2. Black & Decker Reciprocating Saw

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This thing is durable, practical, handy and sturdy. This one is the most powerful tools I have ever used. Using the Reciprocating Saw for the my projects was amazing. Has good power for doing what it is intended to do. Works really well, have not had any problems at all.

The fact is that the Reciprocating Saw B08FDBC9M6 was the Cordless Saws that we rated at the top. That being said, there were a range of other truly premium quality Cordless Saws we wanted to showcase here that barely fell short.

Next on our list is made by Black & Decker known to be a very respectable tool manufacturer. Black & Decker's Reciprocating Saws are also top quality. It was great to try the . I was very satisfied with this tool!

This Reciprocating Saw is just $121.43. That is an exceptional deal for a high quality Saw like the by Black & Decker. If you unsure about our number one choice, I'd check out the Black & Decker next. It's a premium quality tool at a good price.

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Black & Decker Features

Tool-Free Blade Change

Pivoting Shoe

Lithium-ion battery holds a charge up to 18 months

24-position clutch prevents stripping and overdriving screws

Aside from the option we covered already, I would definitely have a look at the Milwaukee 2625-20 and the DC385B by DEWALT. Both tool brands are well known for their premium Saws. Both these tools are highly rated also. The 2625-20 advertises a score of 4.7/5 as contrasted against the 4.6/5 star rating given to the DC385B by DEWALT.

The Milwaukee 2625-20 has several features you wont experience on other similar Reciprocating Saws. For example One handed design gives you superior control to standard reciprocating saws, especially when you’re working in tight conditions. The DC385B by DEWALT by comparison, is very competitive featuring Plastic / Metal and even Imported.

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest either of these Cordless Saws
Milwaukee 2625-20 featured image

3. Milwaukee 2625-20 Reciprocating Saw

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I will definitely purchase this Reciprocating Saw again. I ran it through some cutting tests in the shop. This Reciprocating Saw works great for any trimming job. Works great and has plenty of power for household use. The Milwaukee 2625-20 is easy to hold and line-up for the cut.

DEWALT DC385B featured image

4. DEWALT DC385B Reciprocating Saw

  • (879 Points)

The blades stay sharp and the ergonomics are great. The power of this Reciprocating Saw far surpasses my Milwaukee. It has features I'm finding more and more useful. Good quality Reciprocating Saw at low price, works as expected. I am over 70, and it's easy for me to use.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Cordless Saws we rated above don't do it for you, here are a variety of alternative choices that may suit you better. We found several superb Saws during our review. Through exhaustive study and testing, the selections we reviewed earlier were our preferred Saws. Having said that, the Saws shown below offer several distinct characteristics and are each top ranked Cordless Saws.

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5. TACKLIFE Reciprocating Saw

  • (495 Points)

You can dismantle the universe with this monster! It’s not as heavy as my old one but more powerful. This thing is durable, practical, handy and sturdy. It is pretty powerful. I know I can count on TACKLIFE with their quality and durability.

Bosch 06016A1002 featured image

6. Bosch 06016A1002 Circular Saw

  • (478 Points)

You won't be disappointed with this Circular Saw. There's a lot to like in this Circular Saw. This Circular Saw fits the bill. Great bang for the buck. The price was too good to pass up that.

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7. Makita DJV181Z Jigsaw

  • (472 Points)

Makita is a very well-known name in Jigsaws. This is a solid, strong unit that impressed me. I'm pretty impressed with this Jigsaw. The Makita DJV181Z is light-weight and easy to handle. Vibration is minimal, and doesn't jump around.

HYCHIKA  featured image

8. HYCHIKA Reciprocating Saw

  • (448 Points)

It cuts very quickly and vibration is negligible. It is easy to carry around to where I need it. It cuts through just about anything. For a typical homeowner this is Reciprocating Saw more than enough. This Reciprocating Saw is way smoother than others I have tried.

DEWALT DCS387P1-BUNDLE featured image

9. DEWALT DCS387P1-BUNDLE Reciprocating Saw

  • (373 Points)

This is a great Reciprocating Saw in general. Once you start a clean cut it stays pretty good. This thing is durable, practical, handy and sturdy. The Reciprocating Saw itself is well-balanced and not too heavy. Simply an easy to use, well-constructed Reciprocating Saw.

Milwaukee 2621-20 featured image

10. Milwaukee 2621-20 Reciprocating Saw

  • (358 Points)

It has done everything that it said it could do. It never quits even when I overwork it. It has lots of power and is perfect for my needs. This Reciprocating Saw is the best purchase I've made this year. The saw is very powerful, but very controllable.