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Delta Table Saws Rule! A must have Table Saw.

I have used Delta saws for years. This was the 1st time I have purchased a smaller saw and I am happy so far.
The long table is super nice as they were with my other Delta table saws, however this seems to have some issues with sliding fence. It's super tight and hard to move. I have to figure it out as to why this is happening.
As soon as I use it for a few weeks I will edit this feedback and let you know what I think.

The delivery was wonderful. It arrived in perfect condition. I would say this is well worth the money especially since this was the cheapest price I had found anywhere on this saw.

If you are seriously considering this Delta table saw, GO FOR IT! The saw is great and the seller is wonderful.

very decent product

I've been waiting for ~ a couple of weeks before I post a review;

first of all, assembling is a serious pain, even with 2 people; I am not a novice but it took ~ 4 hours to get that beast up and running;
main problems were wrong drilled holes, which I've needed to adjust, and that was time consuming;

after a lot of sweat I can say that this saw runs very, very smooth and I am pretty satisfied;
building professionally for the past 17 years; my last saw lasted longer than 10; if I get the same out of this one then I'll be pleased

Great Delta Product for Home Users and Contractors

I worked for a few years at a major power tool supplier and authorized servicing center on Long Island. I became intimately familiar with power tools from a variety of manufacturers including Porter Cable, Makita, Rigid, Milwaukee, Black and Decker, Delta, etc.. I also learned a lot from all the contractors. Delta was always considered a "contractors brand." In my opinion, this product lives up to that expectation. Conversely, it may be overkill for all but the most serious home users (for example, hardcore woodworkers). I am reviewing this saw from the perspective of a home user who dabbles in woodworking.

Purchasing a product like this without seeing and touching is difficult unless you have sufficient experience with these tools to understand the specifications and application. So, I would recommend if possible, get a hands on feel for the tool first. Amazon did a great job with delivery, using a freight company. The unit arrived two days after it was ordered, which I find remarkable. However, there was no prior call to arrange for me to have someone there for drop off. I got lucky and my wife was just coming home. The freight company delivered the product to the inside of garage. That was a good thing; if my wife had not been there they would have left this large delivery in the driveway. Total weight was approximately 300 pounds. The saw arrived boxed in one very large box with two smaller boxes attached. The entire package was bound to a wooden palette. The freight company leaves the palette with you. It is worth noting, not one item in the boxes was damaged in shipment.
The saw itself is fairly easy to assemble with a myriad of parts and instructions. If you have ever assembled a saw of this type before, you will have no issues now. Total assembly time, including alignment, was about three and a half hours. The build quality of the saw is what you would expect from Delta. However, in "the old days" Delta did not use tubular stands and the overall system was larger. The 5052 has a Cast iron table top with LH and RH stamped steel extension wings. The extension wings were not bent of beveled in any way. The tubular steeled stand does seem to provide greater stability overall. There are two fixed wheels and one swivel wheel that make moving the unit fairly easy and a one person operation. The extension table (right hand with legs) is made of wood, which may turn off some potential purchasers. However, in reality, this is no big deal. The 5052 includes a "heavy duty Biesemeyer 'style'" fence. While it is no Biesemeyer, in my opinion, it workds good enough (once again, from a home user perspective). For a detailed specifications view, go to the Delta website at: That web address also provides access to the latest manual, product brochure, and authorized accessories. The saw incorporates all the safety features, particularly necessary for home users, who may not work around this type of tool regularly. This includes anti-kickback and split guard system as well as an active blade brake that stops the saw within a few seconds of power off.

The saw is very precise on first cuts, provided assembly is done correctly with the supplied 10 inch combination blade. At 15 amps, this had all the power I needed. The 52 inch fence system stayed in place during my use. All the hand wheels were smooth and accurate in my use and the lock knobs were very effective. It is important for home users to understand proper alignment of the fence riving knife.
Here is the bottom line. Serious home users and contractors will appreciate this saw. If you need a table saw for a small project or just to use a couple of times a year, rent one or find alternative methods or even buy a less expensive model. This saw is big and takes up a lot of garage space. But, it is a very good and powerful saw regardless of need.

Delta 10 Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw with 52 Inch RH Rip

The delivery of the three boxes that make-up the saw was done by two different companies, so this necessitated two separate deliveries to be scheduled. I mention this only because I was expecting, like others noted here, one pallet with everything shrink wrapped to it, but I received the two smaller boxes - the metal rear and front rails, fence guide along with the wood extension table and legs from one service and the actual saw unit at later date from a different delivery service.

When the first two boxes arrived without the most important third box - the saw -- I thought something was wrong or lost. The point is, the delivery may vary based on unknown factors like area of the country, etc. I have no complaints about either company - both were professional and left the pieces exactly where directed.

If there is no desire to put this saw together then unassembled is the wrong way to purchase it. I was in the right frame of mind, and not under a time crunch so the task was actually enjoyable, even with minor issues encountered during the process. The main hurdle is working through the assembly with sometimes incomplete, somewhat user-unfriendly instructions.

The booklet contains 33 pages of detail, most of which is about safety, but still a good portion provides information for constructing the saw. It is not the worst instruction manual, but far from the best I have used. For example, it is unclear which screws need to be used for each area. Although packaged in a little bubble section of a clear plastic bag it is difficult and definitely wasted time figuring out what bolts to use. Metric measurements are given rather than simply showing pictures of the bolts. I finally had to just take them out and try them in the hole to see if they fit. And, less important but still a possible issue, some of the terms used may be unfamiliar to a more casual user.

A couple more things left out of the instructions - the booklet did not detail when to put the side panels on (they go on when the front and back panels are attached), and did not mention the lock washer at all (it belongs on the bottom of the crossbar of the tube legs.) Taking my time, I probably spent a total of three hours on the project.

Almost everything fit well - the holes all lined-up - but one stationery foot was really difficult to screw in, and since it needs to be easy to turn so the level can be adjusted at will, I had to apply pressure to force it in, screwing it and unscrewing it until the action was easy enough to readily turn by hand.

Although one person could flip the saw up alone, two people accomplished the task with more stability. Per the instructions, we placed a small section of wood (we used a 4 x 4 post, the instructions said a 2 x 4 but the other was handy) on the ground and rocked the unit onto it and then lifted it upright. The wood was needed primarily to prevent crushing the dust chute and it acted as a fulcrum in tilting up the saw, almost effortlessly, into position.

This is the first point at which the cast iron tabletop is in full view and it is quickly apparent that a protective coating is spread all over the top. The instruction manual directs using WD-40 and a soft cloth to remove the oil coating. The rest of the assembly went without incident although, because of their length and weight, attaching the front and rear rails was easier to accomplish with two people working together. Every part of the saw was smoothly finished and looked good except those rails. They are rather rough and although heavy, feel kind of cheap. The manual mentioned coating any unfinished metal with paste wax.

Regarding the saw itself - it cuts beautifully. Decent cuts require that the tabletop be absolutely flat, and this one is, perfectly so. Operation is smooth, although loud, and there is no vibration. There are numerous pages of safety instructions including warnings to use hearing and eye protection. I read somewhere that there are over 30,000 table saw injuries annually in the U.S., so following the numerous warnings is wise.

The limited five year warranty provides some assurance the manufacturer has faith in longevity. There is no question this is a good, solid piece of equipment. The only issue to purchasing it here is whether the user would prefer not to be involved with the assembly.

Delivery, Assembly, Material Quality...then putting it to the test....more to follow!

The delivery was great. Everything came on a palate and the Table Saw very heavy. A second person is very helpful, but you can probably lift and move everything yourself if you really had too.

My previous table saw was a portable Ridgid…a very nice saw that came almost 100% assembled out of the box.

The Delta table saw is a lot different. In my opinion, the assembly instructions were not very good.
I cursed a few times! I take my time and go through the assembly process in my head and count out the screws, bolts, etc. To me, the hardware seemed quite random. I don't know why you would use both European metric and American standard units.
Pick one. They did group the hardware in the bag, but nothing was labeled and the manual doesn't fully describe which hardware to use where.
Usually, I would read each step in the manual and just stare at all the hardware and kind of figure out what makes sense to me.

The legs and the wheels went on rather smoothly. After I flipped the unit, I noticed a decent amount of machine oil. I had to clean it. Not a big deal!

At this point make sure the unit is level!

Most of my issues came with the rail assembly. How does it line up (screw holes)? The front rail goes past both ends. Make sure you have 2 holes that line up on the unit itself. Which hardware to use? (See below)
How does the back rail go on? The back rail is mounted differently than the front. The picture in the manual is a little deceiving. The extension table is plywood and requires drilling. Yes, I know this is a tool for someone who probably should like drilling, but still a few pre-drilled holes would be nice.
Also not sure why the 3 arches weren't created to appropriate height so the table would mount flush to the main unit..

A Quick Screw/Bolt Summary (how I interpreted the directions):
- Black Short Phillips Machine Screws (16) - Attaching the 4 Flat panels between the legs.
- Black Short Hex Machine Screws - Attaching the measuring bar to the front rail.
- Black Flat Head Hex Machine Screws - Attach Front Rail to Side Extension Tables
- Black Flat Head Hex Machine Screws with Silver Crown Washer - Attach Front Rail to Unit
- Silver Flat Head Machine Screws - Attach Front Rail to wood table. (1/4 inch drill bit)
- Black Regular Bolt Screws - Attach Back Rail to Unit
- Silver Regular Bolt Screws - Attach Back Rail to wood table. (1/4 inch drill bit)
- Silver Round Head Phillips Machine Screws (Thinner Ones) - Attach the leg bracket to the table side. (I used a 3/16 drill bit)
- Black Short Wood screws - Attach the legs to the bottom of the table.

Overall, it's a very well-built table saw. Parts of it are actually beautiful. The metal is heavy and of high quality. The extension table is where I believe they cut some corners. Personally, I would have preferred a metal table top with pre-drilled holes and sturdier legs.

The saw is very powerful. I took the time to take a few playful cuts and it operates very smoothly. Hopefully, I will get into some of my planned projects within the next month and update my review.

It is definitely built with "better (meaning high quality metal)" materials than say my Ridgid Table saw.
Personally, I want to get into woodworking and I doubt there is nothing this saw couldn't handle. If you are looking to do serious woodwork and have room, I would definitely consider it. If you are just planning a few projects here and there, I would look at portable table saws that fold up.


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Delta 36-5100 Features


Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately

Heavy duty one piece rail system for precision cuts every time

Large, easy to access ON/OFF switch

Blade Brake stops the blade within seconds of the power being turned off

Quick Assembly stand with less parts, allows fast assembly.

Heavy Duty Biesemeyer style fence with Dual rip windows

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