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For what it is, I am extremely impressed!

For reference, I'm a professional Arborist, currently working for a municipality, with over a decade's experience in Line-Clearance Arborism. So, you might say that I know a thing or three about working a chainsaw..

I'm honestly amazed.. This saw is awesome! With a thirty-five(ish) dollar upgrade (bar & chain), it'll hold its own against either the Stihl or Husqvarna battery-powered top-handles. And, it'll do so, for half the price!

On one of the large 60v flex batteries, it did hard work all day. You can actually, easily forget to add bar oil, because you're never stopping to refuel. It's THAT efficient! This is now my go-to climb-saw...hands down!

One of this saws best features is how quiet it is. Imagine this:'re up a tree, about to make a decent size cut with a conventional chainsaw. Before you begin your back-cut, you check on the "all-clear"; all systems Go! Shortly after you start on your back-cut, throttle open, your ground person sees "something" (let's pretend it's an out-of-control baby buggy, for dramatic effect!) that, for some reason, you can't see. The grounds person is yelling at the top of their lungs, trying to get your attention, before it's too late! Meanwhile; all you can hear is that ported & polished 201 or 338, screaming like a banshee...

It's a scary thought. And not only COULD it happen; it HAS happened! But, with an electric chainsaw, volume levels are a negligible factor.

Oh, and, as an added bonus, it doesn't reek of gas! Try driving around on a hot day with a conventional chainsaw in the car.. (sarcasm!) A headache and nausea are the BEST you can hope for! Not a problem with an electric saw.

So, why no fifth star..? Two reasons. No guns (sight lines), on either side. And no real felling dogs...or even the option to add felling dogs. Come on DeWALT, get your $#!+ together!.. But, I guess we can forgive them a few oversights, as they are relatively new to the chainsaw game.

I hope you found this review helpful. And, while I might sing it's praises, rest assured that I paid the same price you will. This is my unsolicited opinion.

Good Luck & Be Safe!

  • htp - September 16, 2017

I was quite reluctant to buy a cordless chainsaw, and even more reluctant to buy a 20V one. Having 5 other 20V Max tools, and given that the product had a 90 day money back guarantee, I thought I would give it a try. MAJOR good move. Let's be honest, this isn't a tree felling, firewood stockpiling chainsaw, but you wouldn't be buying a 12" tool for that, would you? In a true baptism by fire, the first use was Hurricane Irma cleanup in a south Florida yard. It sliced through a downed citrus tree easily, even 5-6" limbs, and citrus is not soft. Even more surprising was the way it easily sliced through saw palmetto, which is very fibrous and stringy. One hand operation is a breeze, which is great when you are trying to hold foliage out of the way so that you can see what you are doing. And of course, it is much quieter than a gasoline saw, no earplugs necessary. On demand starting, instead of a pull cord, is obviously an advantage when you are up on a ladder or in a tree. The battery (5Ah) just lasted me through several hours of work, and still has a charge. The only downside I see is that this thing seems to go through chain oil at an unusually high rate, but this is hardly a problem, more of an inconvenience. Overall, I couldn't possibly be happier and I highly recommend it.


I’ve owned a couple of chain saws in my life, but I’m the last to tell you I’m any expert. Generally the deal is making sure the engine will start...and continue to run. Pros will just hold the saw in one hand and jerk the cord. Me, on the otherhand, have to put the saw on the ground, make sure I’ve flipped all the correct switches and settings and then with one foot on the floor plate, a hand on the throttle and the other hand on the pull rope, I start the process of trying to get the saw (which has only seen a few trees in it’s lifetime) to start. If you have old fuel or a bad plug, you have to mess with it more or finally throwing in the towel and taking it to the shop.

Those days are gone...

I received the DeWalt chain saw knowing it would be a compromise from what I once had and what I had been using (a sawzall) to cut limbs, etc. I received if on a Saturday afternoon, unpacked it, put the battery on charge and just left it there overnight. After church I figured I’d attempt to cut a few things down or clean up some brush before the battery died, and trying to keep myself from bodily injury in the process.

I filled the oil reserve on the left side of the saw with bar oil, then put on the battery. From there I went to my first “victum” some branches I needed to cut off a tree. I pressed the trigger release and the trigger, the saw came to life and sliced the 2 inch limb like butter. Next I cut a couple of 30’ pine trees with trunks probably 8-10” in diameter. No problem. I then sectioned the two problem. I then cut some major limbs off a birch problem. Next a couple of small birch trees, about the same size as the problem. After sectioning 4 or 5 trees into logs for burning and cleaning up the smaller branches I moved on to cleaning up a couple of small stumps and a couple of other small trees. Other than binding the chain a couple of times (due to inexperience) I think I cut down a total of 6 trees, sectioned 4 of them and cleaning up a number of other things in the yard...

I did this all on one battery.

The saw really didn’t get slow but I figured it was starting to show some minor was I. I brought the battery in the house to recharge.

If you have to cut down a large tree, you may want to go with something else, but I cut down 6 medium sized trees and basically cleaned up after them with no issue and on one battery charge.

Whoever designed this thing was a genious. I don’t plan to buy another gasoline saw again. You can also bet this thing will be with me on whatever camping or backyard bonfire we have. It will also be one of the things I’ll have with me if we have another ice storm or hurricane.

I was so impressed I also bought the hedge trimmer that runs on the same battery. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Anyway, this is a reall good saw. It is well worth considering for any small to medium chore you have for a chainsaw.

Mighty Mite
  • Barry - September 24, 2017

So far just what I expected with a DeWalt product. An Excellent product This 12” blade took down this small tree with a 10” diameter. Obviously a bigger and beefer chain saw would make shorter work of this tree. But I was amazed this little guy could hang with the big saws.

Definitely shocked at how well this works

I have had this chainsaw for a few months now and like other reviewers and very surprised by the power this unit has. I had a tree come down on my backyard fence and this cut the tree right up. No, it's not as powerful as my gas saw (which is not working), but this does what I need it to do (clean up brush and small trees) very well. Battery lasts longer than I thought it would and charges fairly quickly. I also love the DEWALT 20v XR line of tools - I currently have 4 tools in this line and love them all so far. My one and only complaint with this saw is that it seems to leak some bar and chain oil if you let it sit more than a few days - I set the saw on a couple of rags which does the trick.


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The DEWALT DCCS620B was definitely our favorite DEWALT Saws. That being said, there are a few other really great options when it comes to DEWALT Saws. We have a breakdown of them here.

DEWALT is an additional top maker of Saws. They make the tool that is next on our list. DEWALT's Chainsaws are no exception. I was excited to have a go at the model DCCS670X1 and I was not disappointed!

The model DCCS670X1 Chainsaw by DEWALT, at $349.47 is a particularly exceptional Saw for the money. If you not sure about our top choice, I'd consider the DEWALT DCCS670X1 next. It's a first class tool at a good price.

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DEWALT DCCS670X1 Features

Low Kick Back 16" Oregon Bar and Chain for construction and outdoor cutting applications

Tool Free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force

Auto Oiling for continuous lubrication. Quarter turn oil cap for quick oil re fills

Chain brake for kick back protection

Lightweight and ergonomic design. Weight is 12.2 pounds

The DW745 by DEWALT and the DWE7491RS by DEWALT are well worth taking a look at also. Both tool brands are popular for their premium Saws. both of these two tools received exceptional user ratings also. Users awarded the DW745 an score on average of 4.6/5 stars. You can compare that to the DEWALT DWE7491RS which boasts an average rating of 4.6/5 stars.

The DW745 by DEWALT provides several truly choice features like 22 kilograms unit weight and optimized footprint make this the most portable saw in its class. Shoe bevels 0 to 45 for beveled cuts. The DEWALT DWE7491RS however, is hard to beat featuring Features a 15.0A high torque motor with the power to cut pressure treated lumber and hardwoods and even This product is manufactured in Mexico; Tool Weight: 90 pounds.

I can easily suggest both of these DEWALT Saws

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