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What Real People Are Saying About The Echo CCS-58V4AH

Powerful tool! I bought the whole set!

This chainsaw is amazing. I completely buried the bar into Oak and it slows down a little bit, but kept on chugging. With the 4 MA battery I got a solid 1.5 hrs of cutting out of this, and my spare 4 MA battery is charged within 30 minutes. It is so quiet that you don't need ear protection, which makes you much more aware of your surroundings and makes it even safer.

I ended up buying this chainsaw, the Hedge Trimmer and the Blower, all from Echo's 58v set. All of the tools are great, but this chainsaw is definitely my favorite of the bunch.

If I had to do it all over again the only thing I'd do differently is I'd buy a 4MA battery and a 2MA battery rather than two 4MA. Since batteries go bad so quickly, I didn't want to get tools with batteries for all three tools. As a result I bought the chainsaw with a battery, bought a 4MA battery directly, and then got the rest of the tools under the "Tool Only" option. This gave me three tools and two 4MA batteries, and I was able to save quite a bit of money in the tool purchase (Hint: Lots of refurbished/like new Echo equipment on Ebay for 1/3 the cost of elsewhere).

The problem with this is that both the hedge trimmer and the blower are really designed and weighted to go with a 2MA battery. It gets tiring to hold the hedge trimmer over your head with a 4MA, but a 2MA would have been much more manageable. While the actual weight isn't an issue with the leaf blower, the heavier battery does put the tool off-balance, making it a little harder to wield.

If I had gotten a 2MA and a 4MA battery, I'm pretty sure the 2MA still would have lasted long enough on the chainsaw to allow the 4MA to charge. That is really the only reason I got two batteries, so that I could allow for continuous use of a tool. As a result, if I had the information I had now; this would have been a much better setup.

I am still very happy with my purchases, and would purchase this again in a heart beat if needed. I am VERY excited about not having to maintain another small combustible engine. When I need a chainsaw, I need it to just work; but it could be a 6 months to a year before I need it again. I can't tell you the hours I've lost just trying go get combustible engines to start after sitting for awhile and forgetting to put stabil in the gas.

comparable to a gas saw of equivalent weight and bar size

At long last!!! A cordless electric saw that is the comparative equivalent of a similar sized gas saw..... As with any other subject, there are strengths and weaknesses to consider. I have had ample time to use this saw before writing this review, so I am speaking with experience rather than initial impressions. The only true dislike or actual negative thing I can say here. is that the safety switch is all wrong! That is it, literally and period! The safety switch requires that you use your thumb to pull it back before you can activate the trigger. If it where to be a true saw, it would have a safety switch that disengaged when you squeeze the handle like on a gas saw. The only cordless electric saw I have not compared is the new Milwaukee model. Which came out after I got the Echo saw. This model has a bar & chain oiler that is as reliable as any Stihl or Husqavarna gas saw. For the casual user,,, I recommend it as the ONLY choice to consider. The Stihl model is excellent and reliable. But only targeting the tree pruner, arborist. Once again, with the exception of the Milwaukee model which I have not tested yet. The one I received had a chisel tooth chain on it already. And it cuts just as fast as any gas saw of similar size and weight. Though the bar I think is a little cheaper than a good aftermarket bar. So it's chain roller and channel pinch tight easier if you get the bar pinched. And yes, the physical size of the power head is slightly larger than a gas saw would be. But lighter. So still about the same weight to a comparable gas saw with the 4 amp battery. Lighter with the 2 amp battery. The 4 amp battery will cut about half a cord of soft wood and one quarter of a cord of seasoned hard wood per charge. So continuous use is not what you get this saw for. You get this saw for occasional use where you only use it once or twice a year.... OR!!! you want to go camping and cut firewood at night time without bothering the other campers!!! It truly shines as a trail clearing and maintenance saw. Or a yard maintenance saw. Presently I have been using it for log cabin building. It is faster than a gas saw for this. You do not have to start it each time you want to use it! Just pick it up and cut. And it is the only choice if you want to poach tee-pee poles or some fire wood or logs. I honestly dislike the safety switch enough that I considered giving it less stars.... But in fairness, there is no other choice. Unless the newer Milwaukee model is as good or better........

Works as you'd expect. Happy with purchase.

I'm likely like the most of you, homeowner with some land and trees to cut up. Took the saw our today for the first time and cut almost a cord of wood. Worked great, quiet, powerful. My wife and I did use up the whole battery today but even she loved using it after giving me a hard time for buying it when we already have 2 gas saws. I'm almost 50 and hate trying to get my Stihl and other saw started so bought this. Works about as I'd expect. If you want to cut a couple cords bring the charger or a second battery. Thought it would last a little longer but maybe the second charge will last longer. Still, it works with no fuss so selling the big Stihl but maybe keep the little gas saw as a backup. We'll see.

very good saw

With this saw, I currently own 7 chain saws. I grow timber and although I generally don't harvest it myself, I do a lot of thinning, clean up and firewood. Most of my saws are made by Stihl.
My little limbing saw is an Echo, but after 20+ years it has really lost power, so was looking for a replacement.
I have been eyeing battery saws for a while and figured now was the time to get one.
Most of these battery saws look like they are made for occasional home owner use so I was skeptical they would hold up.
My first choice was the Stihl but the cost for the saw, charger and 2 batteries was right up there with what I paid for my 32" gas saw!
Looked like the Echo was the next best choice so that is what I purchased, with a spare battery.

good weight, good price (relatively), good battery life, and good power delivery.
The saw cuts really well. So far all I have cut are green Fir trees, so I haven't tried dry Madrone or Oak.
The balance is nice and the trigger lock doesn't get in my way.
I am a true believer now. This will be my go-to saw for sure!

It has plastic dogs. What a bad idea. When I looked at the pictures, it looked like they screwed on like a typical gas saw. I thought I would just make a set of steel ones and replace them. But they are part of a much longer casting that is the whole bar side of the saw. I was really disappointed to see that.
Low kick-back chain. I understand why they did that. I will be replacing that soon. Might drop to a 14" bar when I do.
The supplied chain loosens up faster than any other chain I have. It spit the chain on the second branch! When it did it cut into the plastic dog casting. So I had to stop and shave the plastic and fix some of the chain drive dogs.
The supplied bar has very little clearance to the hub so it is a pain to mount. Will be better once the chain stretches a bit more.

I think I will do the trick of putting a strip of velcro over the tool holder. Mine hasn't fallen out yet but it looks like it could. I am used to carrying them around since none of my other saws have a tool holder.
Some folks complain about the nuts instead of a handy tool-less adjuster. I kind of like the simplicity and don't mind using a tool. Been doing it for over 30 years. the lack of the tool-less mechanism does make it easier to flip the bar.

Great Saw

I'm a newbie lumberjack (lol) so can only speak to my use of this chainsaw. Cut through 10" - 12" Sweet Gum and Tulip Tree limbs like butter. Used the saw on a single charge for more than 3 hours without a decrease in performance. The saw sat idle for about 45 days without leaking any oil. I'm surprised and extremely pleased with the operation of this battery powered device. Would definitely recommend for the occasional user for moderate to moderately heavy use.


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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Echo Saws Available Today
Echo CS-400-18 featured image

2. Echo CS-400-18 Chainsaw

  • (115 Ratings)

The fact is that the Echo CCS-58V4AH was the Echo Saws that we graded the highest. Nevertheless, there were a handful of other very premium Echo Saws worth showcasing here that only just missed first place.

The next in our tool break down is built by Echo known to be a very respectable tool brand. Echo's Chainsaws are great as well. It was great to try the CS-400-18. I was very happy using this tool!

The Echo CS-400-18 Chainsaw, at $294.99 is an especially great Saw for the money. The Echo CS-400-18 is really a sound alternative. Of you are unsure about our number one selection, I'd suggest you select this Saw.

Full Echo CS-400-18 Review

Echo CS-400-18 Features

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Top 10 Best Echo Saws

What Real People Are Saying About The Echo CCS-58VBT

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People's Choice

These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Echo Saws Available Today
Echo CS-590-20AA featured image

2. Echo CS-590-20AA Chainsaw

  • (8 Ratings)

The Echo CCS-58VBT was definitely our number one Echo Saws. Nevertheless, there were a handful of other truly premium quality Echo Saws we wanted to show you here that only just fell short.

The next in our tool break down is manufactured by Echo known to be a very trusted tool supplier. Echo's Chainsaws are great as well. It was terrific to test the CS-590-20AA. I was very happy using this tool!

This Chainsaw is just $375.00. That is a terrific deal for a quality Saw like the CS-590-20AA by Echo. The Echo CS-590-20AA is truly a solid option. Of you are uncertain about our top choice, I would pick this Saw.

Full Echo CS-590-20AA Review

Echo CS-590-20AA Features

Sold on Amazon

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Echo Saws Available Today
Echo cs-271T featured image

2. Echo cs-271T Chainsaw

  • (37 Ratings)

The Echo CCS-58VBT was our favorite Echo Saws. Nevertheless, there were several other truly high quality Echo Saws we wanted to showcase here that only just fell short.

Echo is another leading manufacturer of Saws. They produce the tool next on our list. Echo's Chainsaws are no exception. I was eager to try out the model cs-271T and I was not disappointed!

The Echo cs-271T Chainsaw, at $335.35 is an especially exceptional Saw for the money. If you unsure about our number one choice, I'd look into the Echo cs-271T next. It's a high quality tool at a good price.

Full Echo cs-271T Review

Echo cs-271T Features

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Top 10 Best Echo Saws

What Real People Are Saying About The Echo CS-310

5 star performer...

Update: 7-3-2018: Still starts just like it's new...switch on, compress the primer bulb 5 times...choke on...three pulls...choke off...two pulls...and it starts...after sitting for over a year. I just loaned it to my neighbor when they couldn't get their new Husqvarna 440E to start. Highly recommended...makes me want to buy Anyway...just thought I'd let you know how my saw was working out. Still 5 stars.

Edit: This needs to be not use E-gas in your chain saw. That's ethanol contaminated gas. While it will work fine in your car, it will cause issues in your little two strok engines. Just google it and you'll find lots of links detailing ethanol issues with two stroke engines. My saws and the rest of my two stroke gadgets work just like new...and still start as advertised, because I have never put E-gas in them. If you live in a state where you cannot buy gas without ethanol in it at a local gas station...then go to one of the big box stores and pick up a will not be sorry.

Beginning of original review.

If you are looking for a near pro-grade chainsaw for home use, this is the one. I recently purchased this saw after discovering that similar Husqvarna saws were getting poor customer reviews. Now, let me say this about the Husqvarna 240 chain saw; the Echo 310 equivalent. I was disappointed that the 240 didn't score higher with customers. I am a Husqvarna guy. I have one of their lawn of their prograde gas string it...and one of their gas powered blowers...and love it. But, I just couldn't bring myself to buy their model 240 chain saw after reading all of the negative reviews. That's how I came to buy the Echo 310, after doing some research...and reading a lot of customer reviews.

This saw has the highest reviews of any saw that I looked at with a 14 inch bar. And, after cutting through 8 inch and 6 inch branches and many smaller branches with ease, I have to admit that I too am a very satisfied customer.

I read the instructions, filled it with 50:1 gas, Husqvarna bar lube, and cranked it per the instructions, and went at it...and in no time had made 40 to 50 cuts. The saw performed flawlessly. The little motor easily powered the chain through all of my cuts. Just make sure that you let the saw do the cutting. It was a joy to use. And, its operation was almost smokeless, if not smokeless, because as I'm writing this I don't remember any smoke.

Cons...none really. Just be aware that it's easier to fill the bar lube tank, because of it's location, using a quart bottle, rather than using a gallon bottle. A gallon of bar lube is just over $10.00 while a quart is around $4.50. The price difference might tempt you to buy more bar lube than you'll use. I made all of my cuts without having to refill the bar lube tank and still have some left.

Tip: This saw incorporates a black rubber WINTER/SUMMER plug THAT MUST BE USED in temps ABOVE 41 degrees F, and must not be used at temperatures LOWER than 41F. The saw comes with the plug in the summer mode...plugs hole...if you're using the saw during the colder months of the year, remove the top cover and move the plug from the summer position to the winter STORAGE position. For temperatures above 41F, return the plug to the summer position TO PREVENT OVERHEATING.

Highly recommended. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one, or any of their other products, if they're customer reviews are decent.

Hope this helps.

Edit...update. (11-15-2015) So far so good. I've had the saw for around 9 months now, and it's still cutting like a beaver on My neighbor and I just cut down two trees in his front yard. I have had to replace the chain once...since I have a tendency to stick it in the dirt...which is highly not recommended. Mother Earth will dull your chain...and soon.

One other thing. Buy the gallon jug of chain's half the price, and you'll go through a lot more than you might think. In nine months, I've used over half a gallon. At the box box stores, a gallon is a little over twice the price of two essentially you're getting two quarts free. Chain lube at my big box store is $4.88 per quart...and less than $11.00 for a gallon...a no brainer really. And, you really don't want to run out of chain lube...that's a bad experience all the way around.

Good Buy

This is a replacement for a Craftsman that I could no longer get parts for. I was looking at a Stihl but the reviews were mixed. I got this from Amazon and it has performed flawlessly. I did read the instructions since it had been a long time since I got a new chainsaw. It is important that you use 92 octane gas without ethanol. I could not find this at any station locally so I bought a quart at Lowe's. The saw started immediately and has started on the first pull ever since. Buying this fuel at Lowe's is expensive but you can get three tanks from a quart container and is worth it if the performance continues. This fuel can also be stored a long time. The machine is very easy to handle.

Then ran fine.

Surprised me, as I had to adjust the carb on a brand new saw. Then ran fine.

Five Stars

nice little saw bought for wife for small limb clean up

easy to use saw for work around the yard
  • bob - August 25, 2015

I wanted a small, dependable, easy to use saw for work around the yard. This Echo model absolutely satisfies my requirements, it replaces a Poulan that was troublesome and always a challenge. Starting the Echo is a joy - three pulls when cold, one pull when warm. Nice balance and easy to control.

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Echo Saws Available Today
Echo CS-355T-14 featured image

2. Echo CS-355T-14 Chainsaw

  • (1 Ratings)

It's true that the Echo CS-310 was the Echo Saws that we ranked at the top. Even so, there were several other really premium Echo Saws worth showcasing here that just barely missed first place.

Next on our list is manufactured by Echo known to be a very trusted tool brand. Echo's Chainsaws are among their premier offerings. I was eager to try out the model CS-355T-14 and I was not let down!

This Chainsaw is only $373.22. That is a terrific deal for a quality Saw like the CS-355T-14 by Echo. If you not sure about our top selection, I'd look into the Echo CS-355T-14 next. It's a premium quality tool at a good price.

Full Echo CS-355T-14 Review

Echo CS-355T-14 Features

Price For: Each Fuel Type: Gas Anti Vibration Handle: Yes Item: Chain Saw Chain Oiler: Auto/Aadjustable Includes: Chain Saw, Bar, Chain, Wrench, 2 Stroke Oil, Operators Manual Bar Length: 14" Fuel Type: Gas Fuel Tank Capacity: 11.2 oz. Engine Displacement: 35.8cc Anti Vibration Handle: Yes Replacement Chain: MFR. NO. 91PX52CQ Item: Chain Saw

Country of Origin (subject to change): Japan

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Aside from the tools we already covered, I would have a look at the CCS-58VBT by Echo and the CS-590-20AA by Echo. Both tool manufacturers are well known for their high quality Saws. Each of these two tools enjoy great customer reviews as well. Customers gave the Echo an average rating of 4.1/5 stars. Contrast that to the CS-590-20AA which holds an average rating of 4.7/5 stars.

The CCS-58VBT by Echo offers some really premium features including ECHO CCS58VBT 58V CHAIN SAW BARE TOOL ONLY(NO BATTERY OR CHARGER). The Echo CS-590-20AA by comparison, is very competitive featuring Sold on Amazon and even .

I can easily recommend both of these Echo Saws

Honorable Mentions

If the Echo Saws above don't do it for you, we rated a handful of other options that may likely better match your needs. We uncovered a plenty of excellent options out there to choose. The Saws we graded above are our favorites. However, the Saws listed below deliver some distinct characteristics on top of the fact that they are each highly rated Echo Saws.