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Beware the chain oiler

Saw runs and cuts well, but beware the chain oiler - mine didn't work at all. EGO customer service offered to replace the saw but before going through that grief I took a look inside. The oil tank feeds through a small plastic tube affixed to its outlet. The tube was twisted and kinked so no oil or the compressed air I used for testing could pass. All I had to do was remove the tank mounting screws and rotate the tank 360 degrees to get rid of the kink - now the chain and bar have a nice film of oil while running and a nice spray off the chain while cutting.

NOTE-this is an assembly issue, not a design issue so there is no telling how many saws are assembly incorrectly as mine was. As sales of this saw are likely targeted at folks who may not have much chainsaw experience, they may not notice the oiler not working. The chain and bar will overheat and won't last long without lubrication so beware.

Old Goat finds a good saw.

Excellent. I'm ninety-one, live in the woods and have owned seven or eight chain saws, but can no longer start them. The 14 inch saw has me back in the woods! I like it!
John Kinnaman

Probably one of the best battery powered devices I have ever bought.

I didn't get this via Amazon but through Home Depot, but I do all my reviews on Amazon.

When these units were introduced to the market, I was intrigued, so started doing massive research on them. I first bought the Lawn Mower with the 4 amp hour battery, and was quite disappointed in its performance. While I don't have a huge yard, it is within the size they advertise for the unit. I was able to cut on 3/4ths of my yard before the battery died, then waiting 30 min to finish really sucked, so it went back. So IMO the battery tech for the mower isn't quite there yet. *** UPDATE *** (4/10/16) Just saw that EGO came out with the new 7.5 Ah 1000W Mower with self propel, so I'll be giving it a try so I can make a full move over to electric. Hoping for the best on it. Sadly most of video reviews I've seen don't cover "run time" battery usage with full self propel and without it, so that is total unknown, but you can bet I'll report on it! Anyway, if you read my review on the 15" trimmer, then you know I really liked that product, and the chainsaw is right up there too!

Out of the Box:

The unit I ordered came with the Battery and Charger. (the price at Home Depot was much lower than the price on Amazon so shop around) This unit also comes with chain bar oil.


Light weight
Long run time
Fast Motor turn speed
Top down and Bottom up cutting
Easy clean up and storage


Chain sag on the bar. I have a trouble ticket open with Ego currently on this issue, they haven't run into it yet, so when the resolution from them comes down, I'll update this post. Please check out my update below.

Battery Charging:

As with all EGO 56V batteries, the charging station comes with a built in cooling fan, and the battery charges within 30 minutes. The push button on the battery to find out the state of the battery is nice, but really is only useful to tell you that the battery is getting low when the light indicator changes to red.


Other than refilling the chain bar oil and some minor clean up, this baby requires none.

Personal experience:

I was able to put this unit to the test two days ago Sept. 16, 2015 when a large section of a tree came down. It blasted its way through all the branches and the heavy stuff being up to 10" in diameter! Thanks to the fast motor speed this unit operated just like any gas powered unit. My only issue was that the chain jumped off the bar 4 times! And no amount of tightening the chain adjustment dial or the bar adjustment setting would correct the chain sag I'm having. As listed in the Cons section I have a trouble ticket open on this subject. Other than that, I'm really impressed with this unit and like my title reads it's probably one of the best battery powered devices I've bought. Currently 4 stars until problem with chain bar resolved cause customer service has to be rated too!

Bottom Line:

This product works as advertised, and if you are looking to get away from gas operated chainsaws that might or might not start when you need it, then this is a good unit to choose.


Damn Good Buy!

*** UPDATE *** Customer service came through on this product. While they say they have never encountered this issue before, they are proactively sending me a new unit to they can test my unit out for defects. I used it again, and provided the additional information I discovered this time around. All my controls for the bar tension was at max settings. Now at start of project (cold) the chain was at a good normal position on the bar, HOWEVER, once the unit had been used for a while and was (hot), I was able to put my index finger in between the bar and the chain, it sagged that much. Customer service had never heard of this or encountered it, so hopefully they will be able to determine a fix for it. Another issue that could be part of this is that the unit drips chain bar oil hours after use. It was so bad that I had to put a aluminium pie pan under the unit to catch all the oil. They say it shouldn't do that either. So Bottom line is they are sending me a new Chain Saw unit only and it should be here in 5 business days. So with the good customer service on this issue resolved, I'm bumping my rating from 4 to 5 Stars!

Chain bar sag issue. On the old unit, I noticed that while cold, the chain was at the perfect amount of looseness on the bar, but I also was at the highest tension setting. However once the unit was hot, the sag became so loose, that I could actually get my index finger between the bar and the chain. Way too loose for any chainsaw. I have yet needed to use the replacement unit, and unfortunately the replacement unit that was sent didn't come with any chain bar oil.

*** Replacement Unit UPDATE ***

I was directly impacted by the tornadoes that hit Rowlett TX, and got a chance to use the replacement unit EGO sent me. The chain still hangs a bit loose on the bar, which is unsettling, but is better than it was before. At least I can't get my finger in between the bar and the chain as I did in the pics I posted. But I'm still having the chain jumping off problem. The tornado took down one of my big trees, and while processing it the chain jumped off 3 times. Really sucks to have to mess with that when you are trying to work especially in the really cold wind and with limited power resources. Our Power was out for 5 days, and I have two 2 amp batteries. One was fully charged the other had a partial charge. My fully charged 1500 WATT UPS was able to recharge one of the batteries, so I was able to finish the job. I also found that the unit will just stop if it detects high load cutting. I wasn't barring down on the saw, just allowing the weight of the unit to do all the work so, but I was very disappointed in this action since the chain/bar can get stuck within the log being cut and only pulling it out will free it. Upon further testing I discovered that this high load detection seems to happen when the battery power is getting low. So be aware of your battery capacity by checking the battery status during your project.

3/25/2016 This is a continuation of the update from just after the tornado update. I have used the unit a few other times and have been able to get the chain to a correct hang on the bar by adjusting the tightening control and the lock down control. I tried this on the first unit, but since it didn't have any effect at all, I forgot about it for this unit. Glad I remembered. Also an update on the leaking chain bar oil I reported with the first unit. Again since I have used it several times now (the new unit), it hasn't leaked any chain bar oil, which is a huge thumbs up for me. That first unit must have been a real lemon.


This is my first experience with something bad to say about this product. I recently ruined a chain (long story), and went to HomeDepot to get a replacement chain. I consulted the replacement chain guide and based on the information EGO provided HomeDepot there were 2 chains they carried that would work, the Oregon S52 and the PowerCare Y52. Well neither one of the worked, and waiting on hold for their customer care for over 30 minutes really sucked with no answer. After having to do some of my own research, I discovered that the actual replacement unit is from Oregon, but it is the R52, and none of the local retailers carried it. I had to order it via Amazon and now instead of trimming my trees when it is a nice 65 degrees out, I have to wait 2 days by which time the temp is expected to be 90+ in Dallas. Not a EGO fan today.

Quiet and powerful electric chainsaw

I already had a corded 16" electric chain saw, but bought the EGO about a month ago to use in places that are too far to reach even with 100 feet of extension cord. I was pleased with the performance of the EGO. It had all the power I needed to cut back trees, some 5-6 inches in diameter, as well as honeysuckle brush along a densely lined fence line.
The saw, even without the battery, was a little heavier than I was expecting, but is well balanced and was easy to hold and not tiring to use. Although I did not use the saw continuously, I was able to work an entire afternoon without running out of battery. I did take the precaution of putting the battery on the charger once while I was gathering and stacking downed wood and brush.
The saw came with a charger unit and a 2Ah battery. Initial charge time was about 30 minutes. Based on the performance of the chainsaw I plan to buy several additional EGO yard tools and one more battery, probably a 2.5Ah.
Pros are that the saw cut everything I needed it to. I didn't have to keep track of an extension cord like I do with my corded saw. Unlike saws with a gasoline engine, it starts without a hassle and runs comparatively quietly. Also no need to special mix fuel or breath the fumes. Push the button, hold the trigger and it runs.
Cons are that compared to my corded saw, the EGO rather quickly used bar and chain oil. Also, a few times the chain came off the bar while I was cutting at a odd angle and a branch put side pressure on the bar. This happened after the saw had been running a while. It was quick and easy to put the chain back on the bar and tighten it up. I now check the chain tension more frequently while running the saw hard to keep it correctly tensioned because chains will loosen up as they get warm.
All-in-all I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend the EGO 14" chainsaw.

more power than you'd think

I had a couple of 2.5aH batteries from a previously purchased EGO blower & weedwacker so I thought I'd try the chainsaw, and boy am I glad. Though not nearly as powerful as a 14" Stihl 2stroke nor any other gas powered machine I've used, the EGO is totally reliable (unlike any of those machines). Recently I bought a 5aH battery -- I've now cut up multiple 10-16"d ironwood, 4-12" avocado, and some 20-36" silver oak with nary a power failure or battery hickup... with the 2.5aH battery I get about 15 minutes operation time and with the 3 batteries alternating charging I can actually get in a full day of clearing/cutting. I recommend getting at least 3 chains as for the most part they are cheap and so need frequent sharpening. Overall: pretty darn nice, totally reliable, and that I can use the 56v batteries among the other tools is gravy.


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Chain kickback brake for added safety and control