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What Real People Are Saying About The Greenworks Pro WG308

  • VDB - November 17, 2018

Let me start by saying that I never owned or operated a chainsaw in my life. That said, I had a professional taking down a cherry tree that was a concern to our safety and house. I would say it was about 16" thick. I then was left with the tree on ground to be cut up to be used for fire wood, the tree professional gave me a few tips on how to use a chainsaw and then went to buy this to tackle the job. Was a no brainer as I already own several tools of the 60V greenworks family and I could use the batteries I already have, 2 are 4-Amp and 1 is 2.5-Amp. The picture show was I was able to cut in 4h of work including carrying all the wood from about 60 feet away witch was prob half of the time spent, I still have half of the tree on the ground to cut. The chainsaw worked flawlessly with plenty of power to cut trough, even the big logs that you see on the side holding the rest of the wood. As far as battery life, with the 3 batteries I have I can finish whatever job I have in the yard (0.75 acre), mowing, blowing leafs after foliage or snow blowing as I always have 2 batteries charging wile I use one so I never run out of juice. Now, if you only had one battery things would be different as you will have to stop working after 30min and wait 1-1.5h to recharge. I believe that with these battery operated tolls you need to have multiple batteries on hand in order to complete bigger jobs to avoid the frustration of waiting to recharge. One thing I noticed was that with the 2.5-Amp the chainsaw seemed to have less power cutting trough the wood. In conclusion I think this is a great chainsaw for regular yard maintenance, is probably not the right chainsaw if you are a professional in the trade as then you probably wont even consider an electric chainsaw...this is not a payed review and I did not receive this tool for free in exchange for a review (unfortunately)

Great for medium work.

I cut down 2 cedars that were 10 to 12" in Dia. and about 40' tall. Cut them down and into 20 to 24" logs. Still had about 1/2 the battery left. Very impressed. With a second battery, this will do all I need to do at our mountain home. Much easier and reliable over gas chain saws for an occasional user.