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2. Bosch 2724599424617 Circular Saw

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I really like the ergonomics a lot. Just awesome, should have got it sooner! The Circular Saw works great as a track saw. I do a lot of wood projects and crafts. I am very glad I bought the Bosch 2724599424617.

The Bosch Professional 06016A2200 Circular Saw B072J25TPG was really our number one Hand Held Saws. That being said, there were a few other very premium quality Hand Held Saws we wanted to showcase here that just barely missed the mark.

Bosch is an additional leading producer of Saws. They make the tool next up on our rundown. Bosch's Circular Saws are one of their premier offerings. It was terrific to test the 2724599424617. I was very pleased using this tool!

The Bosch 2724599424617 Circular Saw, at $179.00 is a particularly excellent Saw for the money. The Bosch 2724599424617 is really a sound alternative. Of you are unsure about our number one choice, I'd advise to pick this Saw.

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Bosch 2724599424617 Features

Lightest weight in class for fatigue-free work

Compact design for easy tool handling and best control

Optimum lower guard profile for easy and smooth cutting

Product Supports 220V (Europe C Type Plug). to use this products, you should check the voltage, frequency(Hz), and the shape of the plug of your country. Based on Korean type is 220V /60 Hz. But, ±10% difference can be used. Most of the countries in Europe use 230V, But 220V products can be used without a transformer as well. non 220V/60Hz country will should purchase transformer. to use this product stably and it must support at least 20% higher than an item's power consumption(Watt).

Any damage or malfunction happens due to voltage & frequency(Hz) problems, seller is NOT RESPONSIBLE for this. In case Motor / heating product, transformer should check to "current capacity" due to Initial product start-up current. (transformer safety current capacity should be higher 2 to 3 times more than product current capacity.) please note before the purchase