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Saw good, manual... Not so good

I like this saw! I'm not a cabinet maker, but as a cheapo guy who has built a number of storage and garden sheds, I will take this unit over the more costly DeWalt (which no doubt is a good unit) any day. It wasn't too difficult to assemble but the manual isn't much help unless you use a magnifying glass to study the pictures and make sure the parts turned the right way and on the correct side, they don't explain a lot. However, the saw itself is nice and I feel stacks up well against saws costing $200 more. It is accurate, the fence locks tight, and you can adjust what you need. My saw was accurate right out of the box. Reviews of other saws did not convince me they were that much better and in some cases they seem more complicated.

The instructions are straight forward and easy to follow

Do yourself a favor and buy this saw, after reading some of the reviews I had concerns as to how difficult the saw would be to assemble. I will say this, if you cannot put this Saw together then you have no business using a Table Saw. The User Guide is right there on the page as a pdf. The instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. I had the saw assembled and in use in an hour. This is not a cabinet style saw, this is a portable jobsite Saw and it is one of the very best available. The saw is powerful and smooth. The fence was perfectly square right out of the box. I would highly recommend this Saw to anyone looking to purchase one. It performs much better than the DeWalt that it replaced.

Bought on sale for $350 - extremely happy

Bought on sale for $350 and love this saw. The package was damaged in transit and the rear outfeed shelf was bent - Amazon refunded the cost of the arm and I simply bought a new one. Had to calibrate the scale but I honestly expect to do that on any machine that has been shipped UPS or FedEx. Otherwise everything was square and accurate. Top on mine was flat and I have had no problems with the power switch 6 months in. I've done superfine clean cuts to aluminum on it and have no complaints.

The rear outfeed does not extend very far so I replaced the rods with 24" ones and it works great. The current price is listed at $499 but it appears the Metabo version (Hitachi changed it's name) is $100 less. At $500 you may be tempted to go with DeWalt or similar but $399 and under is a great deal for the saw.

C10RJ Hitachi

Love this saw as far as good as a dewalt but lower in price. Like the fence adjustments and when you hit the stop button it is quick to stop.


Had it for a week and it stopped working.

Now I either have to pay a punch of money to ship it back or pay for parts to fix it. It weighs a lot and is a huge item. Plus a return fee.

I've lost either way.

Edit : Amazon fixed all my issues.

Saw works well.

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Hitachi Saws Available Today
Hitachi CS33EB16 featured image

2. Hitachi CS33EB16 Chainsaw

  • (130 Ratings)

The Hitachi C10RJ was definitely our favorite Hitachi Saws. However, there were a range of other truly premium quality Hitachi Saws we wanted to showcase here that only just missed the mark.

Hitachi is another leading manufacturer of Saws. They make the tool that is next on our lineup. Hitachi's Chainsaws are among their top tools. I was excited to have a go at the model CS33EB16 and I was not let down!

The model CS33EB16 Chainsaw by Hitachi, at $159.99 is a particularly excellent Saw for the price. The Hitachi CS33EB16 is definitely a solid option. Of you are unsure about our number one pick, I would select this Saw.

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Hitachi CS33EB16 Features

32.2cc, 1.6 hp commercial grade engine provides excellent cutting performance and reliability

Features PureFire low emission 2-stroke engine technology

Five point anti-vibration system provides maximum comfort to get more done with less fatigue

16" Oregon bar and chain reduces kickback and provides excellent cutting performance

Inertia activated chain break immediately stops chain rotation for improved safety

Outstanding power-to-weight reduces fatigue resulting in higher productivity

Side access chain tensioner provides for quick and easy chain adjustment

Two bar mounting studs keep the chain at peak cutting efficiency