Top 10 Best Husqvarna Saws

What Real People Are Saying About The Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in.

Runs great

Very happy with the saw. I received it when they said it would be here. The saw runs awesome. Since I got it I have probably cut around 2 to 3 cross of wood with it. Thank you for the good customer service. I am very happy with the product

Ok saw for the money

Nice little saw maybe slightly underpowered was wondering if its just an orange poulan since they are the same company now


I had little problem with the first one. But I called and the seller sent a brand new one that works great.

Nice saw!

Very easy to start, nice saw for the money, good quality

Satisfied customer

Cuts through logs like butter. Frozen butter.

People's Choice

These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Husqvarna Saws Available Today
Husqvarna 460 Rancher featured image

2. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw

  • (299 Ratings)

The fact is that the Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in. was the Husqvarna Saws that we ranked at the top. Nevertheless, there were a handful of other truly premium Husqvarna Saws we wanted to show you here that just barely fell short.

Husqvarna is an additional leading manufacturer of Saws. They make the tool next on our list. Husqvarna's Chainsaws are one of their leading tools. I was excited to try out the model 460 Rancher and I was not let down!

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw, at $499.90 is an especially great Saw for the price. If you uncertain about our top pick, I'd check out the Husqvarna 460 Rancher next. It's a premium quality tool at a great price.

Full Husqvarna 460 Rancher Review

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Features

460 Rancher chainsaw is a robust all-round saw for jobs that need a longer Bar

60. 3cc 24 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain

2 cycle engine with intertia activated chain brake for safety while operating. Oil tank volume - 0.7 US pint. Oil pump capacity Max - 17 ml/min. Oil pump capacity Min - 6 ml/min

Orange Husqvarna chainsaw Bar cover and 2. 6 ounce 2 cycle fuel Included, Bar and chain oil must be purchased Separately

Automatic chain oiler delivers a steady supply of bar and chain oil for safe and effective use

Simple, side-mounted chain tensioning system allows for quick chain adjustments while working

The quick-release air filter facilitates easy cleaning and replacement of the air filter

Husqvarna chainsaw with x-torque lowers fuel consumption and reduces emissions

The Husqvarna 965030298 and the 120 Mark II 14 in. by Husqvarna are well worth a look as well. Both tool manufacturers are known for their high quality Saws. Both of these two options are top rated as well. The Husqvarna advertises a rating of 4.3/5 as compared to 4.5/5 star rating given to the Husqvarna 120 Mark II 14 in..

The Husqvarna 965030298 offers a few truly premium features such as 455 Rancher chainsaw is an ideal saw for landowners or homeowners who require a high powered and heavy duty chainsaw. The 120 Mark II 14 in. by Husqvarna by comparison, is very competitive offering Compact, casual-use chainsaw That’s designed to start up easily plus Low kickback safety features, including built-in safety Break, reduces risk during operation.

Each of these two options are an exceptional choice if you're shopping for Husqvarna Saws

Honorable Mentions

There are several more exceptional Husqvarna Saws on Amazon. Listed here are a handful to pick from if the tools you already looked at probably won't meet your needs. There really are a lot of excellent choices out there to pick from. The Saws we evaluated above are the best of the best. Read on though. We rated several more terrific Husqvarna Saws.