Top 1 Best Ivation Saws

What Real People Are Saying About The Ivation IVACS139O

The little chainsaw that could!

We were affected by Hurricane Irma in Florida with tree debris. Getting a tree trimmer to come out was impossible, they were all in such high demand, so we decided to buy this chainsaw and trim the mangled branches of our big oak tree ourselves. We are extremely pleased with this little power house, and for such a reasonable price! It has a strong motor and the self-oiling feature is a plus. The 16" blade length is perfect. It is very easy to operate and not too heavy...even for this 69 year old female!! Very satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend this product.

This is a great chainsaw.

This is a great chainsaw. I have used gasoline powered in sizes from 10 to 24 inches. This 16 inch is very powerful and has gone through my first two uses without a hitch. The lighter weight than gasoline powered allow me to do some more exact cutting of wood slabs for clock making. The easy start and shutdown make it excellent for shop work. The easy setup and adjustments are excellent. I am so glad there is a window for the chain oil. While using the saw, I delight in the lower vibration rate, the ease of start and stop, being able to put it down without watching what the blade might catch, and putting it away without chain oil leaks on where it sits.

Great cutting power!

This is a 5 Star Electric Chain Saw, but Ivation customer service was about a 2. This saw is great for use around the yard. I got this saw because at 75 years old, It's difficult for me to start gas powered saws. This saw is as powerful as any of the five or so 14 - 20" gas saws I've previously owned. Initial assembly was a little trying, especially getting the bar and chained lined up properly, but after about 15 minutes I was ready to start cutting. I hooked this saw up to a 4400 watt gas generator, which I towed in a small cart behind my riding lawnmower. I trimmed and cut up two trees which I had to remove because their roots were invading my septic tank. At the base these trees were about 14" in diameter. I was very impressed with the ease in which this saw sliced through the limbs and trunk. After about 10-120 hours of use, the chain became dull and started slipping off the saw's gear. I decided to order a new chain and read the manual, which said the chain had 62 links. A phone call to Ivation customer service was useless. The representative I spoke to was pleasant and courteous but said I needed a saw with 54 links, which I knew was incorrect. I then called Oregon customer service and was told that this saw used an S57 Oregon Chain and suggested that I count the links on the original chain to confirm this, which I did. The chain did indeed have 57 links. I got the new Oregon S57 chain in and it fit perfectly. I am extremely pleased with this saw and recommend it to all who are tired yanking on gas saws.

Awesome Chainsaw

Thus Chainsaw is heavy and very durable. It works great and chain is very easy to adjust. It is a great chainsaw for the price. The customer support is excellent and very prompt and curtesous.

I had a minor issue and they offered to promptly replace it at no cost or explanation.

Easy to use and good value

I was hesitant to buy this fearing it would not be up to the job of cutting up a downed 50' tree that had a 20" diameter trunk at its base. However the $750 estimate to haul it away I received from my local friendly tree company convinced me it was worth a try. The saw was easy to put together, adjust and operate. The only hitch occurred when I inadvertently engaged the chain brake after a cut and the saw refused to start. A quick look at the trouble shooting guide pointed me to the solution. The whole job turned out to be (surprisingly) enjoyable; no chain saw noise to tick-off the neighbors and no 2-stroke issues to tick me off. I hope to never have to repeat the process and so long term reliability did not enter into my calculations but even if it never runs again I am $670 ahead of the game.
For what it's worth, the drive gear is metal. I have seen concerns expressed in reviews of competing units that use plastic drive gears.