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You're doing your homework, thats a great idea. I did also, thats why I purchased a Jet.

Like many other guys who have written reviews, I can honestly say this decision weighed more heavily on me than the purchase of my home or the name of my first born. I did my research (many, many days worth) leading up to the final decision, and I was still uncomfortable until using it for the first time. The options I considered were: Powermatic, Grizzly, Jet and SawStop. I also looked at a number of other options, but those were my primary focus. The Powermatic is beautiful, I know I would have been very happy with its features like the built in rollers and extra weight giving it stability and smooth performance. The Grizzly appeared to be a great value and a quality machine, plus I had heard nothing but good reviews in regards to their customer service (or lack thereof, view rant below). Jet is made in the same factory as the Powermatic and has many of the same features at a lower price point. SawStop has the added benefit of the safety feature, however they come at a very rich price tag. Generally speaking all of these competitors offer nearly identical products. They all use 10 inch saw blades, they all have cast iron tops, they all have riving knives and poly-v belt driven arbors, the ability to have outfeed tables added on etc. Overall, I knew I would be happy with any of them since each one was a huge upgrade from what I have been using. (1970's Delta Contractor saw)

I purchased the Jet and I am incredibly happy that I did. The fit and finish is great. Assembly and instructions were a breeze with the use of some accessories I purchased (Saw-Guage by woodpeckers, High quality combination square by Starret, and a couple true straight edge levels). The unit was shipped on a sturdy pallet and arrived blemish free. After assembly I cleaned the top and applied Boeshield rust preventative. The fence required minor adjustment to get parallel with the miter slots and blade, however adjustment is very simple. I used the Hubbell twist-lock plug and a dedicated circuit for the tablesaw with large gauge (8ga) wire in case I need to run another tool with higher amperage demands. The power cord which was attached to the saw is 10 foot long and has 10 gauge wire. The whole unit rolls around nicely on the Rockler All-Terrain mobile base. From my experience with this setup I no longer regret giving up the Powermatic castors. I believe this base on this saw makes for a much better solution than the built in castors would have offered. There is an awful lot to be said for a base that allows you to move a 600 lb saw around your space with 1 hand on demand. The miter gauge that comes with the saw is not terrible, but I wanted to upgrade to the Incra Miter1000/HD. Not much else compares to the adjustability and repeatable accuracy of a good miter gauge like the Incra. I have also utilized the Board Buddies and MagSwitch feather boards. All of these accessories help to elevate a great saw like the Jet to a level of functionality that can only be described as amazing. I was able to purchase all of these items with the money I saved by going with the Jet over the Powermatic. In my mind, it was money well spent since I would have wanted all of these items regardless of the saw I purchased. My wife was pretty excited that I saved almost 1200 dollars while still getting what we really needed for our small business and my hobby.

Bottom line, its the best saw on the market because it hits on all marks: Fit, Finish, Price, Performance, etc. I cannot express how glad I am that this product is in my shop. If you are seriously considering it, I don't think you will regret anything. (On the flip side, if your torn between this and the Grizzly products, I URGE you to read the rant below!)

(a little rant) I actually decided to purchase the Grizzly because of the rave reviews regarding their customer service and quality for the price. I called to place the order because I had a few requests, it took 10 minutes to get to the "right" person. No problem, I am a patient person. I requested that the router lift extension table be replaced with a basic table extension because I already have a router table and don't need the duplication of tools in my space. The answer was no, we cant do that. No problem, I will deal with it and accept the hole in the table surface since its in an area which is generally not heavily used. Next question, they list the WWII blade for about 18 dollars more than the Forrest site, will they price match the manufacturer? Nope. No problem, I will just order it through them. Now since I've spent about a half hour on the phone its time to place my order. I tell them my address and other info, give them my card number. Declined. I call my bank, and I should have no issue with the card at all. I call Grizzly back, they run it again (twice) without any success. I was advised that it could potentially be a problem with my bank and multiple authorizations. Sooooo, I call my bank again. They don't see any attempted transactions period. This continued to go on and on for the whole day, about 12 phone calls, and ate up over 5 hours of my time on the phone. The very last person I spoke to that day at 4:30 pm said, "hey, you know we can do an ACH payment right?" Nope, nobody mentioned that to me so far and that info would have been nice to know about 4 hours ago. Lets do it! Okay sir, that's going to be an additional 15 dollar charge. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! (at this point I was ready to call it quits and move on. apparently they didn't want my business so I would go elsewhere) I canceled the order and told them I would be procuring a new saw elsewhere. 2 days later, I see an email with a shipping confirmation from Grizzly. I call to see what is going on and they tell me that although I cancelled my order, they had it set up to attempt reauthorization for the next ten days without my permission. (what a joke!) For whatever reason, the reauthorization was able to go through but not the other 15 attempts to charge when I was on the phone with them. What offer do I get from the managers at Grizzly? How about a 50 dollar credit that you can use on our website? Umm, no. Why would I want to go through all this again? If you want my business you need to make THIS deal right before I will ever consider giving you more of my money. I gave them the opportunity to remedy the situation multiple times without any success. Grizzly ended up eating 300 dollars in shipping charges and I disputed the charge through my bank. Somehow this made more sense to them than making the deal right for me as the customer and potentially gaining my business in the future. In the course of 6 days and about 7 hours on the phone I talked to about 9 different employees and 4 managers. Not a single one of them was capable of addressing my concerns. If I explained the whole situation word for word, I would be writing a novel. The short version is, Grizzly customer service did not live up to any conceivable expectations and I am very happy that I decided to buy from Jet. I may have been the 1 unlucky customer that had this experience with Grizzly, but the whole experience made me want to spend twice as much money somewhere else even though the saw I actually wanted to buy for some time was on its way to my doorstep. I will not support this level of terrible service in the future and I suggest that you do the same. If its that difficult to get them to take your money, imagine getting replacement parts or using the warranty.

Excellent machine

This saw is accurate (if you set it up correctly), powerful, and HEAVY. This Jet replaced another brand hybrid cabinet saw that I liked well enough. Now, I don't miss it a bit. There were a couple of little things (hard to explain) that I thought could be better but nothing that effected the operation. I really like this machine.

Fantastic saw! After a year I love mine.

Have been using this in my pro shop for nearly a year. Just a dream; was set up very nice right from the start; did a test today and I can see zero error in fence-to-blade parallel; powerful motor, very smooth, top was perfect. Ours gets moderate use (for a pro shop; heavy for a hobbyist) and some from guys who are not so gentle; it's really held up well; not sure if we've had to adjust anything in the year we've been using it.

And I LOVE the design of the guard and splitter; they snap off very easily for blade changes. I design machines myself and this one was very carefully designed for maximum convenience.

I also like the super easy access to the motor and dust chamber; and dust collection is super good on this thing.

Could not be happier with it.

Solid and carefully assembled

Very well made tool. Solid and carefully assembled. I only needed to perform minor adjustments for alignment. I put up with a Delta antique for much too long. This is such a welcome change.

high cost of replacement parts

I am a big user of Jet power equipment, but once again the company has changed hands and is under new ownership. Prices for parts have doubled. I recently had to replace a cabinet saw timing belt and was shocked at the current price that the new owners have raised it. Under the old owners WMH Tools, the price of the belt was $18.00. I broke a belt and had to order a new one to the tune of $52.00 including shipping. This is a tiny 5 inch diameter belt such as in a sewing machine. Talk about price gouging. I would no longer recommend Jet machinery since replacement parts are an important part of good upkeep of your equipment. Prices such as this are uncalled for. Think it over before you buy.


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The truth is that the Jet JTAS-10XL30-1DX was the Jet Saws that we ranked at the top. With that said, there are several other superb options when it comes down to Jet Saws. We have a breakdown of them here.

The next in our tool break down is built by Jet known to be a very respectable tool brand. Jet's Table Saws are also top quality. It was great to test the JTAS-1050XL-1DX. I was very happy using this tool!

This Table Saw is only $2622.49. That is an exceptional deal for a quality Saw like the JTAS-1050XL-1DX by Jet. The Jet JTAS-1050XL-1DX is definitely a solid alternative. Of you are not sure about our number one choice, I'd advise to pick this Saw.

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Jet JTAS-1050XL-1DX Features

Quick release riving knife greatly reduces binding or kickback risk

Push button arbor lock for rapid blade change

Poly-V drive belt system delivers efficient, quiet operation

Left tilt, Wide stance heavy-duty trunnion for stability and smooth blade positioning

Enclosed cabinet with built-in sealed storage drawer