Top 1 Best Milwaukee Electric Tools Saws

What Real People Are Saying About The Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD

One Excellent saw for an on-the-goer who likes to do their own stuff also.

I want to preface all my Milwaukee M18 reviews with a disclaimer that I do not and have never worked for Milwaukee, nor have I ever accepted anything form them. I Just started switching my 15-20 years of electric tools collecting over to, almost all, Milwaukee 18V. I studied Quality in Manufacturing and have experience in many different construction fields of work that have required lots of different tooling. These tools, so far, for the price, have excelled in the many aspects of quality, upon first use. I have had a couple of defective's sent (different tools, and from eBay, but was refunded immediately), but every single one that has worked out-of-the-box has been great. I am reviewing several Milwaukee items, as I am switching over from the rare 20V Craftsman Professional Red/Black/Silver series (one of the only real 20V sets) that, I believe, was unbeatable when introduced, for it's price point, but was only manufactured for a few years. See below for this tool's review. I'd also like to add to my reviews that every lawn tool has improved my quality of life with outside upkeep much since I have back pain that is easily irritated by 2 strokes and other combustion engines. All of the lawn tools run very smoothly but I also only use the 12.0 Ah battery, as you get the best bang for your buck.

Out of the box:
-The blade was already tensioned decently but nuts could've been tighter.
-Put oil in it and ran it plain for a bit to lube it up. It uses the perfect amount of oil, in my opinion, to keep the blade well oiled and the parts moist enough to keep easily cleaned.
-Upon my third battery use, I got the bar stuck in a decent Russian Olive. Thought I was for sure bending the bar or losing the chain. Neither happened, they're still great. The tree popped off and the saw came out with the chain needing a little tightening. I even destroyed the tree a little more before tightening the chain in retaliation Muahahaha.
-Also, on third use, I gave it 9-kinds on the ground on its side for quite some time, trying to cut through heavy roots, stump, and dirt of a Russian olive(I believe, I'm no botanarian). This thing was tough trying to cut through. I had it most of the way chopped up on it before the saw quit. I thought I'd finally drained the battery. Put another in and nope, wouldn't do anything. I'd clogged it with dirt and everything (this was after cutting up a ton of other dead stuff) and the motor was overloading so the overload protection was working perfect. It would barely click over if you'd wait and pull the trigger every 5 seconds or so. I could tell it was having a hard time with all the dirt/debris in it. After about 10 attempts, it freed everything up and started running like a beast again. I called it a night then because I was already worn out and my chain was getting that way too. It had gone through a lot and was on it's 3rd battery.
-Very easy cleanup. I took it to the garage, disassembled it (easily with the included tool), cleaned with mineral spirits in my tank (making sure not to blow liquid directly at it, blew it all out real good with compressed air, oiled it all, put it back together with my new blade (I'll sharpen the 1st in the meantime), and it's like mint condition again, aside from a couple tiny spots of paint on the bar that have came off where the hardening was done.
-Oh, the little hidden tool for tightening is excellent and stored nicely. I've wondered why this hasn't been a thing for years.

-WTF is up with the trigger area, Milwaukee? It has a hole for a foot like you're starting a combustion engine pull-start but isn't necessary. If anything, it makes for a nice huge storage spot for the wonderful little wrench. The battery bay needs moved behind the hand grip/pointing under it, giving the tool a better balance point. I bought this tool to replace (hopefully) my Stihl 2-stroke 14" topping saw in the picture that can often be used 1 handed. So far, it's doing great with it's ease-of-use and power with the 12.0 Ah batteries. but is a little tough with 1 hand
-Need more than 1 battery if you're going to be working a lot. I feel as a homeowner of about 4 acres, 1 wooded, I need about 2-3 12.0 Ah batteries for the Chainsaw, Weedeater, Hedge Trimmer, and Blower when needed. I don't usually need to use them all in the same day but there's no way you'd need over 3 with how much work you could do plus if you had to have some on fast charge. You can wear yourself a little with 1 session of a 12.0 Ah battery on about any tool, although 2 batteries often guarantees you'll get done what you need.
-The teeth by the handle need to be a little longer, probably 1/8" even. It does grab a lot of the time but if there is something small in the way, the teeth have a hard time getting to the material.

Conclusion: I think if this saw was made more like my Stihl topping saw, with the battery weight distribution in the back, handle grips closer, and a little smaller bar, this thing would be unstoppable. It's still a great saw and I'd grab it any day over my Stihl 14", knowing I can slap a battery in and start eating. It's hard to think how hard it's working for how quiet it is, so people need to remember to be safe with this thing.

So far, I can't complain about much after 3 good uses. If I run into problems or perks in the future, I'll update. I can't wait for spring when I can pull it out, without a single thought of gas, and go to town on things.

And anyone wondering, yes I've seen certain people's youtube reviews. This is a real-world test and recommendation.

Impressive for a battery saw

I’m very pleased with this saw. My first outing I spent approximately 1.5 hrs cutting and throwing brush before the battery was dead. I was cutting small limbs and 4-5 logs 6-8” in diameter. It cuts reasonably quick on smaller stuff similar to the many gas saws I’ve used. The biggest benefit to me is the lack of noise. I can have a conversation in between cuts without a saw idling and earplugs in. Also the instant start is most convenient. It seems to like the chain tighter than I’m used to running them or it is prone to throwing it. It’s not intended to replace a gas saw for bucking large diameter logs into firewood. Overall I’m very impressed

Great battery life, powerful, but heavy.
  • L. P - March 25, 2019

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 Heavy. Great battery life. Powerful. I used it today first time. Cut trails, cut 3 trees off trails for about 4 hours. Chain came off once. My little gas saw chain came off more frequently. You have to tend to the chain and bar. You gotta tighten the chain - especially at first when it’s getting broken in. This little saw rips! Amazing battery life. So much better than gas. This is great when your blazing trails or clearing trails. Don’t have to start it up every time. It’s fairly quiet too. The greenies aren’t going to be all over your business when your using this.


I’ve used chainsaws my whole life and this is a godsend. No messing with gas, oil, annoying multiple pulls to get it running and NO NOISE. Just squeeze and go. The blade stops moving real quick once you release the trigger too. It eliminates so much of the things me and hassle of the d gas saws. And it cuts like a charm. I’d say it’s actually better than any gas saw I’ve ever had. My Echo hasnt Ben touched since I got this. Battery life is awesome too with this. All around game changing, excellent tool.

Good saw.

Nice thing about this saw is always starts. The problem with it is battery life and charge time . Battery will last almost a tank of gas for a saw similar saw size. 10 to 20 percent less. Power is good. Home owner living town for yard work , this is the saw I would own . Cutting wood to heat your home get a gas and maybe battery one to trim limbs . Charge time with the fast charger is still 45 min .