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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated MK Diamond Saws Available Today
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2. MK Diamond 160028 Tile & Masonry Saw

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It is easy to carry around to where I need it. I am happy to say, this Tile & Masonry Saw was better than expected. This is the perfect Tile & Masonry Saw to help with my DIY projects. The more you use it the more you handle it better. For a reasonably-priced Tile & Masonry Saw, it works well.

The truth is that the MK Diamond 159943 Tile & Masonry Saw B003K2YKMO was the MK Diamond Saws that we rated the highest. That being said, there are several other superb options when it comes down to MK Diamond Saws. We have the best of them in this article.

Next on our list is built by MK Diamond known to be a very reputable tool manufacturer. MK Diamond's Tile & Masonry Saws are great as well. It was great to check out the 160028. I was very satisfied with this tool!

The model 160028 Tile & Masonry Saw by MK Diamond, at $475.49 is an especially exceptional Saw for the money. The MK Diamond 160028 is really a sound option. Of you are unsure about our top selection, I'd advise to choose this Saw.

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MK Diamond 160028 Features

Engineered for cutting ceramic, travertine, & slate

Designed for the homeowner, D.I.Y., & craftsman

Includes 7" diamond blade, water pump, wrenches and rip guide

Chrome guide-bar and linear bearing assembly ensures precise alignment during cutting operations

Compact & lightweight with molded carrying handles. High-impact removable thermoplastic water reservoir that will not rust or bend out of shape

Aside from the tools we already covered, I would definitely evaluate the 169612 by MK Diamond and the MK Diamond 155747. Both tool brands are known for their premium Saws. Both of these two options are rated highly as well. The 169612 received a user rating of 3.9/5 as compared to 3.7/5 star rating received by the MK Diamond 155747.

The MK Diamond 169612 offers some truly choice features like Engineered for cutting tile, marble, as well as porcelain and water distribution system supplies water to both sides of blade. The MK Diamond 155747 by comparison, is hard to beat with Fully enclosed, high torque, fan-cooled, 12.6 amp commercial motor with 1.5 HP and even Multi-position motor post and cutting head for convenient cutting of various tile sizes.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both of these MK Diamond Saws
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3. MK Diamond 169612 Tile & Masonry Saw

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It lasts all day long with my projects. This one really makes the work a lot easier! This one is the most powerful tools I have ever used. Its various features are helpful. The Tile & Masonry Saw itself is well-balanced and not too heavy.

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4. MK Diamond 155747 Tile & Masonry Saw

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No issues at all and the tool never slowed down. It is well designed and easy to set up and use. This thing is durable, practical, handy and sturdy. Perhaps my favorite and most useful tool purchase yet. Using the Tile & Masonry Saw for the my projects was amazing.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the MK Diamond Saws mentioned above fail to cut it, we have a handful of other options that may likely be a better fit. It's a fact that there are a number of terrific options out there to pick from. The Saws we evaluated above are the best of the best. That doesn't mean there aren't several more terrific MK Diamond Saws.

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5. MK Diamond Tile & Masonry Saw

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I am an avid fan of DIY and this works great for me. I'm getting my work done much more quickly now. It certainly was a time saver over using a hand saw. Cuts through metal like a knife through bread. This thing is durable, practical, handy and sturdy.